Eli Manning may not have played his last snap for the Giants


No one is questioning that Daniel Jones is the starting quarterback of the New York Giants, now and for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean he’ll be taking every snap from here to eternity.

Jones hobbled off the field at the end of Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers after rolling his ankle in the fourth quarter. He did not come out of the game but now that there is some speculation that the ankle could keep him off the field for the Giants’ contest against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think I’ll be able to practice,” Jones told reporters on a conference call on Monday. “It’s sore, but that’s kind of typical the day after a game. I think I’ll be good to go.”

Jones did not leave the game after injuring the ankle, but he appeared to be restricted by it on the Giants’ final possession.

“No,” Jones answered when asked if he thought about leaving the game. “I realized when it happened, but I never really thought it would be something that would keep me from playing.”

Head coach Pat Shurmur addressed the injury on his Monday conference call.

“Fine,” Shurmur replied when asked how Jones’ ankle was. “He’s got some game soreness but he’s fine.”

If Jones somehow can’t go next week, Eli Manning will be the Giants’ quarterback. Just when you thought you were done with him, haters, Eli is still in the wings. The television cameras usually show him on the sidelines at least once a game just to remind us that he’s still a Giant. Shurmur is confident in his quarterback room and said both Manning and Alex Tanney are ‘ready to go’ if called upon.

“Is there a real chance?” said Shurmur of Manning taking the field. “I don’t know that. We’ll have to just see what the week brings.”

Jones is expected to be able to practice and play. The extra day will help. But it only makes sense the Giants give Manning a few snaps before the end of the season so the fans can give him a proper sendoff. That is, if he agrees to it. Eli is a prideful man and he may see this for what it is. But, he’s always been all about the fans, so why not take the field one more time in Week 17. Give the people that they want.

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