New York Giants: Why keeping Alex Tanney on the roster make zero sense

New York Giants, Alex Tanney

The New York Giants cut the roster down to 53-men on Saturday afternoon, and some of the decisions made were confusing, as they usually are. Releasing WR T.J. Jones after a stellar preseason performance was one head-shaking move, but the third quarterback spot was where most questioned the outcome.

General manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur elected to drop second-year passer Kyle Lauletta, who showed flashes of quality behind Eli Manning and Daniel Jones this preseason, in favor of Alex Tanney, an NFL journeyman.

Why this move by the New York Giants makes little sense:

You could make the argument that the Giants don’t even need three quarterbacks, let alone two veterans and a rookie. Keeping Tanney essentially gives the Giants another seasoned voice in the locker room with experience, but shouldn’t they be confident that Eli Manning already provides that?

Jones seems to have most of the intangible traits down pat, but Tanney’s purpose is more of a water-boy, spoon-feeding Jones where he needs additional support. Lauletta would have been the better option only due to his better performance and potential to be Jones’ perennial backup.

Similar to Ryan Nassib over the years for Manning, Lauletta could have played a similar role, and his 453-yards and four scores should have justified that. Additionally, it’s hard to believe that Jones will act as the No. 3 passer behind Tanney this season in case of injury or other scenarios.

Realistically, the Giants don’t need any more than two quarterbacks on the roster. Could it be the familiarity Tanney has with the system? Personally, that isn’t even a realistic factor to consider given the lack of talent he has in the first place. The Giants wouldn’t possibly be able to win any games with Tanney as the featured option. So, in conclusion, we can say, this move makes little to no sense, and Lauletta, unfortunately, saw the short end of the stick.

Eagles Pick Up Former New York Giants Quarterback After Roster Cuts

New York Giants, Kyle Lauletta

Will the New York Giants regret moving on from Kyle Lauletta? There’s some debate around the subject after, following an improved preseason, Lauletta was waived by the team after they failed to find a trade partner to get something in return for last season’s backup quarterback.

Lauletta will at the very least be another name on the list of wasted quarterbacks for the Giants alongside Davis Webb, after the team spend a mid round draft pick on Lauletta last year only to move on from him completely the very next season after drafting Daniel Jones at number six overall.

So where is Lauletta going after being waived from the Giants?

It turns out that the Eagles, another team in the very same division, have picked Lauletta up – not on the main squad but on the practice squad for now.

That’s probably not where Lauletta was hoping to end up this offseason but it’s not the worst outcome in the world, either. Players have made it back from the practice squad to end up on the active roster with good play and rather than go out of the league entirely after a terrible first season, Lauletta has a chance here to do that.

Lauletta will leave the Giants only having played in one regular season game, replacing Eli Manning in the second half of a blowout of the Washington Redskins. In that game, Lauletta threw an interception and failed to complete a pass, and the statline would go down as his only one of the season as Lauletta failed to get into another regular season game since then.

Will Lauletta find more success with the Eagles? Possibly, possibly not. The Giants, however, have one less problem off their hands as they can finally move on from the Kyle Lauletta situation and focus on the development of their current backup, Daniel Jones.

New York Giants: A First Glance At The 53 Man Roster

The New York Giants trimmed their roster down from 90 players to 53 players on Saturday, August 31st. It is also important to note that 31 other teams also let go of 47 players.

This could cause some shuffling on the back end of the roster throughout the next week. For now, it’s time to take a look at the initial 53 man roster:


•Eli Manning

•Daniel Jones

•Alex Tanney

Running Backs:

•Saquon Barkley

•Wayne Gallman

•Paul Perkins

•Elijah Penny

Tight Ends:

•Evan Engram

•Rhett Ellison

•Garrett Dickerson

Wide Receivers:

•Sterling Shepard

•Cody Latimer

•Bennie Fowler

•Russell Shepard

•Darius Slayton

•Alonzo Russell

Offensive Line:

•Nate Solder

•Will Hernandez

•Jon Halapio

•Kevin Zeitler

•Mike Remmers

•Chad Slade

•Brian Mihalik

•Spencer Pulley

•Nick Gates

Defensive Line:

