Knicks benefiting from Jalen Brunson’s ability to draw charges

New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson (11) pauses for a moment before the start of the game against the Charlotte Hornets at Spectrum Center

As if New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson’s offensive capabilities weren’t good enough, his ability to draw offensive fouls on the other end of the floor is proving to be a massive benefit for his team.

On the season, Brunson has drawn 14 charges, which is the most in the NBA. Standing at a relatively diminutive 6-foot-1, Brunson has found a way to make himself an impactful defender despite the height disadvantage.

He detailed to Stefan Bondy of The New York Post how he is able to draw charges more frequently than anybody else.

Jalen Brunson knows the best way to draw offensive fouls

“First, you kind of have to brace yourself,” said Brunson via The New York Post. “You don’t really fall flat. You just have to figure out how to fall. Don’t fall flat. That’s the big thing.”

Brunson added by stating to Bondy that he will do “whatever it takes to win” on the defensive side of the ball. His efforts have been a driving force to the Knicks’ ability to thwart opposing teams’ runs and keep themselves in games.

He currently has a 7.1 net rating this season, which is a five-point increase from last season. Despite not really being known for his defense, Brunson is starting to create a reputation for himself as a defensive pest due to his ability to force turnovers.

His teammate, Donte DiVincenzo, said that Brunson’s willingness to absorb contact and draw charges dates back to their Villanova days.

“In practice. I hated it. I got the charge every time,” said DiVincenzo via The New York Post.

Brunson is turning into a serious defensive menace for the Knicks

Many players of his size centralize their game on both ends around the perimeter, but Brunson is one of the few who is willing to make plays happen in areas where taller players generally are along with the perimeter.

Brunson has taken a tremendous leap in three-point shooting this year, currently at 47.4% from outside. However, he is also shooting 54.2% on shots in the restricted area, and 45.7% on mid-range jumpers, according to NBA stats.

This demonstrates a phenomenal all-around scoring ability, and now that he is a highly impactful defender, Brunson is developing into a threat on both ends for the Knicks. Therefore, teams are becoming more reluctant to go after Brunson on offense, unlike in previous seasons when teams would look to attack him.

The star point guard has been an absolute revelation since coming over to the Knicks, and he is only continuing to torture opposing teams in nearly every aspect imaginable.

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