Boxing: Jake Paul outpoints a tentative Tyron Woodley

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Tonight we finally got to see the boxing match that we’ve been waiting months for. Internet celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul (3-0) took on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (19-7-1 MMA).

This was Woodley’s first professional boxing match. The former UFC welterweight champion fought out his contract earlier this year when he fought Vicente Luque in March. Woodley lost the fight to Luque which was his fourth consecutive loss.

At the beginning of 2019, Woodley was building his legacy as one of the greatest welterweights of all time. Then he lost his title and proceeded to finish out his UFC career having lost four fights in a row.

Jake Paul made his professional boxing debut in 2020 when he fought another YouTuber. From there, he’s made incremental steps up in competition. He’s fought a YouTuber, a former NBA player, and a former MMA world champion.

That champion was Tyron Woodley’s close friend Ben Askren. Askren and Paul had a boxing match in April and it didn’t go well for Askren. Jake Paul knocked him out in the first round. The seed was planted that night for a Paul and Woodley boxing match.

Boxing Recap

Round 1

The boxing match started off with no touch of the gloves as Jake Paul was all business. Woodley opens the fight with a big right hand that misses the mark. T-Wood holding the center as Paul circles on the outside.

Jab to the body lands for Woodley. Paul steps forward with a nice right to the body. Jake Paul looks for a lead left hook that just misses the mark. Both men looking patient here halfway through the opening frame.

Double jab lands for Jake Paul. Paul back to work with the jab and he goes high and low with it. Nice combination from Paul who goes to the body then up top. Woodley looking a little tentative here in his boxing debut. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Jake Paul after one.

Round 2

Entering the second round, I’m expecting to see Woodley be a little more aggressive here with his boxing. Woodley opens with a combination, but nothing big lands. Paul wings a big right hand that’s blocked by Woodley.

Woodley looks a little more aggressive here in the second as he’s chasing Paul down. Nice jab lands for Paul. Lead left hook finds it’s home for Jake Paul and Woodley counters with a straight to the body. Nice jab from T-Wood lands and Paul counters with a body shot.

Paul working exclusively off his jab in the final minute of the second round. Good combination from Jake Paul who lands up top and to the body. Woodley trying to get more aggressive, but nothing big landing. Two rounds into this boxing matchup and it’s 2-0 Jake Paul.

Round 3

Entering the third round and so far, Woodley hasn’t looked great in his boxing debut. Nice 1-2 lands for Jake Paul to start the action in the third. Woodley lands a nice 1-2 and he follows it up with a pretty good right hand over the top.

Paul counters with his own combination. Both men land counter left hooks as Paul circles on the outside. Woodley looking much more aggressive, but he’s appearing a bit frustrated in the third. Paul looks for a big uppercut and it just misses the mark.

Final minute here in the third round of this boxing match and it just appears that Jake Paul is a slight step ahead of T-Wood. Woodley lands a right hand just as the bell sounds. Much better third round for Woodley, but it’s still likely Jake Paul’s round.

Round 4

The punch Woodley landed at the end of the round was his biggest one of the fight. As we enter the fourth, Woodley is looking a little angry in his approach. Both men throwing with more power here to start the fourth round.

Lead left hook lands for Woodley and Paul counters with a combination. Nice body shot lands for Jake Paul. Beautiful combination lands for Paul who goes to the body then finishes with a nice left hook. Woodley plotting forward and tries to land a big shot along the ropes.

Big right hand for Woodley hurts Jake Paul. The ropes saved him from a knockdown there and Woodley is stalking him. Uppercut for Woodley lands and Woodley is going for it here. The bell sounds and the momentum has shifted here in this boxing matchup.

Round 5

Entering the fifth round of this boxing matchup and Woodley immediately takes the center and throws a big body shot. Paul opens with a double jab, but Woodley lands a big combination. Nice counter combo lands for Jake Paul that backs Woodley up.

Jab to the body lands for Paul and Woodley plots forward. Straight right hand lands for Woodley. The pace of Woodley slows as he tries to settles in. Paul circles on the outside but neither man is throwing much here.

Nice left hook lands for Paul and Woodley is talking to him here. Good jab lands for Jake Paul and Paul wings a big right hand that just misses. Another good combination lands from Jake Paul.

Round 6

Entering the sixth round and Woodley needs to regain momentum here in this boxing match. Woodley takes the center to start the sixth. He pushes Paul up against the ropes, but nothing big lands for either man in the exchange.

Jab and a right to the body lands for Jake Paul. Woodley reverting back to not being very aggressive here in the sixth and Paul is pulling away. Good combination lands for Jake Paul and a nice right hand follows it. Woodley not throwing anything here in the sixth round.

Paul pushes forward with a combination that just misses. Woodley is pressuring, but he’s not throwing and he eats a left hook and right straight from Paul. The round comes to a close and it’s another one for Jake Paul who is winning this boxing match 5-1.

Round 7

Woodley’s only hope to win this boxing match is a knockout as we enter the seventh. He opens with a right hand, but it misses the mark and the two clinch. Double jab from Jake Paul. Another jab lands for Paul. 1-2 from Woodley just misses the mark and Paul tries to counter but misses wildly.

Good check left hook from Woodley and both men exchange big shots after. Woodley looking better here in the seventh as he’s actually throwing, but he’s not landing the bombs he needs. Jab to the body from Jake Paul.

Another jab from Paul lands as Woodley tries to make his way on the inside. Nice left hand for Paul and he follows with another body shot. Big right hand lands for Paul and the round comes to a close. Entering the final round and Woodley has only won one round of this boxing match.

Round 8

Entering the final round and Woodley is going to need a miracle. Paul looking loose to start the final frame. Woodley tries to work his way in with his jab. Power shots thrown by both men but nothing big lands.

Good overhand right hand lands for Jake Paul. Halfway through the final frame and Woodley is looking for an opening. Big jab lands for Jake Paul. One minute left and Woodley is not doing enough here in the final round.

Paul eats a 1-2 from Woodley, but not a lot of sting on it. Good right straight for Woodley and Woodley is at least trying. Final ten seconds and Woodley throws a big shot that misses the mark as the final bell sounds. Jake Paul should get the victory here easily.

Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley by Split Decision (77-75, 75-77, 78-74)

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