New York Knicks: DeAndre Jordan reveals why superstars chose Brooklyn Nets

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The New York Knicks realistically didn’t even have a chance at luring Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Big Apple, why? Because the culture isn’t at a place of appeal yet. However, the Brooklyn Nets culture is ready to blossom, and the players noticed.

DeAndre Jordan, who is great friends with Durant, revealed why he chose Brooklyn along with KD and Irving, according to Clutch Points:

“Not to knock the culture the Knicks are creating, but we like what Kenny’s doing and Sean’s been awesome and the organization, from top to bottom, has been great,” Jordan told Jen Chung of Gothamist.

“So you want to be a part of something like that, especially when you have a chance to play with other great players and build something.”

It’s clear why the Nets were able to bring in big-name players — a 2018 playoff appearance and a fantastic front office lead the reasons. The Knicks are still in a state of youth and growth, two factors that often deter superstars in their prime. Joining a team that needs time to develop, and in the Knicks case, it could be an entire season, is not enticing.

They are on the right track, though, after having a sneaky offseason in which they added Julius Randle and Marcus Morris, two solid contributors. While they may have buried some of their younger players with veterans, the competition will ultimately be good and beneficial for their development.

It will be interesting to see how head coach David Fizdale manages the playing time of players like Kevin Knox and RJ Barrett. Both of which need the live-action to continue refining their skills and preparing to make a more significant impact in the future.