Knicks still prioritizing trading for a star

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The New York Knicks have displayed discernment in their offseason moves, subtly hinting at a bigger plan in the pipeline: the potential trade for a marquee star.

Knicks’ Offseason Moves (or Lack Thereof)

This offseason, the Knicks have kept their moves minimalistic. The most notable trade saw Obi Toppin heading to the Indiana Pacers, with New York receiving two second-round draft picks in return. However, aside from this, and welcoming Donte DiVincenzo, the team seems poised to retain its core that reached the second round last season.

“The Knicks have built toward a clear goal: They want to trade for a star,” Fred Katz of The Athletic wrote.

Ripe for a Blockbuster Trade

In the trade rumor mill, there’s no shortage of high-profile names associated with the Knicks. Players from the 76ers like Joel Embiid and James Harden, as well as the Clippers’ Paul George, are speculated fits.

The Knicks, both from a talent and financial perspective, seem perfectly primed for such a move. With the financial capability to absorb a substantial contract—especially once Evan Fournier’s $72 million contract is settled—and a roster brimming with young talent (think RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley), they’re in a solid position to negotiate a blockbuster deal.

A Thoughtful Approach to Trades

Rather than making hasty decisions, the Knicks have showcased a strategy built on patience this offseason. The focus is clear: don’t just trade for the sake of trading. The organization is evidently waiting for the ideal star to materialize and fit seamlessly into their plan.

A key advantage for the Knicks is their young core. With no immediate pressure to scramble for a championship, the team can afford to wait. Players like Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are secured with the Knicks for another three seasons. Given the current NBA market rates, both contracts seem like a steal.

While the timing of the Knicks’ much-anticipated blockbuster trade remains a mystery, there’s a palpable expectation of its inevitability.

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