New York Giants: Daniel Jones is Already the Best QB in New York

New York Giants, Daniel Jones
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New York Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones has performed above all expectations through his first eight career starts. His numbers are relatively strong up to this point in the season. He leads all rookies with 15 passing touchdowns and has a modest 88.0 passer rating. But he has also struggled mightily. His 9 lost fumbles are the most of any player in the NFL. He has thrown 8 interceptions, tied for the tenth-most in the NFL. There have been many ups and downs for Jones thus far, but one thing that can be said with certainty is that he is the best QB in New York, already.

Why Daniel Jones is Already the Best QB in New York:

The struggles of Sam Darnold and Josh Allen

New York is home to two NFL franchises besides the Giants, both of which have young quarterbacks. The New York Jets have second-year player Sam Darnold under center, while the Buffalo Bills boast Josh Allen, also a second-year signal-caller. Neither of them has performed as well as Jones this season.

Darnold’s struggles

In seven games this year, Darnold has been rather underwhelming. He has recorded 1,600 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, a 63.2% completion percentage, and thrown 10 interceptions. Those numbers equal an 81.1 passer rating, one of the worst in the NFL. For the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 draft, it is safe to say Darnold has underperformed. But it dates back to last year as well.

During his rookie campaign, Darnold accounted for just 2,865 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, and a 57.7% completion percentage. He also threw 15 interceptions, giving him a miserable 77.6 passer rating. There were few signs of greatness last year for Darnold, and things have only improved slightly during his second season at the helm of an NFL team.

Allen’s struggles

Like Darnold, Josh Allen is currently playing in his second NFL season. His numbers make it clear he is still learning the game. He has compiled 2,175 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, completed 60.3% of his passes, and thrown only seven interceptions. His passer rating is just 85.4 though, slightly below the league average of 91.5. His struggles, like Darnold, extend back to his rookie year as well.

In 12 games started in 2018, Allen posted 2,074 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, completed 52.8% of his passes, while throwing 12 interceptions as well. He had a 67.9 passer rating, one of the worst in the NFL last year. While he has made strides this season, none of them have been large enough to make him be better than the newest QB on the block: Daniel Jones.

Jones’ success

Through eight games this season, Daniel Jones has thrown for 1,984 yards, 15 touchdowns, completed 63.0% of his passes, and turned the ball over a whopping 17 total times. The turnovers have not taken over his rookie campaign though. His 88.0 passer rating is nothing to brag about, but still significantly better than the rookie ratings of Darnold and Allen.

Jones has been the best QB in New York not only this season, but he will be for years to come as well. He has already shown signs of being one of the better players in the game five years down the road. The Giants have a bright young star under center for them, something the Jets and Bills are uncertain if they have.