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New York Giants: Daniel Jones can be the week one starter

by Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Daniel Jones

There was something different about the New York Giants week three preseason victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones played against their first-string defense, and he looked fantastic under center for the third consecutive game.

Jones finished the night 9/11 with 141 yards passing and what should’ve been touchdown to Darius Slayton. Jones once again showed off his impressive footwork in the pocket. At one point, he was knocked down completely and almost looked concussed, but he stood right back up and threw a dart to the center of the field to Brittan Golden. The pass was in a perfect spot, only where Golden could corral the ball.

On the very next play, Bengals defensive end Carl Lawson demolished Jones in the pocket on a sack, fumble. The rookie passer responded with ease, tossing a beautiful pass to the 2-yard line where Slayton snagged the ball, falling just short of the goal-line.

Was New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman, right?

General manager Dave Gettleman continues to look like the smartest guy in the room. Jones was an extremely confusing draft pick, as he came from a smaller school that didn’t face-off against quality opponents on a regular basis. The Duke product, however, clearly has the tangible and intangible skills to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He will undoubtedly sit behind Eli Manning for his rookie season in an attempt to develop and refine his preparation.

What we’ve seen from Jones this far in the preseason has been nothing short of miraculous. His smooth throwing motion and calmness in the pocket is exactly what you want to see from a player that has a year to grow and find himself in the driver’s seat for a historic franchise.

Daniel seems to have the quality and mental ability to play from week one and beyond over Manning, but he can only improve from here. Ensuring he remains healthy and in the mentality to learn should be the priority for the Giants. He is clearly gained a lot of influential knowledge from Manning in just one off-season, we can only imagine the depth of wisdom he will acquire throughout the course of the regular season.

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