New York Giants: Alex Tanney Confident Going Into Position Battle With Lauletta

New York Giants, Eli Manning

It looks like the New York Giants are going to have a quarterback competition or two this season – but not at the number one spot. Rather, the battle this year is going to be between multiple backup quarterbacks trying to play behind Eli Manning and secure a spot on the roster for the season coming up.

Those quarterbacks include the rookie Daniel Jones, last season’s rookie Kyle Lauletta, and veteran Alex Tanney, who is often forgotten and not included in conversations about the position, as well as Syracuse rookie and multi position player Eric Dungey, who may or may not even enter the competition as a quarterback.

Despite being forgotten by many, however, Tanney isn’t panicking at the new competition being introduced this season. “The role of a backup quarterback is being as prepared, if not more prepared, than the guy who’s playing, never knowing if you’re going to play. I feel like I’ve gotten into good habits and a routine of studying and preparing and putting in the work like I’m going to play. You always have to be ready,” Tanney said to the Pantagraph.

“I feel like we have a great room. Obviously, Eli has so much knowledge and experience and has had so much success. Daniel has been a great addition to the room. I think we do a good job of competing and pushing each other to help our team win,” Tanney continued. “I’m excited for what we have going on in the building here [with the Giants].”

It’s not surprising that Tanney is confident even with Jones being brought in as another quarterback in the backup rotation. Both Lauletta and Davis Webb have been on the roster at the same time as Tanney and yet Tanney has still remained on the roster despite both players being higher rated in the eyes of the media. And depending on how things play out, Tanney could also outlast Lauletta after a poor showing from last year’s draft pick.

The number one spot has already been decided and Eli Manning is going to be the starter. But beyond that? The competition at quarterback is one of the most competitive on the roster right now.