Rematch with Woodley or boxing someone else? What’s next for Jake Paul?

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Over the weekend we saw a boxing match between Jake Paul (4-0) and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (0-1). This was the first time that Paul was taking on someone who could actually hurt him in the ring.

Paul has completely changed his career and focused on boxing after building his brand on the internet. After he started out fighting non-fighters, in 2021, Paul has turned his attention to boxing mixed martial artists.

He started with Ben Askren earlier this year. Askren is a former world champion but was never known for his striking. In fact, he’s known for having some of the worst striking in all of MMA. Paul knocked him out in the first round.

Askren’s teammate, Tyron Woodley, was in his corner that night. Woodley and Paul started going back and forth. Woodley is someone who possesses knockout power and the striking speed to challenge Paul. To the surprise of many, a boxing match between the two was booked.

Woodley was the first person to really push Paul. You could tell throughout the boxing match on Saturday that Paul was more tentative. In the fourth round, the ropes saved Paul from getting dropped. However, Paul was effective in his boxing and ultimately secured a decision win.

What’s next for Jake Paul in boxing?

Tyron Woodley has come out after the boxing match and has been demanding an immediate rematch. Paul said that he would rematch Woodley if the former UFC champion got a tattoo saying, “I love Jake Paul.”

Woodley said he would, but I’m not sure either is happening. Paul sent out a cryptic tweet yesterday saying he was retired. I don’t believe that Jake Paul is retired from boxing and I do believe we are going to see him back in the ring.

That said, I don’t think it will be against Woodley and I think we will see a little break in between fights. Paul was rocked for the first time in his career and he looked to be having some conditioning issues in this last fight.

It was a learning experience for him and I think he will get better. Have to give Jake Paul credit and say what you want, but the kid knows enough about boxing to be effective. I’m not sure who’s next for him, but it’s not going to be a big step up in competition. Tommy Fury is still a name to watch out for.

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