New York Giants: DeAndre Baker’s Lawyer Claims To Have Evidence That Exonerates Baker

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants have been at the forefront of sports media recently for all the wrong reasons. Former 2019 first-round cornerback DeAndre Baker turned himself into the Miramar Police Department today. A warrant for Baker’s arrest was issued after DeAndre was accused of committing heinous crimes. Baker was accused of committing four counts of armed robbery and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

The media (myself included) was quick to assume Baker to be guilty. The accusations were extreme and the warrant out for his arrest did not look promising. Not to mention the “red flags” regarding Baker’s character. But, today, the news seems a little more positive for the former Georgia Bulldog.

Baker’s Lawyer Speaks Out

After surrendering to the Miramar Police Department at around 9:30 a.m., Baker’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, made a statement regarding the potential innocence of DeAndre:

“We will be presenting the trove of evidence we have obtained over the past 3 days to the judge at the right time. Seven affidavits exonerating my client and video evidence.” – Bradford Cohen on Instagram

According to the NY Post, “Under Fla. law, if Baker is found guilty of holding a semi-automatic weapon, he could face a mandatory minimum of 15 years for each of the 4 armed robbery charges.”

Now, Giants fans will have to play the waiting game. The hope is that these accusations are false, as they are disgusting actions for anyone to commit. Hopefully, Mr. Cohen is telling the truth and there is indeed evidence to exonerate DeAndre Baker. Not only is it important for the Giants’ defense to have DeAndre Baker, but it is more important for such terrible crimes to not have been committed.

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