•Dalvin Tomlinson

•BJ Hill

•Dexter Lawrence

•RJ McIntosh

•Olsen Pierre


•Lorenzo Carter

•Alec Ogletree

•Tae Davis

•Ryan Connelly

•BJ Goodson

•Nate Stupar

•Markus Golden

•Oshane Ximines

•Kareem Martin

Defensive Backs:

•Janoris Jenkins

•DeAndre Baker

•Corey Ballentine

•Grant Haley

•Julian Love

•Antonio Hamilton

•Sam Beal

•Jabrill Peppers

•Michael Thomas

•Antoine Bethea

•Sean Chandler

Special Teams:

•Aldrick Rosas

•Riley Dixon

•Zak DeOssie

Roster Construction:

3 Running Backs:

Elijah Penny could operate as the emergency 4th running back. Running back is Penny’s original position, making an extra roster spot available elsewhere on the depth chart. Keeping 1 less running back is also easier when the team possesses one of the best and youngest running backs in the league.

3 Quarterbacks:

This isn’t unusual but it’s worth noting the team’s decision to release their recent draft pick in Kyle Lauletta in favor of Alex Tanney, a career backup. This means the team didn’t expect much from Lauletta, to begin with, but they might attempt to stash him on the practice squad if he clears waivers.

5 Inside Linebackers:

This would be unheard of before James Bettcher arrived in 2018 but his 3-4 defense requires more inside linebackers than the previous 4-3 defense. Keeping 4 of them would be more typical but the team has a weakness at this position, making players like BJ Goodson and Nate Stupar hard to send packing. The team is approaching this situation with a “strength in numbers” philosophy.

5 Defensive Lineman:

This is a light unit, not even having a backup for each position on the field. The team either plans on claiming a defensive lineman in the next week or it means they feel all 5 they kept are proficient, leading to less of a need for depth. The team released John Jenkins who many thought was shining in the preseason so they might actually plan on rolling with 5 defensive linemen. This unit should be one of the strengths of the team in 2019.

11 Defensive Backs:

This is a rather large group of defensive backs but this was also one of the stronger units on the team. The only player who arguably sticks out as a potential cut-candidate is Sean Chandler. He’s currently the 5th safety and could be the first to go if the team files a claim for another player.

Other notable players to make the team are Antonio Hamilton and Sam Beal. Hamilton has bounced around a little bit but put together a solid preseason. Sam Beal was kept for his pricetag alone, he rarely participated in practice but the team used a 3rd round pick on him in the Supplemental Draft. Once this young unit gets their sea legs they’ll be one of the stronger units on this roster as well.

Feel-Good Stories:

Alonzo Russell was in the Giants camp last year and was ultimately released when it came time to close camp. This year he came back much improved and dominated in preseason games, creating separation deep down the field more often than not. He also caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Kyle Lauletta to close out the team’s undefeated preseason against the Patriots. He also proved himself as a blocker and even a tackler when needed. His hard work paid off as he made the initial 53 man roster this time.

Paul Perkins missed the entire 2018 season with a pectoral issue. With Saquon Barkley taking the league by storm throughout the season Paul Perkins seemed like a forgotten man. Perkins made the best of his situation, winning over a new coaching staff in the classroom and ultimately earning himself a second chance to make the team. He wasn’t the best reserve ball-carrier this summer but he proved his worth as a reserve pass-catching back.

Final Thoughts:

Overall the offensive unit actually appears to be in decent shape, pending which version of Eli Manning shows up in 2019. The offensive line looks much improved, the pass-catching units are less top-heavy. The running backs look good even behind Saquon Barkley. This will truly be the year Eli can’t have any excuses.

On defense, this team contains adequate talent but there will be young players on the field. Dexter Lawrence and DeAndre Baker will be starters as rookies and Julian Love will get some playing time at safety as a rookie. The entire cornerback unit is very young outside of Janoris Jenkins, rookie mistakes should be expected.

With each team being nearly chopped in half yesterday you can expect some transactions with almost every team including the New York Giants. They’ve figured out the bulk of who they’re keeping but they might tinker with the roster a little more as they get ready to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys on September 8th.

New York Giants: Did Kyle Lauletta Save His Job Against Patriots?

Kyle Lauletta had some good looking moments in the final preseason game for the New York Giants – the quarterback found himself on the outside looking in with the quarterback rotation after the team made the decision to draft Daniel Jones at number six overall, only a year after they took Lauletta as a mid round pick in 2018, but hasn’t been eliminated completely from the hunt for a roster spot even with Jones and Alex Tanney looking like the team’s preferred options for their backup positions this year.

