New York Giants: Why Daniel Jones’s struggles on day 3 of camp are no big deal

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New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) and head coach Brian Daboll on the first day of training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. Nfl Giants Training Camp

The New York Giants wrapped up their third day of training camp today. It was a tough outing for the offense. The highlights made were by the defense. Dexter Lawrence, Darnay Holmes, and other members of the Giants’ defense stood out today. One player who stood out in a negative way, though, was quarterback Daniel Jones. According to those at today’s practice, Daniel Jones struggled and had a poor practice day. Some fans are concerned with Jones’s performance as the player enters a crucial contract year. But, in reality, Daniel Jones’s struggles on the third day of training camp are no big deal.

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Why Daniel Jones’s struggles on day 3 of Giants training camp are no big deal

Firstly, it is just practice at the end of the day. The third practice of training camp, no-less. Writing off Daniel Jones and claiming his 2022 season to be doomed is incredibly premature. The 2022 NFL season does not kick off until September. Daniel Jones has plenty of time to get up to speed.

Secondly, the Giants are installing a new offensive scheme. For the last two years, Daniel Jones has been trapped in Jason Garrett’s inept scheme that failed to produce points. New head coach Brian Daboll and new offensive coordinator Mike Kafka are building a new offensive scheme with more modern principles than that of Garrett. Expect to see more pre-snap motion and vertical route concepts in the Giants’ new offense, but also expect to see some growing pains as the players adjust to the new scheme.

Lastly, the Giants’ offense was put at a disadvantage today. Brian Daboll did this intentionally. According to Madelyn Burke, Brian Daboll focused on third-and-long situations during today’s practice. This gave the Giants’ defense a clear advantage over the offense as they played the sticks and kept the offense from converting long down-and-distances.

Daniel Jones struggled today. But now is the time for him to struggle. It is early on in training camp. Brian Daboll encourages risk-taking from his quarterbacks. He wants to see them make mistakes now so they know how not to make mistakes in-game. Daboll gave Jones a challenge today, asking him to attempt to convert third-and-longs.

Daniel Jones struggled, but most quarterbacks tend to struggle when constantly trying to convert on third-and-long. In fact, Giants fans should be familiar with that concept from watching the Giants’ offense the past few years. Daniel Jones may have had flashbacks to last season today. At the end of the day, it is only the third practice of training camp. It was a challenging day that will only serve to make Daniel Jones a better quarterback in the long run.