New York Giants: Eli Manning Makes Throws, Training Camp Has First Scuffle

After the most recent day of training camp, it’s safe to say that the offense is looking good so far. The passing game was tested by the defense yesterday, with blitz situations being included in the scrimmages.

Eli Manning looked good in the red zone despite being a big question mark for the team going into this season, throwing touchdowns to Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, and others. In two of the videos that can be found on Twitter, it also looks like Manning is doing a good job at getting the ball out quickly.

Manning only held the ball for a few seconds in the play that’s linked below, getting a throw off to Shepard, who dove into the end zone for the score.

Everything wasn’t fun and smooth sailing, though. There was a scuffle when Wayne Gallman received a pass before being taken down a bit too hard by Olivier Vernon, causing a bit of a disruption. It was the first of these kinds of incidents to happen at camp this year, and Eli Apple was apparently in the middle of it.

Things went back to normal, however, and Odell Beckham Jr. was back with his usual moves, shaking defenders to pick up yards after the catch as well as the score. Not only that, but he beat Eli Apple to make the catch in the first place before taking it to the house. If the star receiver has any lingering injury, he hasn’t shown it at this point in training camp.

Everything might not have gone perfect, with some tempers noticeably flaring during this day of camp, but the passing game should be trending upwards. After all, both of the team’s top receivers managed to come up big when the ball went their way.