How does this most recent preseason game, the final one of the season, affect things for Lauletta?

Well, considering the extended playing time that the fourth stringer received compared to Alex Tanney and Daniel Jones, with Eli Manning not playing at all in this game, there’s a few options.

The first is that the Giants are interested in giving Lauletta another shot even after a first season which was thoroughly unimpressive, with Lauletta getting into trouble for dangerous driving off the field and not completing a single pass when given some playing time in the regular season during the late part of a blowout game.

But with the team placing Tanney and Jones higher in the rotation, it doesn’t seem that’s the most likely option. Keeping four quarterbacks on the team isn’t sustainable. One of them is going to leave, and it’s not going to be Manning or Jones, leaving Tanney and Lauletta as possible trades or cuts.

The alternative explanation is that the team is looking to shop Lauletta to other teams for a trade – there were plenty of talks about a trade earlier in the year but the Giants never found a partner and such a deal never happened. Could the good throws, extended playing time, and game winning touchdown against the Patriots change that up?

Maybe. Lauletta doesn’t have a good track record this year. But while it’s impossible to give a final verdict at this point, it’s safe to say that the preseason performance might be enough to keep the player in the league, especially as Lauletta is only in his second year and has room to grow.

Will that come in the form of a trade, though? The answer isn’t a definitive one – it seems unlikely, but with the Giants still seemingly shopping the player, only time can tell.

New York Giants: A Different Quarterback Competition Is Forming

New York Giants, Alex Tanney, Daniel Jones

When fans discuss the potential quarterback competition for the New York Giants, they are typically referring to the starting quarterback job and whether or not it should still be Eli Manning’s or be given to the rookie Daniel Jones.

Little do they know, this is not the real quarterback competition being played out right now. Eli Manning’s job as the starting quarterback is safe. Pat Shurmur has urged the press to “slow their roll” and remind them that Eli Manning is this season’s starting quarterback.

But behind Manning and Jones, there are two other quarterbacks on the roster. Alex Tanney and Kyle Lauletta are involved in the Giants’ real quarterback competition. It is highly unlikely that the Giants will keep four quarterbacks on their roster, so one has to go. But who will go and who will stay?

Both Quarterbacks Looked Great In Preseason Week One

Daniel Jones stole the show with an impressive outing in preseason week one. His NFL debut was as strong as it possibly could have been as he finished the game 5/5 passing with 67 yards and 1 touchdown to top it off.

It was a strong showing from the rookie signal-caller, but a small sample size. Alex Tanney received the most playing time at quarterback and he too was impressive. Tanney threw a team-high 19 passes and completed 14 of them for 190 yards and 1 touchdown.

Tanney looked like a solid backup option if worst comes to absolute worst and the Giants are forced to play their third-string quarterback. But the fourth quarterback on their roster did not look too shabby himself.

Kyle Lauletta received more playing time than Daniel Jones, but less than Alex Tanney. Lauletta attempted 12 passes against the Jets and completed 9 of them. He gained 116 yards and scored 1 touchdown.

Both potential backup quarterbacks completed over 70% of their passes and topped 100 yards with 0 turnovers. It was a great showing for both Tanney and Lauletta. This will not make the Giants’ impending decision any easier.

Trade Value

Alex Tanney provides little to know trade value. The 31 year-old veteran backup has not played in an NFL game since 2015. But Tanney has been providing a veteran prescence in locker rooms for years now.

This quality has been important to the Giants over the past year. Alex Tanney signed with New York last offseason and did not see any playing time but did add another veteran leader to the locker room. Tanney signed a contract extension this offseason to continue playing his part.

Not many teams are lining up to trade for a 31 year-old quarterback with 1 career regular season game under his belt. But teams might look to trade for a second-year quarterback on a rookie contract with high-end backup potential.

Kyle Lauletta might not have starter potential, but he has the potential to be a long-term backup for a team. He is only 24 years-old and was a fourth-round draft pick just last offseason. Teams see Lauletta’s potential and might consider trading for him this offseason.

The Giants most likely would not get back the fourth-round pick that they invested in Lauletta. But getting something for Kyle Lauletta is certainly better than getting nothing. The Giants could look to trade Kyle Lauletta for a late-round draft pick.

