It’s Time For the New York Knicks to Trade Julius Randle

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks currently would look at their situation and wonder why they aren’t seeing any growth as a team despite some solid additions. By standard metrics, Julius Randle has been the Knicks’ best player, averaging 19 points and nearly 10 rebounds a night. So why would the Knicks want to trade him? He’s young, has good counting stats, and scores a lot. Well, his issues lie in how he is dysfunctional as a team player and isn’t what the Knicks need right now. He is a left-handed shooter at 6-8 playing Forward who can’t shoot. Sound like a certain rookie the Knicks just drafted? Julius Randle isn’t part of the Knicks future, and he’s hindering the development of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.

Doesn’t Provide Spacing

Julius Randle is a sub-par 3 point shooter, which isn’t what the Knicks need. Mitchell Robinson and RJ Barrett are the Center and Forward of the future and neither is necessarily sharpshooters from 3. The Knicks need players who will create spacing, and while a player like Joe Harris isn’t the stat pad machine that Randle is, if they were to sign Harris next offseason they’d arguably have a much better team. The Knicks are one of basketball’s worst 3-point teams, which is something you don’t want to be in this era.

If the Knicks can get a better shooter at forward with the money they’d have opened up from Randle’s deal like Danilo Gallinari or at guard they can sign an Evan Fournier who are both 40%+ 3-point shooters in 2020. They could see their spacing grow a lot as these two provide a perimeter threat for teams to worry about.

Lackluster Defense

Julius Randle rarely gets a block, rarely gets a steal, and has a dRTG of 112, which is abysmal. He is a poor defender, and not what the Knicks need at all. If you’re going to sacrifice shooting for a big man or slashing forward, they should at least be competent defensively, such as Mitchell Robinson, who is a much better option at Center or Forward compared to Randle. In 21.8 career minutes per game, Robinson averages 2.2 blocks and 0.8 steals, both being better than Randle’s, despite Randle playing 32.5 minutes per game. Robinson’s 107 dRTG is solid, and is better than Randle’s as dRTG is like ERA in the sense that the lower it is, the better.

Yes, rebounding is cool, but it’s something that shouldn’t be built around, defense and scoring matter much more than rebounding, and if you want a big man to shut down the paint, and be effective offensively without being too ball-dominant, then I’ll take the 7-foot giant Mitchell Robinson any day of the week.

What Could You Get for Julius Randle?

I could easily see a few second-round picks going to the New York Knicks for Randle, which I would gladly take. These picks could be used on shooters or defensive-oriented players to build around RJ Barrett. I could see him going back to the Lakers as they would love a 3rd option as Kyle Kuzma has regressed heavily and trade talks with him are rampant, (though the Knicks getting him would not work either, so avoid Kuzma like the plague). Building a team for the future isn’t just getting scorers, but designating someone to build around and have depth, something that Randle severely hinders.

Julius Randle is by no means a bad basketball player, but he is definitely overrated by his traditional counting stats. The New York Knicks need to just ship him off for quality picks or perhaps a shooter and look to the offseason and draft to get shooters and defensive help for RJ and let Mitchell Robinson who is a freak of nature finally get a starting role.

If possible, one trade the New York Knicks should be all-in on

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

Bleacher report released an interesting ‘course-changing’ trade for the New York Knicks.  It’s a trade that certainly makes sense and should have a majority of fans on board.


Knicks Receive: G Devin Booker

Suns Receive: 2020 first-round pick, PF Julius Randle, G Frank Ntilikina

First off, we here at Empire Sports Media are big supporters of Ntilikina.  He has been and will continue to be one of the best defensive players for the Knicks.  Ntilikina has improved his game each season he’s been in the league.

The coaching staff and fan want him to be more aggressive offensively.  Thankfully, he brought that aggressiveness that he found playing in the FIBA World Cup to the Knicks.  It was certainly a step in the right direction for sure.

Ntilikina was a player that had Knicks fans saying ‘Who!?!’ when drafted and thought was a bust his first two years.  And while, he’s progression still hasn’t been what people thought, fans still always have faith him in.  Ntilikina is a clear fan favorite.

However, if this trade were to be serious, trading him would be a no-brainer.  If you can get an elite scorer, Booker, for a still developing point guard, you pull the trigger.  The Knicks desperately need an elite, electric scorer and who better than Booker.

As for Randle, a majority of Knicks fan want him traded anyway.  Yes, his stats are very solid but it’s the little nuances that get fans aggravated.  Maybe Phoenix would be a better fit anyway.  Smaller market with a lot less pressure similar to New Orleans.

