Giants sign veteran corner, adding depth to secondary

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, new york giants, tre herndon
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The New York Giants have made a strategic move to strengthen their defensive lineup by signing veteran cornerback Tre Herndon. At 28 years old, Herndon brings six years of NFL experience from his tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he developed a volatile yet experienced track record in coverage. This addition aims to deepen the secondary and inject seasoned competition, particularly in the slot cornerback role.

Herndon’s Role and Impact on the Giants’ Secondary

Last season, Herndon was on the field for 482 snaps, during which he allowed 485 yards, three touchdowns, and achieved six pass breakups. His performance earned him the highest PFF coverage grade of his career, underscoring his capability in pass defense.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

However, Herndon’s effectiveness in run defense has been less consistent, with a career 16.2% missed tackle rate that rose to 20.4% in 2023, recording 39 tackles. This aspect of his game will be crucial as he competes for the slot corner position—a role that demands robust run defense.

The Giants have also introduced fresh talent into the mix, drafting Andru Phillips from Kentucky, who is expected to challenge for the slot position alongside Nick McCloud, who has been receiving reps during minicamp.

With third-year player Cor’Dale Flott likely to take a boundary position, Herndon’s extensive experience in the nickel role over the past three seasons will be invaluable. His adaptability and veteran presence are intended not only to elevate the team’s performance but also to mentor the younger players.

By integrating Herndon into their defensive strategy, the Giants appear committed to fostering competition and growth within their secondary without over-investing. This approach suggests a desire to balance development with the immediate need for more effective defensive play, positioning their younger players for rapid on-field development and greater responsibilities.

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