What’s a realistic return if the New York Giants are serious about trading Kadarius Toney?

kadarius toney, giants

With reports emerging the New York Giants could trade 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney this off-season, a major question presents itself: How much is he even worth?

When looking at Toney’s skill set, he has the capability to be elite, showcasing unparalleled quick-twitch movements and insane athletic ability. There aren’t many players, let alone humans, on this planet, that can move like Kadarius, but many are concerned over his character and commitment to football.

Toney has skipped out on all voluntary workouts up to this point, and some of his teammates are a bit concerned. Kenny Golladay stated this week that everybody should be at practice with a new head coach and management in place. Considering how important relationship building is to HC Brian Daboll, Toney may be doing himself a disservice, but his contract doesn’t require he attend these practices.

There’s no reason to believe management would simply move on from a player for missing voluntary workouts, considering they’ve already indicated they’re in contact with Toney and expect him to be there once mandatory workouts arrive.

Schoen even stated last month that they consider Toney an untradeable piece:

“I don’t think Kadarius is a tradable piece.”

“He’s a good, young player who our coaches really like.”

However, in the case the New York Giants are serious about trading Toney, what exactly can they get in return for him? Well, after spending the 20th overall pick last year on his services, some believe the most the Giants would be able to extract is a mid-round selection.

If GM Joe Schoen is willing to give up a player of his caliber for a third-round pick, there may be some serious issues bubbling behind the scenes.

Giving up on a talent like Toney without giving your coaching staff a chance to build a strong relationship is malpractice. Some have suggested that Toney had red flags during the pre-draft process last year, but he showed fight against the Dallas Cowboys and Saints, playing through a tremendous amount of pain after sustaining an ankle injury earlier on in the season.

That would indicate a strong desire to play and showcase his talents at the highest level, and giving up on that for a major loss is unadvisable. Unless a team is willing to give them good value in return, the Giants should stick by their guns and try to get the best out of their young receiver.