New York Giants: Positions To Keep An Eye On With Cuts Around The Corner

New York Giants

The New York Giants will set their fifty-three man roster in a week from today. Over this next week, the team will be determining who will stay and who will go. The Giants do have a few positions of need, and they also have few positions of strength. Ahead of camp cuts, which positions are worth keeping a close eye on?

UDFA Wide Receivers

Behind Darius Slayton, Sterling Shepard, and Golden Tate, the Giants have a positional battle at the wide receiver position. Corey Coleman will be competing with a number of rookie wide receivers to win the fourth wide receiver position.

New York has four undrafted free agent wide receivers currently on the roster. Derrick Dillon, Binjimen Victor, Austin Mack, and Cody White were all signed by the Giants this offseason. They have all had their fair share of ups and downs in camp, but Victor and Mack have had a few more standout plays.

There are also two other receivers making their names known in camp: David Stills and Alex Bachman. Both players have impressed in practice and could earn themselves a spot on the final roster. For all of these wide receivers, this next week of practice is crucial.

New York Giants Work On Passing Game At Sunday Training Camp

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants wrapped up the third phase of their training camp practices on Sunday, and there’s some interesting developments from this. The latest update from the team site goes into some detail on what the team was working on, but some things stand out more than others.

Giants work on the passing game

For one, the Giants are working on multiple things that should help in the passing game. Ball security was a big problem for Daniel Jones during his rookie season. He was right up there with the league leaders in turnovers. It’s probably not a coincidence that the Giants focused on ball security on Sunday, specifically for their quarterbacks.

The quarterbacks have run a particular drill where they drop back to throw, and as they begin their throwing motion, members of the staff poke their torso with pads. It should help with ball security and pocket presence.

Also, there were some updates on the progress of the wide receivers. Binjimen Victor is one name to pay attention to in specific. Victor was a standout at Ohio State but the Giants were able to get him as an undrafted free agent. His early performance, though, might be good enough to make the roster and compete.

Victor had a couple of touchdowns during the practice. And on one of them, he beat out Corey Ballentine for the ball. Ballentine is in contention for the CB2 spot and had some playing time during the regular season last year, so it’s a pretty good accomplishment for Victor.

Aside from that, some of the more usual players were able to haul in touchdowns during 7-on-7s.

Golden Tate scored a touchdown of his own during team read zone drills. In an earlier period of practice, James Bradberry knocked away a pass intended for Sterling Shepard. Corey Coleman, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram also caught touchdowns during 7-on-7s.

The Giants might just have to depend on the passing game this season if they want to get ahead, as Daniel Jones is obviously one of their main players. Therefore, it’s good to see things are going well preparing the passing game for the season. One can only hope the good training camp performances translate into the regular season this year.

New York Giants: 4 undrafted wide receivers gearing up to fight for roster spot

New York Giants

Training camp for the New York Giants will be used to iron out multiple positions that don’t have an established player present. Most of the position battles will occur in secondary/reserve spots, like at CB2 and WR4.

With DeAndre Baker being placed in the Commissioner’s Exempt list and Sam Beal opting out of the 2020 season, the Giants brought in Ross Cockrell to compete for a starting spot. However, that shouldn’t take away from their youth options in Julian Love, Darnay Holmes, Chris Williamson, and more.

The final wide receiver spot on the roster is expected to go to Corey Coleman, who suffered an ACL tear during last year’s training camp. Coming off another significant injury, the Giants have added plenty of UDFA players to compete alongside Coleman. Ultimately, the final wide receiver spot also has to contribute on special teams, which makes kick returning an influential part of the pending position battle.

Here are four undrafted free agents the New York Giants will look to at WR4:

1.) Binjimen Victor

Victor started for the first time during his senior year in 2019. At 6-foot-4 and 198 pounds, he’s a bit undersized to be a power receiver, but he can utilize his lanky frame and wingspan to act as a security bank blanket on intermediate routes.

Having posted 573 yards and six touchdowns of the 12 games last year, Victor brings over decent production. While I don’t expect him to become a significant player on the Giants in year one, he could act as a solid back and option to supplement injuries. Surprisingly, he has great post-catch abilities and can make defenders miss in the open field.