We’ve always said the Knicks shouldn’t be trading away first-round picks anymore.  That shipped has sailed.  Even the Knicks came out and said they didn’t want to trade picks away.  However, if it’s only ONE first-round pick for Booker then you pull that trigger as quickly as possible.  But it probably wouldn’t be just one pick for a player like Booker though.

Pairing Booker with RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson would certainly be a major jump in the right direction.  Barrett and Booker at the 1, 2 positions is something to really get excited about.  Those two alone can lure free agents then add in the young, beastly Robinson.  Those are 3 players that can get the New York Knicks back on track.

LaMelo Ball could be the point guard the New York Knicks need

New York Knicks, LaMelo Ball

The New York Knicks need a point guard.  With their high pick in this years draft, one will certainly be there.  The only question is do they take a point guard or the best player available?  They need someone to make the players around them better.

If the Knicks want to turn Julius Randle into the player that everyone hoped for, he’ll need a pass-first passer.  There’s been rumors circulating about the Knicks wanting a pass-first point guard instead of a scorer.  And while, yesterday we wrote about the possibility of drafting Cole Anthony, there’s, most likely, a better option.

LaMelo could be the Knicks point guard of the future.  He can be the pass-first guy they’re looking for, along with elevating Randle’s game.

First off, Knicks fans were furious with Randle.  He holds onto the ball way to long, to much one-on-one and takes untimely 3’s.  Randle has good stats, 19 points & 9 rebounds, but it’s forcing shots and isolation that drives fans up a wall.

The Knicks need someone that pass and control the offense.  Ball could be that guy.  Despite only being 18-years-old, he has a big personality and isn’t afraid to take command.

Now, while Ball isn’t the strongest shooter, he’s a great passer and can read the defense very well.  At 6-foot-7, he has the length to look over them and make passes.  Even though he’s been playing professionally in Australia, he has a tremendous feel for the game, a high basketball IQ and knows he’s good.  He could be just the point guard the Knicks need.

One of his flaws, Ball isn’t the best shooter from the floor but he’s a very good foul shooter.  While playing in Australia, he’s averaged 17 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds per game.

A player like Ball could elevate Randle’s game to be more of team player.  Randle thought it was his team and try to take over whenever he had the chance.  A player like Ball controlling the offense could put Randle in check.  If there’s a chance, drafting Ball could be the best case scenario for the New York Knicks.

Julius Randle or Marcus Morris on the New York Knicks next season?

New York Knicks, Julius Randle, Marcus Morris

Here’s a New York Knicks ‘Would you rather’ for next season.  Would you rather have Julius Randle or Marcus Morris on the team next season?

First off, Randle’s contract goes into next season so he’d have to be traded.  New Knicks team president Leon Rose is allegedly willing to trade Randle despite their previous CAA relationship.

In his first season as a Knick, there’s been ups and plenty of downs.  Randle puts up good stats 19 ppg and 9 boards.  However, teammates have expressed their disgust with his play.  This is nothing new.  Knicks fans saw it from the beginning.  To much one-on-one, holding onto the ball too long and untimely 3-pointers.  Randle’s 3-point shooting as regressed to 27% on the season.  He’s also averaging more turnovers, 3.2, than assists, 2.8, per game.

Morris was traded away to the Clippers for a first-round pick and Moe Harkless.  The Knicks had to make that trade.  Getting that in return for a 30-year-old veteran averaging 20 ppg is not common.  He also shot 44% from behind the arc as a Knick.  It was the smart play.

Before the trade, Morris stated that he wanted to be with the Knicks long-term.  There was also the rumors of Morris returning to New York next season as a free agent.  It’s possible but unlikely.

Morris also embodied the old school Knick mentality.  He was the team leader and a good locker room guy.  While he can be a tad too aggressive at times, he brought a toughness to the Knicks which they haven’t had in awhile.  He did shoot a lot, sometimes too much but someone had to.  And with the lack of scorers on the roster, Morris was the best option.

Randle is younger and gets more rebounds than Morris.  But fans would rather Morris taking the shots than Randle.  While this shouldn’t matter, Morris seems more invested into the game emotionally.  Randle has no expression whatsoever.  He just doesn’t seem at ease in New York.

If the they have the chance, fans would much rather take back the veteran Morris over Randle.  The New York Knicks need the veteran leadership over a ball hog.

Julius Randle’s and others future with the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have the rumor mill spinning.  The big names that are rumored to being linked to the Knicks are now Joel Embiid and Donovan Mitchell.  Also, the possibility of shipping Julius Randle is back in the news.

NY Post’s Marc Berman suggests that Leon Rose could be open trading Randle, despite his CAA relationship.  The Knicks could’ve traded Randle to Charlotte before the trade deadline but they didn’t pull the trigger.

