New York Giants: A New Rumor Regarding The Giants’ Quarterback Position

Anthony Rivardo
November 11, 2018; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) drops back to pass against the Los Angeles Rams during the second half at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

From now until the end of the NFL Draft, Giants fans will hear rumors daily. Some are more realistic than others. But many of these rumors will be surrounding one position. The quarterback position.

Will the Giants move on from Eli Manning? Will they draft his successor? Are they willing to trade up to draft his successor? Are they willing to trade picks for a veteran?

This long list of questions is what the Giants will need to answer this offseason. It is also where all of the rumors come from.

The Russell Wilson to the New York Giants rumor

The latest rumor, of course, is about the quarterback position. This rumor, unlike others, is unrelated to the NFL Draft. This particular rumor, if true, could turn the Giants into Super Bowl contenders with a top-5 quarterback in the NFL on their roster.

On Wednesday, February 20, Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports claimed to have heard a rumor behind-the-scenes in the “agency world.” The rumor is that Seattle Seahawks’ franchise quarterback Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle and his preferred destination is the New York Giants.

Here is the official video of Cowherd discussing his rumor on his show:

Reading that, Giants fans everywhere are screaming like little girls. But reading that it is a “rumor” from Colin Cowherd and what he heard in the “agency world” leaves this rumor to feel unbelievable. This is not the most credible source. Cowherd is no Ian Rapoport. Additionally, Cowherd’s reasons for why the trade makes sense do not make sense to some people.

Here is one fan’s reaction to Cowherd’s rumor:

Breaking Down Cowherd’s Five Reasons:

One of Cowherd’s reasons that most of us can agree with is the Giants’ need to replace Eli Manning with a star quarterback. Nobody wants to see mediocrity at the quarterback position in Big Blue. The Giants would love to have a proven superstar like Russell Wilson succeed Eli Manning.

For those of you who are not familiar, Ciara is Russell Wilson’s wife. She is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. The reason Cowherd believes Ciara prefers New York is the marketability. It is the same reason everyone thinks Kevin Durant wants to go to the Knicks. Playing in the New York media is good for your career and leads to plenty of extra opportunities.

In rainy Seattle, there is not nearly as much marketability. There are not many fashion shows taking place in Seattle like there are in New York. Plus, Ciara would probably love to perform in Madison Square Garden.

In terms of football, Russell Wilson is now 30 years old and on the final year of his contract. His next contract will be a big one, to say the least. The question for Russell is wether or not he wants to commit to playing Seattle for the rest of his career.

Seattle has been declining in talent recently. They moved on from star running back Marshawn Lynch two seasons ago. On top of that, their defense has been losing multiple key pieces. Seattle let all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman walk in free agency last year, premier safety Kam Chancellor retired in 2018, and all signs point to superstar safety Earl Thomas leaving this offseason.

The Seahawks are on the verge of a rebuild. The Giants are currently in a rebuild and trying to make their way out of it. Wilson would be the key piece to the Giants’ rebuild if they acquired him.

At the start of the rebuild last offseason, the Giants signed Pat Shurmur to be their head coach. Shurmur lead an explosive Minnesota Vikings offense to the NFC Championship game in 2017. He is a great offensive coach who would love to have someone with Russell Wilson’s talent in his offensive system.

Wilson has not had a great offensive coach in years. His head coach, Pete Carroll is a defensive minded coach. Many fans and analysts attribute the Seahawks’ loss in the 2018 playoffs to the team’s offensive coordinator. He was too insistent on running the ball and did not give Russell Wilson enough opportunities to take control of the game. Pat Shurmur would not make that mistake as an offensive minded coach who knows how to get the most talent out of his players.

Russell Wilson Highlights And Statistics:

Russell Wilson needs no introduction. Every NFL fan knows who he is and what he is capable of. The man is a Super Bowl champion and possibly a Hall of Fame player when it’s all said and done.

Nevertheless, it is good to see what kind of numbers a quarterback is putting up when your team is rumored to be considering trading for him. Especially when the price tag is likely multiple first round picks.

In 2018, Russell Wilson posted 35 passing touchdowns to only 7 interceptions. That is an incredible 5 to 1 ratio. According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson was the 6th best quarterback in the NFL in 2018 with an 89.2 overall grade. He also picked up 3,448 yards through the air and 376 yards on the ground. He did all of this with one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines.

Russell was sacked a ridiculous 51 times in 2018. However, that did not hold back Wilson at all. He is a dual-threat quarterback with the ability to make throws under pressure. This trait would be the one to take the Giants to the next level, considering their talented group of skill players but lack of talent on the offensive line.

At only 30 years old, Russell Wilson is likely set to play in the NFL for at least another 5-8 years. Giants fans should be hoping and praying that those final seasons of Wilson’s career take place in a Giants uniform.