New York Giants: Why It Will Be Hard To Trade Kyle Lauletta

It doesn’t look like Kyle Lauletta has a future with the New York Giants.

The team took the former Richmond Spiders quarterback in the fourth round in the 2018 NFL Draft and fans quickly had high hopes for the new player – it would take time for him to develop, but Lauletta had shown promise at Richmond and many saw him as, at the least, a project player the Giants could work on while keeping Eli Manning as the starter, in the same way that Daniel Jones is currently learning from Manning.

But it didn’t even take a full season for Lauletta to end up with a very rough start to his career, making the headlines during the season not for his play on the field but for a dangerous driving arrest when he was a backup. When he finally did make it onto the field for the regular season, after the Giants pulled Eli Manning during a blowout game, Lauletta only managed five passes for no completions and an interception.

Not every quarterback has a good debut, but a passer rating of zero isn’t exactly average either.

Since then, Lauletta has mostly faded into the background with the team taking Daniel Jones at number six overall. When Jones left the game as the Giants made a switch at quarterback during the first preseason matchup, against the New York Jets, it was Alex Tanney and not Lauletta that ended up in the game. No one expected Lauletta to compete for the number one backup spot, but losing out to Tanney also doesn’t spell good things for Lauletta’s career prospects if the Giants want to go into the regular season with three quarterbacks.

However, saying that the team is likely to trade Lauletta rather than release him might be unrealistic.

With a career stat line of zero complete passes and one interception, Lauletta isn’t exactly the first player that most teams want to take on to fill their backup role.

While Lauletta did play well in the preseason opener for the Giants, there’s other players that represent less of a risk to any team thinking of trading for a quarterback, players that are more proven against better competition despite being out of a team. And one good preseason game isn’t enough of a track record for a team to trust a backup spot with Lauletta, a player who the Giants themselves weren’t satisfied with after only one season.

Does Lauletta have a future in the NFL? Maybe. Players have made comebacks from bad starts before.

But asking a team to give something up for Lauletta, a player who will likely end up a free agent at some time in the near future, might be a bit much.

It doesn’t look like Lauletta has a future with the team and as such teams can expect a chance to get him without giving up anything following a release. Instead of seeing a team give up assets for an unproven player with a bad track record, expect them to show some patience here and wait.

Can the New York Giants use Kyle Lauletta as trade bait?

New York Giants, Kyle Lauletta

Beyond Eli Manning and Daniel Jones for the New York Giants, the quarterback position is unresolved and unnecessary. The Giants don’t need either Alex Tanney nor Kyle Lauletta, making one of the two expendable.

Could the New York Giants trade one of the two backup passers?

The more likely scenario would include Kyle, simply because his youth can be utilized in a potential trade. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles have little quarterback depth and what the second-year Giant showed against the New York Jets in the first preseason game, was that he can operate an offense at a decent level, despite facing off against lesser talent.

Cody Kessler and Clayton Thorson, two backup quarterbacks for the Eagles, looked horrendous in their preseason debut. Kessler went 3-of-6 for 12 yards and Thorson went 2-of-9 for 7 yards and an interception.

Both Tanney and Lauletta for the Giants looks fantastic against the Jets. Alex put up an impressive stat line of 14 completions over 19 attempts for 190 yards, one touchdown, and a 122.7 passer rating. Kyle completed nine of 12 passes for 116 yards and one touchdown, with a passer rating of 132.6.

The younger of the two represents a valuable trade resource given his youth and ability to mold to a different offense. However, the Giants brass handled the progression of Lauletta poorly. When the season was theoretically over in 2018, they had the opportunity to play Lauletta the last two games of the season to gauge how successful he could be. They elected to keep him on the bench.

At the very least, Kyle could have gathered essential game film to help boost his value. The Giants could likely trade him for a 4-6th round pick. The Eagles seem to be a decent suitor for the second-year passer but trading within the division is usually a rarity.


New York Giants: Three Potential Veteran Cut Candidates

Training camp officially begins for the New York Giants on July 25th. The Giants will begin to put together their final roster as players will compete for positions.

