New York Giants name Daniel Jones starter vs. Bucs

New York Giants, Daniel Jones
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The New York Giants have named Daniel Jones the starting quarterback for their week 3 match-up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Jones replaces Eli Manning after another awful start to the season.

This news comes earlier then expected for Giants fans.  A lot of fans were suggesting that Jones start around week 4-5, depending on the Giants record.

Well, it is that time.

Manning has been under-performing despite a much improved offensive line.  He is unable to make throws to sustain drives and the offensive just looks bad.  Do not get us wrong, this is not all on Manning.

The major issue is the defense.  They can not get stops and the offense get prolong drives to give the defense more time off the field.

The Jones era has officially begun.  Pat Shurmur makes the decision no one thought he would make.  It takes a lot of courage to bench Manning, it has not been done since Ben McAdoo.  Some will say Shurmur has to worry about his job at some point as well.  This is the first step is securing his job maybe one year longer.  Will it work?  Will the team have new life and rally around Jones?  That is yet to be seen.

The bigger question is wondering if ownership played any role in this decision, or was it all Shurmur.  Shurmur has to show that he is trying to improve the team and this is how you do it.

The Giants are not going anywhere until changes are made.  They will actually be watchable for a little while now, as the first two weeks were painful.  They might as well take a chance with the 6th overall pick and see if he can actually be the future quarterback of the New York Giants.

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