Knicks fans appear be on board with trading Randle.  He doesn’t fit the system and holds onto the ball to long.  Randle tends to play more one-on-one ball than team ball.  His shooting also regressed only making 27.7% of his attempts.  Randles play is only hurting the development of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.

Some Knicks teammates expressed their disgust with his play as well.  It’s odd to want to trade away a player that averages 19 points and 9 boards but it hasn’t panned out like people thought.

Rose has to decide if Randle is a fit for the future with the Knicks.  As of right now, if doesn’t seem like Randle will be in mix.  He’ll not brought back after his contract is up after the 2021-22 season if he remains a Knick.

More rumors that shouldn’t be talked about are trading for Donovan Mitchell and Joel Embiid.  The Sixers are open to dealing Embiid but will want a haul.  The same goes for Mitchell.  It’ll take a lot more than Barrett or Robinson and 2 upcoming 1st round picks, like hypothetical trade talks have suggested.  If the Knicks were to trade for either, there won’t be any good players left to pair with.

The best thing for Rose to do is build around Barrett and Robinson.  Fans will have to deal with one more season of Randle unless Rose has some tricks up his sleeve.  The New York Knicks need Rose to make some magic happen for them to be contenders in the near future.

Is the New York Knicks’ locker room in trouble because of Julius Randle?

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

Team-oriented sports are generally self-explanatory; you utilize the players around you to accomplish a specific goal. The New York Knicks have struggled with that concept in recent years, and in 2019, that reality didn’t evade them as Julius Randle took over the spotlight, in the worst of ways.

From a statistical standpoint, Randle posted substantial numbers — 20 points per game and ten rebounds, but he overshadowed every other player with his lack of ball movement and generosity on the court. Third overall pick RJ Barrett suffered because of it, despite having a successful first campaign himself.

Barrett will likely finish with 14 points, five rebounds, and three assists per game as the season is in flux due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, building a cohesive team with ball-sharing abilities must be a priority, which ultimately promotes trading Randle.

Some Knicks players were upset at Randle’s lack of ball-movement and selfish mentality.

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Nevertheless, some Knicks, including rookie RJ Barrett, were frustrated by Randle’s penchant for not distributing the ball quickly enough and overdribbling, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

“A lot of players felt like that with the exception of Elfrid Payton,’’ one NBA source told The Post.

Payton seems to be a more introverted player, and having played with Randle in the past, he understands his style of play and chose to avoid any confrontation. Staying out of the cynical spotlight can save a player the hassle of dealing with negative attention.

Moving forward, the Knicks must begin to build a team that desires to play together and not apart. Some players favor isolation, like Carmelo Anthony and Alonzo Trier. Still, the reality is, you either need to be one of the best players in the league or a sure-fire mid-range shooter to warrant keeping the ball for more than a few seconds. You can justify Melo holding onto the ball to get his shot, but Randle isn’t an above-average shooter. He would stall the offense’s progression in hopes of driving to the hoop, which didn’t fare well on a young Knicks team that didn’t draw defenders from the paint.

Seeing how their next head coach handles this situation will be interesting, and it’s possible new GM Leon Rose could look for a trade partner to take Randle off their hands. The locker room should also be a worry, as self-centered players who stall the offense can create hostility behind the scenes. Professional athletes have delicate psyches and must work together to form a positive cohesion.

Could Mike Miller be the head coach of the New York Knicks next season?

New York Knicks, Mike Miller

The New York Knicks were suppose to be in the market for a new coach next season.  However, new team president Leon Rose already likes interim coach Mike Miller.

SNYs Ian Begley reports that after 10 days on the job, Rose has a positive outlook on Miller.  Rose likes how Miller has handled the team under throughout it all.  Miller took over the Knicks after the David Fizdale was let go after a 4-17 start to the year.  Currently, the Knicks are 17-27 under Miller.

The players backed Fizdale upon being fired but then liked the way Miller began to orchestrate the team.  Miller has been a better coach than Fizdale.  With the amount of talent on the roster, Miller is doing better with rotations and playing the youth.  However, Miller does have his moments where his rotations and lineups leave Knicks fans scratching their heads.

Once Miller took over, the Knicks had a better offensive scheme and more ball movement.  But the Knicks love falling back into their old ways.  It’s what it is.

Julius Randle will go back into one-on-one isolation and others will be standing around the perimeter without moving.  The Knicks defense  has always been a struggle.  But under Miller, there’s more intensity and they push the upon getting a steal or rebound.

Miller has done a remarkable job with this Knicks team.  Fans would like to see what Miller can actually do with a group of more talented players.  The front office still has decisions to make regarding the coach.  If Miller is the guy, Rose better have some big moves up his sleeves for the New York Knicks.