Last offseason, many surprise cuts were made, such as fan-favorite cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The Giants are bound to surprise again this offseason. With multiple positions open for competition, a few veterans will be cut. Here are three likely cut candidates for the 2019 NFL offseason:

Kyle Lauletta:

While Kyle Lauletta might not technically be a “veteran,” he is still a serious potential cut candidate. The Giants have four quarterbacks on their roster currently, and it is hard to believe they will keep more than three. Kyle Lauletta is not likely to be one of the three.

The Giants’ starting quarterback is still Eli Manning. Behind him is the heir apparent rookie Daniel Jones. Then, finally, we have the positional battle between Alex Tanney and Kyle Lauletta. Unfortunately for Lauletta, Tanney is the more likely quarterback for the Giants to keep.

Lauletta was drafted by the team in the 4th round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He was a dark horse to become the Giants’ next franchise quarterback but failed to live up to the hype during his limited playing time in 2018. The Giants have always been fond of veteran leadership from the backup quarterback position, and Alex Tanney provides just that.

Tanney might not have a bright future or an impressive career stat line but does provide veteran leadership. Alex Tanney earned himself a contract extension with the Giants and it is unlikely that they would have extended him if they did not plan on keeping him through the summer. So, unfortunately, that means that the sophomore Kyle Lauletta will likely be moved out of New York.

Cody Latimer:

Cody Latimer missed 10 games last season due to injury. The receiver flashed strong potential when he was on the field, but he was rarely ever able to suit up. The Giants’ receiving corps has its two primary receivers set, but there seems to be a positional battle brewing for the third receiver position.

Cody Latimer is likely the Giants’ leading candidate to win this position, however, he has some serious competition. Corey Coleman is a young, speedy receiver that the Giants picked up last season. Coleman is a former 1st-round pick who never reached his potential, but it is not too late for him to evolve into a solid receiving threat.

If Corey Coleman can take a leap and show major improvements during 2019’s training camp, then Cody Latimer’s value on this team takes a significant hit. Additionally, the Giants can save a little over $1,000,000 in cap space by cutting Latimer. If the Giants get pressed for cap space, Cody Latimer could be another cap casualty.

Janoris Jenkins:

This is the least likely of the three cut candidates, however, it is a possible surprise. The Giants drafted three cornerbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft (four if you count Sam Beal). Janoris Jenkins is currently being pegged into a veteran-teacher role, but that could change.

Julian Love, DeAndre Baker, Sam Beal, and Corey Ballentine are all talented young cornerbacks who could take Janoris Jenkins’s spot if the Giants feel the need to save some cap space. Janoris Jenkins had a down year in 2018 and has a huge contract to live up to.

Janoris Jenkins has a cap hit of $14,750,000 in 2019. New York can free up $7,750,000 if they cut him this year. He would also account for only $3,500,000 in dead cap space next year if they decide to cut him.

Being that Janoris is 30 years old, it would not be too outlandish for the Giants to move on from the aging vet. If New York decides that they need to free up cap space, Janoris Jenkins might become a cap casualty.

New York Giants: 3 surprise veteran cuts this offseason

New York Giants, Cody Latimer

As we wind down towards training camp and begin the process of cutting the roster down to 53-men for the New York Giants, it’s time to begin speculating and exercising our right to talk about things that haven’t even happened yet.

The reality is, some difficult decisions will need to be made and could be confusing, but it all comes down to value at a specific position and ensuring necessary depth is spread out across the roster. From the quarterbacks to safeties, it’s necessary to expect injuries and have backup options available just in case, especially at positions of weakness.

New York Giants: 3 veterans that could be cut

1.) WR – Cody Latimer

Latimer is coming off an injury that saw him miss a significant portion of the 2018 season. However, he flashed potential when he was on the field. With three players competing for the No. 3 spot, it’s fair to say that not all are necessarily locked into a roster spot.

If Corey Coleman proves to elevate his game and play at a high level this offseason, Latimer could be a cut candidate. His $1.4MM cap-hit this season could be saved and allocated towards another position of need. Again, this is only if he loses out to Coleman in the position battle.

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2.) QB – Kyle Lauletta

After one season of development, Lauletta is still nowhere near ready to take on a starting role in the NFL. Drafting Daniel Jones certainly doesn’t help in his case for a roster spot either.

The Giants might be better off cutting him and signing him to the practice squad for the time being. They will likely elect to keep Alex Tanney given his experience practicing at the professional level – he’s better suited to fill in if need be, and he’s looked quite good this summer.

