New York Giants: One year has passed since Eli Manning’s retirement

After the turbulent 2020 season, it might seem like it’s been longer than it has. But it’s only been one year since New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning walked away from the NFL. Some thought at the time that Manning would end up playing for another team. Names like New Orleans were thrown around in the conversation, but Manning made the choice to remain “only a Giant” and retire for good with the franchise he spent his whole career with.

He walked away having done everything there was to do, of course. He never missed a game because of an injury, has numerous franchise records, and started 210 consecutive games before his streak was ended controversially in a decision that was widely panned by Giants fans. And of course, he was a two time Super Bowl champion and two time Super Bowl MVP.

Manning slipped out of the spotlight without drama for the Giants when he was replaced by Daniel Jones a couple of games into his final season. But that just fits with the rest of his career, considering his reputation for staying out of off the field drama.

These days, Manning has talked about his plans to move into TV with ESPN and has also said he could do some more things with the Giants in the near future. What those things are remains to be seen, but there’s various possibilities opened up by his work with ESPN.

And as for the Giants, it also remains to be seen if they’ve found their real replacement for Manning. It’s unlikely there will be another Eli Manning for the Giants, but the front office is hoping in the success of Daniel Jones. For the 2021 season, we may just find out a lot more about whether Jones can fill Manning’s shadow.