New York Giants: Why Dave Gettleman’s Actions Make Very Little Sense

The reality of the 2019 NFL draft is that the defensive prospects made up a significant portion of the first round talent, however, the New York Giants decided to disregard that fact and take Eli Manning’s successor.

Quarterback Daniel Jones was their selection with the 6th overall pick in the draft, while Kentucky pass rusher Josh Allen was passed over for some odd reason. Jones is certainly a good player, carrying the Duke offense for three consecutive seasons and learning from trusted QB coach, David Cutcliffe.

Despite Jones’ impressive abilities (learn more here), GM Dave Gettleman made various concerning comments that put the entire pick in question.

During the post-draft presser, Gettleman stated that the Giants could carry out the “Green Bay model.” Essentially, this means they could sit Jones for multiple years while Manning remains the starter if he plays at a high level. If this were to happen it would have costed the Giants immediate impact with a player like Allen or interior defender, Ed Oliver.

The Giants are in need of several players to plug holes on the defense, and missing out on a tier 1 player to take a quarterback that could sit for several years was a questionable move. Somebody needs to keep the microphone away from Gettleman because he always manages to further anger the fan base with every sentence.

Now, this is not a hit on Jones whatsoever, he’s actually quite a talented passer, it’s more about providing immediate value for a struggling unit.

The New York Giants spent a lot of capital to trade back into the first round:

With the 30th pick in the draft, the Giants grabbed cornerback Deandre Baker out of Georgia. Arguably the best corner in the draft, Baker offers great value in the secondary – the issues is what the Giants gave up to grab him.

They traded a second, fourth, and fifth round pick to move up seven spots to snag Baker. The objection – several corners were drafted at the top of the second-round, which proves that Gettleman may have been smart to move up and grab the best option.

Here’s what Gettleman had to say about the Baker pick:

 “The last guy we traded up for we feel is the best cover corner in the draft, the kid from Georgia, Deandre Baker. We feel like we got three guys that are going to impact this franchise for a long time.”