While giving Kyle a fair chance at the job is necessary, Jones ultimately puts him in the backburners.

3.) TE – Rhett Ellison

Ellison will implement a $5.75 million cap hit this season with $2.5 million in dead cap. His skill-set is best utilized in the run game, where he can help at the line of scrimmage. The Giants upgraded their offensive line further to make his job redundant to a degree.

Additionally, they resigned Scott Simonson for a year, a capable blocker, and signed undrafted free agent CJ Conrad who has proven his worth so far this summer. He has the potential to be a solid performer and put Ellison’s job in jeopardy. Having four quality tight ends doesn’t fit the 53-man roster build whatsoever. Clearing up a roster spot here and saving some money could go a long way towards solidifying another spot on the team.





What Should The New York Giants Do With Kyle Lauletta?

The New York Giants currently have four quarterbacks on their roster. Training camp takes place at the end of July and there will be a position battle between the Giants’ quarterbacks. Except, the competition is not for the starting job.

The Giants have committed to Eli Manning as their starting quarterback for the 2019 NFL season. Behind Eli is rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones is going to spend the season learning behind Manning and preparing to take over in the near future.

Behind Manning and Jones are two quarterbacks who are going to compete for the third-string quarterback job. Alex Tanney recently signed an extension with New York, so he might get the job. However, the Giants also have Kyle Lauletta.

Kyle Lauletta Fits The Rebuilding Model

Kyle Lauletta was drafted by the New York Giants in the 4th round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He saw barely any playing time in his rookie season, despite fans being pretty high on him.

Now heading into his sophomore season, the question is not when Giants fans will get to see him play, rather, it is whether or not he will still be with the Giants. It is highly unlikely the Giants keep four quarterbacks on their roster in the regular season. So who will be the third quarterback on the roster? Kyle Lauletta or Alex Tanney?

Kyle Lauletta’s youth could be a major advantage in this positional battle. The Giants are in a full rebuild. They traded away star players, such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon, and they drafted a quarterback with the 6th pick in the NFL Draft.

Being only one year into his career, Kyle Lauletta is only 24 years old. Alex Tanney is 31 years old. Tanney provides valuable veteran, backup experience. This experience could be beneficial to the quarterback room as Tanney could provide the heir apparent Daniel Jones with helpful advice.

However, Eli Manning already provides veteran leadership and experience. Is it necessary to keep two veterans on this rebuilding roster? Kyle Lauletta might not ever get a chance to be the starter in New York. However, he could be a career backup for the Giants, and as the team shifts to a more youthful approach, Lauletta might be the perfect match.

Daniel Jones is a year or two away from becoming the next franchise quarterback. At that point in his career, will he really need an older, veteran quarterback to mentor him? Would Alex Tanney even still be in the NFL? At 31 years old, it is possible that Tanney retires relatively soon.

Kyle Lauletta young and has tons of untapped potential. If the Giants decide to go with a youthful approach, Lauletta could stick around and backup Daniel Jones for a long time. Lauletta could stick around a lot longer than Tanney could stick around for.

Kyle Lauletta Stats And Highlights

The Giants drafted Kyle Lauletta in the 4th round of the 2018 NFL Draft, 108th overall. He stands in at 6 feet 3 inches, 215 pounds. Lauletta won Senior Bowl MVP last year, prompting Big Blue to take him in the draft.

Lauletta was a solid signal-caller during his collegiate years at Richmond. In his senior season, Lauletta threw for 3,737 yards and 28 touchdowns, with only 12 interceptions. He also added some mobility, rushing for 90 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Kyle Lauletta was really impressive in college. However, he had some flaws as a prospect. Kyle was a raw prospect who was noted to need work on the small things: footwork drops from under center, taking snaps from under center, improving arm strength and sensing pressure in the pocket.

These issues showed up in Kyle Lauletta’s only playing time in the 2018 season. Kyle got some snaps during the Giants’ Week 14 blowout win against the Washington Redskins. They, unfortunately, did not go well for Lauletta. The rookie was not ready for NFL action as he threw five passes, all incomplete, with one interception.

Kyle Lauletta had plenty of talent coming out of college. He has yet to live up to that talent, but he has not had many opportunities. The Giants could hold on to Kyle Lauletta and develop him into a backup for Daniel Jones.