New York Giants: Daniel Jones benefits from new rules, says Tom Brady

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has picked up a reputation as a rushing QB that even Tom Brady has noticed.

The topic came up when Brady was discussing the current league rules on his SiriusXM podcast, “Let’s Go!” He compared the new generation of QBs to his own, and pointed out how much easier it is to run the ball as a quarterback these days.

“I think so many quarterbacks, they run through the middle of the defense, and they just probably know that, in essence, they’re not going to get hurt,” Brady said.

As a player from a different time, the trend is ‘crazy’ to Brady. That’s a pretty reasonable take, of course. Back when Brady came into the league, running into the middle of the defense as a QB was a recipe to get rocked by whatever linebacker or safety was in the area.

These days, the NFL is more careful about protecting their star offensive talents and it shows. It’s not just hyper-mobile QBs like Lamar Jackson that run the ball, but even others who aren’t the same kind of athlete; Daniel Jones included.

“I see Carson Wentz do it all the time. I see Daniel Jones do it all the time. And I’m in my mind, I’m thinking it’s crazy. The defensive players are running, and they all jump out of the way of the quarterback,” Brady continued.

Daniel Jones and rushing the ball

The Giants are still trying to find the right balance when it comes to Daniel Jones and his running ability.

Obviously, like Brady said, things are easier on rushing quarterbacks these days. A player like Jones might have been forced to play more as a pocket passer 15 years ago, but the current landscape of the NFL very much suits Jones’ abilities.

That’s also one of the reasons the Giants drafted Jones. One of the pre-draft narratives was that Eli Manning was too immobile, and that the Giants needed a QB who could escape when the offensive line didn’t provide enough time.

On the other hand, rushing still has its risks and has to be done the right way.

Giants fans found that out the hard way when Daniel Jones went for a touchdown against Dallas while leading with his helmet, and ended up with a concussion.

It’s clear that Jones is a competitor, willing to take risks to win games. It’s also clear the Giants can’t afford injuries to one of the centerpieces of their offense.

Jones will keep rushing this season, of course. He’s over the concussion, and the team needs his skills in this area. But we can be sure the coaching staff will continue tweaking their game plans in this area, looking for the right balance between competing and keeping Jones safe.

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