Could the Knicks pull off a stunning trade for disgruntled NBA MVP?

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The New York Knicks are still searching for the last piece of the puzzle to transform their roster into a Finals contender. With the Philadelphia 76ers drowning in drama, there may be an opportunity for the Knicks to trade for disgruntled superstar Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid is no longer trusting the process following James Harden controversy

The tumultuous manner in which James Harden presented his lowly opinion of the 76ers organization earlier this week might’ve been the final straw in “trusting the process.”

The 33-year-old shooting guard called Sixers President Daryl Morey “a liar” regarding Morey’s lack of compliance with Harden’s expectations of a long-term deal. The key piece in a dynamic duo in Philadelphia, Harden’s star teammate Embiid is seemingly over the drama residing in Philly. Embiid’s recent Twitter/X update has stirred the pot even more on this controversy.

Joel Embiid removes the 76ers from his social media profile

Embiid stirred the pot even more by removing the “Philadelphia” location from his Twitter/X bio this week amidst trade rumors. This action spurred the NBA Twitter/X community to run rampant with hot takes, crafting mock trades to give the superstar a change of scenery.

Embiid, the league’s reigning MVP, is no “average Joe” in the social media landscape. He has gone as far as to dub himself “Troel Embiid” in the past, however, the superstar may not be trolling in this instance.

Could Embiid be looking for a way out of Philadelphia?

As the news surrounding Harden dominates headlines day by day, the anticipation regarding Embiid’s future is starting to build. The 29-year-old is in his prime. Seeing the reports surfacing alleging the team President, as well as his bandmate Harden, want no part of the organization, Embiid’s future seems more up to question than ever before.

With three years remaining on his contract with a player option, it is not ideal to move a player the caliber of Embiid. Yet, in this current NBA climate, it is not unforeseen as star big man Anthony Davis and All-Star guard Damian Lillard demanded trades, as well as having a preferred team destination. Embiid could follow suit, demanding a trade away from Philadelphia and segwaying into the multi-media capital of the world residing in New York City.

Mock trade proposal for the Knicks to land Joel Embiid

The New York Knicks are a solid playoff-contending team, but the potential to get better and cultivate a championship pedigree is key. The Knicks are a step away from doing just that, and adding one more superstar to this dynamic puzzle could propel them to that next level. James Piercey of NBA Analysis Network recently proposed the following mock trade, bringing Embiid to Madison Square Garden:

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: G/F RJ Barrett, C Mitchell Robinson, 2024 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2026 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2028 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2030 First-Round Pick (NYK) 

New York Knicks Receive: C Joel Embiid 

Acquiring Embiid could form a dominant Knicks trio

The proposed mock trade would set the Knicks up with the fantastic trio of Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle, and Embiid; three guys that care about the game of basketball and will bring a winning mentality to stay on the New York Knicks.

RJ Barrett would be a focal point of the young 76ers team set on rebuilding for the future. A future star in this league, this young shooting guard’s development would have no restrictions in Philadelphia.

Both the Knicks as well as the Sixers have had limited playoff success as of late. This “Process” that Embiid has trialed himself with is not seeing the fruits he or the organization imagined. The Sixers have the NBA’s MVP, yet constant dysfunction has been apparent for quite some time. Under new youth and a treasure chest of draft picks, it may be time to do away with “trusting the process.”

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