What Does New York Giants QB Eli Manning Think About Benching?

It’s still hard to get over the news that the New York Giants benched Eli Manning – after more than fifteen years of Manning being the consistent starter for the team, it looks like the Giants are finally moving on after running out of patience and making the move to put in the younger rookie Daniel Jones as starter this Sunday against Tampa. The decision comes after only two games, neither of which were exactly lost just because of Manning and his play.

But with the team starting 0-2 and with things looking awfully similar to how they did last season before the wheels came off completely, it looks like the front office and coaching staff are willing to do anything to try sparking a change – or at the least, the staff are willing to let the rookie Daniel Jones get some regular season experience this year while there’s no expectations.

What did Eli Manning tell the press about the entire situation? Well, Manning gave a typical answer, not making too much of a big deal or causing a stir about the matter.

“In some ways I signed up for this, knowing when you draft a young quarterback, this can happen. And I gotta live with it and make the best of it,” Manning said.

Additionally, Manning pointed out that the season isn’t over yet. That of course, means that Jones might not be the starter for the entire year. It looks like Manning is on the way out, but if Jones performs poorly, there could once again be a competition.

“Who knows. Again, I’m not dying, and the season’s not over. So there’s a lot to be positive about, a lot to be grateful for, and so I just gotta accept my new role and make the best of it,” Manning continued.

There’s not too many bright spots from the first two games of the season but one thing that Giants fans can be glad for is having a classy quarterback – there’s not going to be a big locker room controversy over the change, even though it is possible to make the argument that Manning was benched too soon.

Will Manning get the starting job back this season? That will likely depend entirely on Jones in the next few weeks, and whether or not Jones repeats his brief but lackluster performance against the Dallas Cowboys in future games.