New York Knicks Must Move On From Julius Randle

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

Some great news regarding the New York Knicks lately. That is the fact Knick player’s tests for COVID-19 came back negative. However, this doesn’t mean the Knicks shouldn’t move on from Julius Randle. Randle’s play this season may have similar effects on his teammates as COVID-19 has on its sick victims. He doesn’t make his teammates better, in fact, his brutal play is contagious in a very negative way at times, leading the New York Knicks to poor starts at the beginning of games. Meanwhile, his offensive statistics remain deceptive due to his ability to stuff a stat sheet during blowout losses.

Julius Randle makes the game difficult for himself at times as well as others. Randle has an extremely tight handle for his size and position, however, he’s predictable and he tends to do way too much off the dribble which leads to turnovers and easy buckets for the opposition. Once the opposing team capitalizes on our unnecessary turnovers, they’re suddenly in a rhythm and up to double digits due to a 12-2 run in a matter of 2 minutes or less. This type of basketball is frustrating to watch. Winning can be done with a simple brand of basketball in which players know and understand their roles resulting in fewer players playing away from their strengths.

Although Julius Randle seems like a nice human being, on the court he looks like he’s difficult to play with. Selfishness from a star player always rubs off on the rest of the team especially if the teammates are younger. Players are starting to look off one another and bad habits like over dribbling, poor decision making, and turnovers begin ramping up. The Knicks need to get rid of Julius Randle and bring in a true stretch four with better basketball IQ.

Thoughts on the New York Knicks season, if it’s over

The New York Knicks and rest of the NBA season is in question.  The season could resume in a month or two and it could jump right into the playoffs.  But, everything in the sports world is a giant question mark currently.

With that being said, if the NBA returns and goes right into the playoffs, the Knicks season would be over.  We can look back on the season and determine what were the positives, if any.

First off, Knicks fans are spoiled.  More so than any other fan base.  It’s New York so the expectations are to contend for a championship.  It doesn’t matter whether all teams were good or bad the season before.  They’re expected to be contenders each year.

This season for the Knicks started with big, optimistic expectations that quickly turned for the worst.  That is something that all fans know very well.  The season began with thoughts of the Knicks sneaking into the back-end of the playoffs.  But, after a 4-17 start and head coach David Fizdale fired, that quickly vanished.

While the players always said the right things about striving to get better and competing for a playoff spot, the realism was they were far from it.  All and all, it was a typical Knicks season.  Big expectations with awful results.

The Knicks had a bunch of good things that came out of this season but the negatives out way the positives.  Positives were the play of rookie RJ Barrett and his ability to show the all-star capabilities for the future.  Mitchell Robinson’s progression a player and work on committing fewer fouls.  And Julius Randle didn’t fit well with the Knicks in his first season despite good stats.

And towards the end of the season, the aggressiveness and positive progression of Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox.  Knox had a smaller sample size at the end after a disastrous start to the season but thankfully fans saw something.  While more in-depth grades and thoughts will come, the consensus of the New York Knicks season was another stinker.

Safe to say Mike Miller won’t be the New York Knicks coach next season

Mike Miller, Frank Ntilikina

New York Knicks interim head coach Mike Miller isn’t auditioning well for new team president Leon Rose.  Miller has had head scratching rotations that have fans furious.

When Miller took over for David Fizdale, it was clear he was coaching for a permanent job.  While it was a good change, being unable to adapt when the times are tough is costing him.  Sticking with veteran Knicks players isn’t working.  Well, there’s a lot that isn’t working.

One thing that all fans can agree on, at this point in the season, is the young Knicks need to play.  Yes, it’s a broken record.  Playing or showcasing the veteran players time as passed.  It was good to give them more time before the trade deadline because they should’ve been dealt or bought out.

It could be that Rose needs more time evaluating what veteran players to bring back for next season?  If that’s the case, they things like that need to be said.  It’s that time where all young players with future potential need all the minutes.

Miller is starting to lose more than he’s trying to gain.  It’s still unsure what Rose may want for the Knicks next season.  If Miller wants another crack this gig next season, playing the youth is now his best bet.

The biggest concern is Miller’ starting lineup.  Mitchell Robinson needs to be starting.  Taj Gibson, while hes been solid for the Knicks, he isn’t a future asset, Robinson is.  Also, after his best performance of his career Tuesday night, Frank Ntilikina deserves a lot more time.  Miller needs to build off that play and aggressiveness and instill confidence in him at the guard position.

Another concern is the lack of shooters Miller has in his lineups.  Julius Randle is not a shooting guard.  Daymean Dotson and Allonzo Trier need time since they should be part of the youth movement and are shooting guards.  However, if Rose truly want to fix the New York Knicks he needs a coach that will move forward with youth and develop them.