New York Giants: Dave Gettleman details one frustrating aspect about Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants have a tumultuous road ahead toward relevancy, mainly due to the fact that they are still in the middle of a full roster rebuild. Aside from the players, they turned over the entire coaching staff this off-season, so there are a lot of unproven commodities in place.

New head coach Joe Judge is in his first gig as a lead dog, and Jason Garrett is where he started at offensive coordinator. A lot of work must be done before success is in the immediate future, but they are on the right path with a foundation built out of youth, and several veterans sprinkled across the roster.

However, a lot of the team’s potential lies on the back of sophomore quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones had a successful rookie campaign, throwing 24 touchdowns and 3,027 yards with a band of misfits toys representing his weapons.

Can the New York Giants trust Daniel Jones with his ball security?

While Jones did show optimism in multiple categories, he did struggle in one, fumbles. General manager Dave Gettleman referenced his fumbles as a major concern last season, but he has worked tirelessly to improve that part of his game. In last week’s intrasquad scrimmage, pass rusher Lorenzo Carter popped the ball free from Jones on a would-be sack, who showed little awareness in the pocket. That has been his kryptonite since day one

“I’m comfortable and confident with [Jones] right now,” Gettleman said. “The only thing that was a little frustrating last year were the turnovers, the fumbles. He had a solid rookie year. He did things that no other rookie quarterback has ever done. For some reason, I just feel like the fumbles have overshadowed all of that stuff.”

Gettleman is right, 18 fumbles and losing 11 of them would overshadow any player. It was an insane number to consider and dampened his production significantly. Adding 9 pounds of healthy muscle mass this off-season and working tirelessly on gripping the ball with two hands should help him in the long run, and even cutting his fumbles back by half would be a great sign.