Knicks: One free agent power forward to replace Obi Toppin

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Following the trade of their former first-round pick Obi Toppin to the Indiana Pacers, the New York Knicks find themselves with a gap at the power forward position behind Julius Randle.

The Need for Support: Reinforcing the Roster

While Randle remains a critical asset and chief playmaker in their offense alongside Jalen Brunson, the Knicks need to strengthen their rotation to secure a well-rounded roster.

There’s no denying that the Knicks could benefit from a third superstar to join forces with their leading duo. However, securing such a player without parting ways with RJ Barrett could be a complex task, as illustrated by their pursuit of Paul George. The Clippers demanded Barrett and substantial capital for George, an offer the Knicks decidedly refused.

The Importance of Depth Amid Financial Constraints

Nevertheless, roster depth is a fundamental requirement despite the Knicks having already committed $172 million to their players and utilizing their mid-level exemption on Donte DiVincenzo. Though the franchise is expected to trade Evan Fournier and his $18.9 million salary, they could still spare a modest sum to bring a backup power forward onboard.

A Potential Solution: The Golden State Warriors’ JaMychal Green

A report from Bleacher Report suggests that Knicks’ President Leon Rose might be considering 33-year-old Golden State Warriors PF JaMychal Green, a seasoned NBA player, to fill the void.

According to the report, “The 33-year-old is a quick thinker on offense, a capable switcher on defense and, typically, an above-average shooter from distance. If his shooting holds up—he’s hit 37-plus percent from range in four of the past five seasons—he could add a stretch element to this frontcourt’s attack.”

Green played in 57 games this past season, averaging 6.4 points, 3.6 rebounds, shooting .540 from the field and .378 from beyond the arc. While he’s not known as a high-volume scorer, his solid 3-point shooting could offer valuable support for the Knicks. Green would also provide a reliable defensive presence, enhancing the rebounding performance and facilitating opportunities for his teammates.

The Role of a Cost-Efficient Player

The Knicks can’t expect remarkable scoring prowess from Green, but they don’t need him to fill that role. Rather, they’re seeking a role player who can deliver the goods at a reasonable price.

Given the absence of another PF on the roster to fill Toppin’s shoes, the Knicks face an apparent gap unless they intend to modify their rotation.

Balancing Star Power with Depth

While the Knicks may still hope to land another superstar to progress their championship aspirations, neglecting the need for depth could potentially overburden their starters.

Head Coach Tom Thibodeau is known for heavily relying on his starting five, which can lead to fatigue, especially during the playoffs. Having capable rotational players is, therefore, a critical element in ensuring the Knicks’ key players stay healthy for a successful playoff run.

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