New York Giants: Why We Should be Cautiously Optimistic With QB Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

I can imagine most New York Giants fans are dreaming of GM Dave Gettleman’s head on a spike, Game of Thrones style. However, using the 6th round pick on a quarterback was not a bad thing, it was the player that was wrong…supposedly.

Duke passer Daniel Jones was the selection, one that had been rumored to Big Blue but was figured to be a smokescreen. Well, it wasn’t, and the Giants had to choose between two players with the same draft grade – Jones and pass rush specialist, Josh Allen.

After Allen dropped multiple slots to No. 6, it was thought to be an easy selection, but according to Gettleman, who fell in love with Jones after just three series at the Senior Bowl, elected to take Eli Manning’s successor instead.

But why should we be optimistic with Daniel Jones?

Take a look at this highlight clip–

Jones was coached and refined by David Cutcliffe, the very man that helped Eli and Peyton Manning reach the level of play necessary to enjoy multiple Super Bowl appearances. The similarities are striking – watch Jones’ mechanics when he winds up to throw the ball. He looks like a Manning through and through, but we must remember that this is a ‘good’ thing!

The Duke product is very comparable to the Manning’s and while his technique mimics theirs, it’s his athleticism that makes him an exciting prospect.

Featuring as the Duke’s only viable weapon, he managed to record 2,674 yards, 22 touchdowns, and nine interceptions in 2018. Tack on 319 rushing yards and 3 scores on the ground. This isn’t factoring the 33 drops his receivers plagued the offense with over the course of the season, or the lack of offensive line protection. Giving him an arsenal of premium talent – a rebuilt offensive line, Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, and Evan Engram should open the flood gates for his potential.

An important thing to recognize:

If Jones can even replicate the success Manning has had in his career, it will have been a  great pick. Give him an offensive line and allow him to extract his talents and display them on the field. A high football IQ and plenty of tangible skill litter Jones’ foundation, and that’s something we must recognize before deciding he’s a bust.

While he’s not the sexiest pick and certainly not the most value-centric at No. 6, he’s the guy we have to take over after an illustrious Manning career. Maybe John Mara is in too deep with this football team after all.


Jones stated

Being in that group, being with Coach Cut and the Mannings is an honor and something I appreciate very much,” Jones said while speaking to reporters at the NFL Combine. “I think the preparation that I have been through with Coach Cut I have been through at Duke is something that will prepare me well for this step, and being able to have the relationships I have with Eli and Peyton is something that’s been special about my process and I think something that will help.