Khamzat Chimaev beats Gilbert Burns in a war at UFC 273

On main card of UFC 273, we saw a welterweight contest that could easily headline the event. Being dubbed “The People’s Main Event”, rising superstar Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) faced his biggest test yet in former title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-4).

Burns was looking to pick up his second straight win and get the superstar rub from sharing the octagon with Chimaev. Entering UFC 273, Burns was 7-1 in the welterweight division. The lone loss came against the welterweight champion and Pound for Pound king, Kamaru Usman. Nevertheless, the oddsmakers are giving him little to no shot to beat Khamzat Chimaev.

There’s been no one quite like Khamzat Chimaev that’s ever debuted in the UFC. That includes Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Chimaev is a special athlete who has been historically dominant in his first four fights.

Fighting twice at middleweight and twice at welterweight, the UFC star is 4-0 with four finishes. However, it’s the fact that he’s only absorbed one strike in those fights that really tells the true story of his dominance.

UFC 273 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 273 welterweight contest kicked off with Chimaev taking the center. Front kicks from Chimaev and he uses those to close the distance and get a body lock. Chimaev pressuring Burns against the fence here trying to get a takedown.

Burns gets taken down, but he’s using the fence to defend well. However, Chimaev drags him away from the fence. Burns scrambles but Chimaev ends up back on top. Chimaev stands to his feet and Burns gets back up.

Powerful calf kick from Gilbert Burns. Nice jabs from Chimaev and Burns lands a brutal body kick. Solid right hand from Burns and he lands a nice jab behind it. Left hook for Gilbert Burns. Big combination lands from Chimaev.

Burns pushing forward throwing heat at Chimaev. Check left hook from Burns. Chimaev upping the pressure here but Burns is countering well. Huge low kick lands from Chimaev. Body kick lands from Chimaev. Huge right straight from Chimaev sits Burns down and he’s hurt badly.

Chimaev is all over him here but Burns is surviving. Burns gets back to his feet as Chimaev welcomes him back up. The round ends and Burns looked good, but the strong close gives the first to Chimaev at UFC 273.

Round 2

The second at UFC 273 starts and Chimaev takes the center. Burns however is the one pushing Chimaev back. Burns tries for a takedown but Chimaev brushes him off. Beautiful check right hook for Chimaev lands. Three big jabs from Chimaev lands.

Burns with a huge right hand backs up Chimaev and he follows with a body kick. Chimaev then lands big shots back and lands a brutal low kick. Big right lands for Chimaev and three straight calf kicks from Burns. Burns tries for another takedown attempt from Chimaev brushes him off.

Burns hurts Chimaev and he’s going after him here. Tons of pressure and heat from Burns. Chimaev taking the shots well but both men are looking tired here. Huge moments in the second from Gilbert Burns.

Check right hook for Chimaev and a huge right straight lands for Burns. Big right for Chimaev and Burns backs off. Burns tries for a takedown attempt and Chimaev sprawls. They scramble and end up back on the feet.

Jab lands for Burns. Chimaev lands some big shots but Burns is rolling with them well. Nice combination from Burns and Chimaev misses wildly. The round ends and Burns takes the second at UFC 273.

Round 3

Entering the third and final round at UFC 273 and whoever wins this round wins the fight. Burns opens with a big jab and a low kick. Chimaev pressuring here and he’s much more measured here in the third round.

Both men trade jabs in the cent. Big uppercut lands for Chimaev. Nice jab lands for Chimaev and he lands a big 1-2  behind it. Big takedown attempt from Burns but he can’t get Chimaev down. Burns might have gassed himself on that takedown attempt.

Chimaev lands big shots and Burns looks exhausted along the cage. Huge shots from Chimaev and this one might be getting close to being over. However, Chimaev looks tired as well. Burns lands a big shot to get some space.

Chimaev right back on the pressure as Burns circles on the outside. Relentless pressure from Chimaev and Burns is hurt. However, just as I say that, Burns lands a big right straight. Nice 1-2 lands for Burns.

Big shots from Chimaev. Burns throws a head kick and there’s one minute left in the fight. Chimaev coming forward and landing big shots along the fence. Big right hands from Burns backs Chimaev off and he might be hurt.

Huge uppercut from Chimaev and Burns wings a big shot back. These two are swinging to the finish and this crazy fight is over. What a fight and I have Chimaev winning at UFC 273.

Khamzat Chimaev def. Gilbert Burns by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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