New York Giants: Joe Judge cagey about Sunday’s playcalling plans

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The New York Giants have fired OC Jason Garrett, and we don’t know yet who will call the offensive plays for the rest of the season. The initial speculation was that the job was going to move directly to former Browns head coach and current Giants assistant Freddie Kitchens, an obvious path due to Kitchens’ extensive experience working with offenses. But Joe Judge shot down that idea when he told the media that the matter is undecided.

“We’ll talk through it as the week goes,” Judge told reporters when asked if he knew who would call plays on Sunday. “We’ll work through it collectively as an offense and build into Sunday when it comes.”

Judge did go on to say that he has an idea of who might call the plays in the next game. However, he declined to share that name with the press.

“We’ve got a lot of things that may be a little bit up our sleeve. Any competitive advantage you want to have you want to keep to yourselves.”

Who will call plays for the New York Giants?

There is, of course, a chance that Kitchens is definitely going to take over the job and the Giants are just moving slowly to admit it. The Eagles not knowing the offensive coordinator, after all, could present an advantage. There’s no candidate that stands out in particular to call plays other than Kitchens, and Judge confirmed the Giants aren’t bringing in another coach to take over for Garrett for the rest of the season.

If we want to know for certain what kind of scheme the Giants will run on offense, we’ll just have to wait until closer to the game and see who ends up handling it.

One thing is for sure, though: whoever does call the plays can probably get better performance from the talent than Garrett could.

Just don’t expect too many big changes to come during this next game or the rest of the season. Even though a new offensive playcaller will have a different angle of looking at things compared to Garrett, there’s still no time this season to add an entirely new scheme and whoever take over for Garrett has to work around that fact.

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