New York Giants: Top Players/Positions To Monitor In Training Camp 2020

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

Football is back! The New York Giants officially reported to training camp on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. Veterans reported to training camp today as the team does its first wave of COVID-19 testing. This will be a crucial season for the Giants as they enter the year with a brand new coaching staff and a revamped roster.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no preseason this year, making training camp that much more important. Many of those players who standout in the preseason to earn their roster spots will not be afforded such an opportunity this year. Instead, the Giants’ new coaching staff will have to gauge their players’ talents in training camp alone.

With that being the case, who are the top players, or what are the top positions to watch during training camp in 2020?

You can check out the video version of this article below, or continue scrolling for the written version:

New York Giants: 3 undrafted rookies to keep an eye on this summer

New York Giants, Javon Leake

New York Giants had a fantastic NFL draft this year, but they landed several high upside players as undrafted free agents. Of course, we have been focusing on fourth overall pick Andrew Thomas and safety Xavier McKinney more than most, but diving into the unknown players that most overlook can sometimes be beneficial.

As we have seen in the past with players like Victor Cruz and even Ahmad Bradshaw being drafted in the seventh round, unexpected talent can emerge as productive players at the NFL level.

Here’s a look at three New York Giants undrafted free agents we should keep an eye on this summer:

1.) WR Binjimen Victor

We have covered Binjimen Victor extensively the past few months, as his size and frame give Daniel Jones a quality target in the intermediate passing game. At 6-foot-4 and 198 pounds, Victor closely resembles AJ Green in terms of size. If he can add a bit of strength off the line of scrimmage, he can increase his efficiency on contested footballs and experience better releases.

Victor also has the size to be a solid red-zone threat, earning six touchdowns over 12 games in 2019. While he didn’t start until his senior season with the Ohio State Buckeyes, his emergence gives the Giants some underrated talent that could compete for the fourth spot on the wide receiver corps. He will be looking to dislodge Corey Coleman for the final slot, and after his injury last year, there is a solid chance that you could push him off the roster altogether.

While I do think it will take some time for Victor to adapt to the physicality and speed of the NFL, he has the tangible traits to become a productive player for the Giants.

New York Giants: Can Binjimen Victor be the next Plaxico Burress?

New York Giants, Binjimen Victor

The New York Giants‘ offense needs a top tier receiver to bring the unit to the next level. Back in my day, Plaxico Burress was that guy. He was the go-to guy for all big-time plays. Sadly, all Giants’ fans know the downfall of Burress; he arguably cost the team another Super Bowl run in 2008.

This offseason, the Giants didn’t use any of their drafts picks on receivers, they focused on fixing the offensive line and the secondary. As all fans know, these are the two biggest concerns for the Giants. The offensive line has been bad for too long. However, the Giants added some depth to the receiver depth chart during the undrafted free agency period.

The Giants signed Binjimen Victor, a big body wideout who can be the next Burress. After watching his highlights, I realized he has the skillset and body frame, just like Burress. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

In his first three seasons at Ohio State, Victor never started a game. However, his senior year was a different story, he saw more snaps, and his production grew tremendously. In his senior season, Victor played in 12 games and recorded 573 yards and six touchdowns. This was a breakout season for him, he averaged 16.4 yards per reception. This is why I get goosebumps thinking about him because Victor and Burress are very similar in a lot of areas. In 2007, Burress averaged 14.6 yards per reception.

I think Binjimen Victor can be the next Plaxico Burress.

Standing at 6’4″ and 199 pounds, Victor is a big body receiver just like Burress, who was 6’5″. He may not be the fastest receiver on the field, but is capable of going over the top of defenders for a jump ball and can use his length to layout for overthrown passes. This could be what Daniel Jones needs, a big receiver who can make big-time plays deep downfield.

The Giants’ offense has great slot receivers, but they’re missing a deep threat like Victor. At the combine, he ran a 4.60 40 yard-dash. He has extremely long strides, very similar to Burress. I can see the Giants trying to bulk Victor up a little bit and get him around 215 pounds. I think it would be a huge factor in his game, and he could be a great blocking receiver too at that size.

