Could Giants’ undrafted quarterback develop into Daniel Jones’ backup?

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito (5) throws a pass against the New York Jets during the first half at MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants have stumbled upon a captivating quarterback prospect who could very well be the future backup to Daniel Jones.

Tommy DeVito: The Undrafted Standout

That quarterback in the spotlight is none other than Tommy DeVito. An undrafted sensation out of Illinois, DeVito grabbed attention and earned himself a spot on the practice squad thanks to a remarkable preseason showing. In just three preseason matches, he threw for an impressive 453 yards—which places him sixth among quarterbacks this preseason—and connected for two touchdowns. On the flip side, he also threw two interceptions.

A Journey Full of Hills and Thrills

Despite the roadblocks that lie ahead, DeVito has exhibited substantial promise, showcasing not only a sturdy pocket presence but also a capable arm and rapid decision-making skills. This impressive preseason performance didn’t go unnoticed, leaving a lasting impact on the Giants’ coaching staff.

Grooming Under Expert Guidance

By securing a position on the practice squad, DeVito gains the opportunity to hone his skills under a proficient coaching staff. This team of experts has a history of elevating the play of young, raw talent, enabling them to realize their full potential.

The QB2 Battle: Tyrod Taylor vs. Tommy DeVito

As of now, the Giants’ QB2 is Tyrod Taylor, a seasoned NFL veteran with a solid track record. But should DeVito continue his development within the practice squad, he could soon challenge Taylor for that coveted spot on the depth chart — especially after his contract expires following the 2023 season.

The Future of Tommy DeVito: A Backup in the Making?

After such an eye-catching preseason, all eyes are on DeVito as he looks to further sharpen his skills. There’s mounting anticipation around whether the Giants will deem him ready to step into the role of backup to their franchise quarterback, Daniel Jones.

So, will Tommy DeVito be the next big thing in New York Giants football? Only time will tell, but his journey so far suggests that exciting days are ahead for both him and Giants fans.

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