New York Giants: 4 undrafted wide receivers gearing up to fight for roster spot

New York Giants

4.) Cody White

The Giants signed UDFA Cody White of Michigan State on Saturday. White posted 922 yards and six touchdowns over 13 games last season. He was originally signed by the Chiefs as a UDFA, and with three players opting out for the Giants, and opened up a roster spot for him.

At 6-foot-3 and 217 pounds, White plays more of a possession receiver role than a speedy and elusive one. His 4.66 40 yard dash was not impressive, and his athleticism does not open any eyes. However, he is a solid route runner with smooth brakes, he just lacks the agility and quickness to be an elite threat at the NFL level.

Nonetheless, his 12 career touchdowns over 26 starts is a solid number, and something the Giants undoubtedly looked at when they decided to bring him in for training camp.

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