Currently, Victor will have to battle to make one of the last spots on the team. If the Giants are smart, they sign him and work with him throughout 2020. However, if he doesn’t make the team, he can earn his way up from the practice squad. I can easily see him on the field this season if Engram doesn’t make the move to receiver.

The Giants’ offense will need a big body wideout to complement the slot receivers. For a guy his size, Victor is agile and can beat a cornerback out of his break. He can blow by defenders or just go over the top of them; this is what the Giants need.

His success depends on how he does in the summer training camp and preseason. The only problem for Victor is whether or not this will all go down. There has been an increase of NFL players testing positive for COVID-19. Hopefully, he gets a shot to prove himself.

New York Giants: Can Binjimen Victor and Austin Mack push for a roster spot?

New York Giants, Austin Mack

The New York Giants elected to pass on selecting a wide receiver in the 2020 NFL draft, despite there being a talented crop of players to choose from. Passing on all of the highly regarded prospects in favor of undrafted free agents Binjimen Victor and Austin Mack could prove to be a bit optimistic.

However, the Giants landed two intriguing players in Victor and Mack, both of whom are coming from Ohio state. Victor, who is a 6-foot-4 and 198-pound pass-catcher, utilizes his long and lanky frame to snag balls in the air. He is solid at making contested catches and can be a good red-zone threat at the NFL level. His issues primarily land in his strength and speed category. He’s not the fastest pass-catcher out there but uses his radius to supplement that weakness. In 2019, he posted 573 yards and six touchdowns over 12 games. He is far from being the focal point of an offense, but he has the potential to develop into a solid producer over a long term period.

I believe Victor will be more useful in the short to intermediate-range in the red zone. Allowing him to run mesh/slant routes and run endzone fades is how he can make his money at the NFL level. With a lack of elite speed, he has to be in positions to use his catch radius to beat defenders. Quick throws will likely accompany his skill set more frequently if he can make the active roster.

What are the New York Giants getting in Austin Mack?

Austin Mack, on the other hand, is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound receiver. He posted 361 yards and three touchdowns in 2019, producing even less than Victor for the Ohio State offense. There are a few pros and cons to note when it comes to Mack, precisely his impressive strength and balance. His 19 starts give him experience, and he started last season with at least three receptions in the first six games.

A foot injury derailed his campaign, but he has the national talent to develop into a solid boundary wide receiver. His physicality off the line of scrimmage gives him room to make plays and get open on his break. He is a fearless player who will travel across the middle with no hesitations. He can run well as a ball carrier and seems to excel when he has extra time to get open for his quarterback.

The primary issue with Mac is his most recent injury and lack of production regarding touchdowns. He has only three scores over three seasons with Ohio, and lack of separation in man coverage could cause them to fall down the pecking order. If he can increase his ability to get open against press coverage, he could land an active roster spot at the back end of the wide receiver unit.

Overall, Victor and Mack are two exciting prospects that have the talent to develop into solid contributors for the Giants. I suspect one of them will land on the practice squad, but both of them may end up in that position. They have to unseat Corey Coleman on the active roster to land a start spot on the team.

Did the New York Giants land a special talent in UDFA Binjimen Victor?

New York Giants, Binjimen Victor

What should we expect from New York Giants UDFA Binjimen Victor?

Every New York Giants fan is always wondering, when are they going to find the next victor Cruz in the undrafted free agent market? Well, the likelihood of that happening is very low, but the Giants did land several high-upside players this off-season. Immediately following the 2020 NFL draft, the Giants went out and signed two Ohio State Buckeye wide receivers: Binjimen Victor and Austin Mack.

Victor, who didn’t start a single game for the Buckeyes over his first three seasons with the squad, finally saw an increase in production and reps in 2019. While he wasn’t the focal point of the offense, he did post 573 yards and six touchdowns over 12 games. When looking at Victor, you might think of a thin Plaxico Burress or AJ Green. However, his ball skills are far from those two legendary wide-outs, but he has the potential to develop into a valuable player for Big Blue.

