New York Giants news, 1/3 – The truth behind the Daniel Jones pick is surprising

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Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

As the New York Giants grew closer to the 2019 NFL Draft, reports of Daniel Jones being their selection plastered the headlines. To no avail, the plead of Giants fans didn’t reach ownership, who took Jones anyway with the 6th overall pick. So far, it seems as if the Twitter GMs and Facebook co-owners were wrong, meaning Dave Gettleman was right, or so we thought.

During an interview with Joe and Evan on Thursday afternoon, Gettleman gave former head coach Pat Shurmur credit for Jones’ selection, stating that he pushed for him until they had no choice. Shurmur, who’s known as the quarterback whisperer around the league, might have gifted the Giants with their next franchise quarterback, but his skills as a play-caller and HC diminished with the progression of Jones.

The fact that Shurmur was “enamored” with Jones proves one thing, Gettleman might not have drafted as well as some believed, considering some of the picks seem to be attributed to others. Jones was Shurmur’s pick, and the selection was used to justify Gettleman keeping his job. It’s hard to imagine the re-inventing of the back end of the organization — team psychologist, and a couple of software engineers — proved Gettleman’s worth.

The 2020 offseason is a significant one for the New York Giants, who are in search of several key pieces on both sides of the ball. They will have approximately $80+ million in cap space and assets in the draft to spend. If the team doesn’t take a significant step forward next season, Gettleman will undoubtedly be out of time.


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