Giants: Brian Daboll non-committal to Tommy DeVito as starting QB after the bye week

New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll speaks with quarterback Tommy DeVito (5) during the second half of their game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium

As the New York Giants enter their much-needed Week 13 bye week, head coach Brian Daboll faces a challenging decision regarding the starting quarterback for their upcoming Week 14 matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Despite Tommy Devito’s impressive performances in his first three starts, Daboll wouldn’t commit to DeVito as the starter with veteran Tyrod Taylor set to return from injury, as per Jordan Raanan of ESPN.

Tommy DeVito has been impressive

DeVito has been making quite an impression in his first three starts for Big Blue. With back-to-back wins under his belt, the young signal-caller has showcased his talent and potential, leaving little doubt about his ability to lead the Giants’ offense.

In the divisional clash against the Washington Commanders, DeVito threw for an impressive 246 yards and three touchdowns without any turnovers. His performance continued to shine in Week 12 against the New England Patriots, where he recorded 191 passing yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions.

In his first three starts, he has thrown for six touchdowns with one interception, and he only seems to be growing in confidence and showing great potential with every game.

DeVito is making an impact on the locker room

Beyond DeVito’s on-field performance, his impact on the Giants’ locker room cannot be underestimated. The rookie has injected newfound energy and enthusiasm into the team, and the offense has visibly gained momentum under DeVito’s leadership, with players responding positively to his infectious passion for the game. This rejuvenated spirit could be a driving force behind the Giants’ recent resurgence.

While he may not be the Giants’ franchise quarterback, DeVito has been easy to root for and has garnered support from both the team and the fans.

The return of Tyrod Taylor

While DeVito has exceeded expectations, it’s important not to forget the impact Taylor had before his injury suffered in Week 8 against the New York Jets.

Taylor has accumulated 579 passing yards and two touchdowns this season and provides over a decade of experience that the team could benefit from in crucial moments.

The Giants refuse to adopt a losing mentality

Despite the Giants’ record of 4-8, they have made it clear that they refuse to adopt a losing mentality. Determined to still compete at a high level, Daboll’s decision on who will start at quarterback will be who he feels can best put the G-Men in a position to win.

While it remains uncertain whether the Giants would trust the veteran Taylor more than the up-and-coming DeVito to face a formidable, hungry Packers team, the rookie’s performance and growing rapport with the team make a compelling case for sticking with him.

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