At 6-foot-4 and 198 pounds, Victor is a long and lanky pass catcher, capable of making contested catches and acting as a solid red-zone threat. The expectation is that he will gain a bit more muscle and have the strength to hand fight with cornerbacks at the line of scrimmage. He can be a little bit week off his break and get pushed around early on in routes, but once he gets into the curve of his route, his long arms give him the ability to make impressive snags.

Currently, I view him as more of a vertical thread that can glide into slants well. Daniel Jones will find his wingspan to be effective, and I believe he can be a back-end wide receiver for the Giants moving forward. I don’t expect him to develop into a starter anytime soon, but supplementing positions affected by injury could be his reality in 2020. Nonetheless, he is one of the more high-upside undrafted free agents signed and could compete for an active roster spot. He certainly has the size and athletic ability to do so.


Did the New York Giants get a steal in UDFA WR Binjimen Victor?

New York Giants, Binjimen Victor

Taking a look at UDFA Binjimen Victor and if the New York Giants gained a solid talent in the wideout:

Binjimen Victor didn’t start a single game for the Ohio State Buckeyes in his first three seasons with the team. He played a total of 21 games from 2016 to 2018, but he saw an increase in production and reps in 2019. Over 12 games last year, he posted 573 yards and six touchdowns.

Victor has a lanky body with extremely long arms allowing him to challenge contested balls in the air. In 2017, he recorded seven touchdowns on 23 receptions. That’s 1/3 of his catches resulting in points. In 2019, he logged six touchdowns, proving that he can be a solid red zone and deep-ball threat for the Giants if he makes the active roster.

Despite not starting any games in his first three years he was consistently utilized as a menace on offense. As a former four-star recruit, Victor undoubtedly has the talent to be a solid pass catcher in the NFL.

At 6-foot-4 and 198 pounds, he is lanky and long, which indicates he could probably use some extra muscle mass. I imagine the Giants will try to bulk him up a bit and make him stronger off the line of scrimmage. At this point in time, he is strictly a vertical receiver and can glide into slant routes delivering a large wingspan for Daniel Jones to utilize.

While Victor isn’t the fastest pass-catcher on the field at any given time, posting a 4.6 40-yard dash, he has extremely long strides and a massive catch radius supplementing some of his speed. His 16.1 yards per catch average over his career is astounding and gives the Giants a real deep threat alongside Darius Slayton.

Realistically, he will need to earn one of the final few slots at the position if not land on the practice squad. He is competing against Corey Coleman, Cody Core, Derrick Dillon, Da’Mari Scott, David Sills, and Reggie White Jr. for a roster spot.

Reggie White Jr. and Victor have a similar body frame, with the latter of the two being two inches taller and weighing about 10 pounds less. If the former Ohio State wideout can harness his natural abilities and put a few more pounds of muscle on, he could easily earn a back-end wide receiver spot. With the injuries at the position in 2019, the Giants could use some more depth-talent to rely on.


New York Giants Bring In Three Receivers As Undrafted Free Agents

New York Giants

The New York Giants chose to trust in the talent they currently have rather than drafting a receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean the coaching staff is ignoring the position outright. The Giants have brought in three new players at the position, but these players all share the spot of being undrafted free agents.

One of the intriguing ones is wide receiver Derrick Dillon. Dillon became one of the first undrafted free agents to sign for the Giants, and played on a deep LSU team that in addition to winning the national title, produced the number one overall draft pick this year. His snaps in that offense, however, were limited – he had 202 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns in LSU’s championship season, but the intriguing part of his skillset is his speed. Dillon ran a 4.29 time in the 40 yard dash at LSU’s pro day, meaning the Giants could potentially find a use for him based around that skill.

The other two receivers both played for another one of the top college programs in the country, Ohio State. Binjimen Victor appears to have a skill at getting to the end zone, and had 18 touchdowns across a four year career that saw him reach 1,340 receiving yards. In his final season, he had 35 receptions and 573 yards but an impressive six touchdowns.

Finally, Victor’s teammate trailed behind him with 361 yards and 3 touchdowns but may have a chance at carving out a spot on the team through athleticism and precision. It remains to be seen if any of these players will get on the final roster, but all of them have different skillsets that will help them in making a case. The coaching staff, at least, believed the undrafted free agent class is deep enough to warrant not drafting any receiver.