New York Giants news, 11/16 – Eli Manning not interested in farewell nonsense, thanks Ben McAdoo

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

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Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

With the New York Giants sitting at 2-8 on the season, giving veteran quarterback Eli Manning the farewell game he deserves seems like the most logical thing to do. However, Manning is not interested in any “nonsense ceremonies,” according to the NY Post insider.

“Eli’s not into playing that game,” one insider says. “He’s into playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.”

The situation Manning has found him in has been slightly awkward, considering he remains a team captain. He has refrained from participating in any pre-game procedures — coin toss.

The countless media sessions Manning has forfeited with Daniel Jones taking over has made him irrelevant, or rather an old racehorse waiting to retire in the countryside. The coming weeks are Manning’s to enjoy, collect a paycheck, and help Jones develop into the future of the franchise. Thus far, Jones has looked stellar, recording three 4-touchdown games in just eight total contests.

The reality is, Manning’s final game of his career could very well be the loss to Buffalo in week two, which brought his overall record to .500, a disappointing feat for a two-time Super Bowl-winning passer. Giving Manning one final chance to finish his career on a high note could come in just a few weeks, but his pride could get in the way once again, similar to the Ben McAdoo situation.

For all those that have forgotten, former New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo benched Manning in favor of Geno Smith, and when he asked Eli if he was willing to play half the game, the veteran passer declined with beaming pride. That ended Manning’s illustrious steak of games played, just to give Smith a chance after years of lackluster play. At this point, Manning is better off accepting his fate and walking into retirement with his head held high.


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