WATCH: New York Giants’ head coach candidate Mike McCarthy has reinvented himself

Will the New York Giants consider Mike McCarthy as their next head coach?

With the departure of head coach Pat Shurmur, the New York Giants are now in the market for his replacement. Baylor’s Matt Rhule, New England’s Josh McDaniels, and former Green Bay Packers’ HC Mike McCarthy lead the charge for the Big Blue, who are looking for a coach with strong leadership abilities and disciplinary tactics.

Shurmur faltered in several categories during his two-year stint with the Giants, struggling to improve in his time-management, personnel decisions, and extraction of value. He did succeed in rookie quarterback Daniel Jones’ progression, as the young passer had several games with four touchdowns passes or more.

However, somebody needed to be the fall-guy for a team that won nine total games over two seasons. General manager Dave Gettleman has survived the axing of Shurmur, and he will now play a significant part in finding their next head coach.

Of the three coaches mentioned above, McCarthy is the option with the most head coaching experience, but his conservative style has put him under fire in the past. Recently, though, he has detailed the improvements he’s made in his personal development and studying he’s conducted with other coaches to prepare him for his next opportunity better.

McCarthy details the selfish nature of being a coach in the NFL, as it involves plucking his family from their home and moving them around the country. His future success depends on his ability to refine his skills and create a modern scheme that elevates his players. Failure is a difficult pill to swallow, as it often forces families of coaches to relocate frequently. Having prolonged success allows them to create a grounding and establish a sense of ‘home.’

The Giants can offer McCarthy a chance at re-establishing himself among the top coaches in the NFL, but it ultimately requires him to re-invent his abilities. One of his biggest downfalls was his offensive scheme and how it hindered Aaron Rodgers to a degree — predictable play-calling, basic route concepts, etc.

With Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones featuring on the Giants’ offense, finding a coach that can help them reach peak performance is essential, and it’s possible that McCarthy could be their guy.