WATCH: New York Giants QBs Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, Alex Tanney play Flip-Cup in Hoboken

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones
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The New York Giants might be 4-11 on the season, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying a night out in Hoboken, where quarterbacks Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, and Alex Tanney played some drinking games.

Manning and Jones interacted just as you’d hope, playful joyful…almost like they were father and son. If you saw Jones’ five-touchdown performance against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, it’s possible he might even be as successful as Manning at the end of his career.

Here are several videos of the trio’s night out on the town:

What a classic showing for Manning, who’s not one you’d expect to be playing drinking games with the much younger Jones. However, we’ve seen some funny pictures of Manning back in his college days. Maybe, the nostalgia of college will help him better prepare for his inevitable retirement at the end of the 2019 season.