After coming up short at UFC 273, what’s next for Gilbert Burns?

This past weekend at UFC 273, Gilbert Burns (20-5) was looking to derail the biggest hype train in the promotion. That hype train is none other than the superstar known as Khamzat Chimaev (11-0).

Chimaev had ran through his first four UFC opponents and oddsmakers thought the fight on Saturday would be no different. Despite only having lost to the current champion at welterweight, nobody gave Gilbert Burns a shot.

However, Gilbert Burns believed he could beat Khamzat Chimaev and he wasn’t going to roll over. In the first round, Burns didn’t back up. He went right after Chimaev and made it known that this was going to be a fight.

Late in the first round, he got hurt badly and was almost finished. However, he made it through then he stormed back to win the second round at UFC 273. With one round to go, it was all tied on every judges scorecard.

Chimaev dominated the majority of the round with ruthless pressure and big shots. However, Burns turned things on in the final minute to make it close. It was enough though as all three judges gave the final round and the fight to Khamzat Chimaev.

What’s next after UFC 273?

Gilbert Burns won over so many fans on Saturday night. Sure, it was relatively obvious (in my mind anyway) that he lost at UFC 273, but it was the effort that he put forward and there were so many chanting his name after the fight was over.

Some might have viewed this fight as a risk for Burns considering Chimaev was ranked 11th while Burns was ranked second. However, despite getting a loss on his record, I would argue that UFC 273 was a win for Gilbert Burns in the eyes of the public.

So, what’s next for him inside the octagon? Well, I think there are a couple of options. The first, and most obvious choice, comes from this weekend’s main event. Burns’ best friend Vicente Luque is fighting Belal Muhammad.

Win or lose, Muhammad makes the most sense for Burns next in the UFC. If he wins, Muhammad will need a top five opponent, but everyone besides Burns is likely going to be booked. If he loses, he will need to bounce back just like Gilbert Burns.

The unlikely option that’s out there is Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal is also coming off of a loss and he’s still a superstar. Him and Burns would be an excellent fight, however, we know that Masvidal is dealing with legal issues after punching Colby Covington outside of a Miami restaurant.

Either way, the UFC has options and Burns will get a great fight in his next matchup.

After his big win at UFC 273, what’s next for Khamzat Chimaev?

This past Saturday on the main card of UFC 273, we saw a welterweight showdown that the world had been waiting on. Superstar prospect Khamzat Chimaev (11-0) was finally getting a shot against top welterweight competition in former title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-5).

The odds for this matchup were almost comical they were so lopsided. It was clear that everyone believed that Chimaev would run through Gilbert Burns just like he had run through all of his previous UFC competition.

However, that’s not what happened at all. From the opening bell, Burns made it clear that this would be a fight. Having only been hit twice before inside the octagon, Chimaev absorbed over 100 strikes from the former title challenger.

After a close first round, Chimaev dropped Burns near the end of the round. It looked like he would get the stoppage at UFC 273 for a second, but Burns powered through. The second round, Burns took over and looked sensational evening up the rounds one a piece.

In the final round, Chimaev was composed and really took control. However, Burns battled back in the final minute and made things interesting. However, all three judges agreed that Chimaev won the final round and gave him the decision win at UFC 273.

What’s next after UFC 273?

Nobody was really downplaying Khamzat Chimaev prior to UFC 273, but now you can’t deny him. The main is one of the very best welterweights on the planet and the win over Burns shows just how special he is.

Now that he’s been tested against elite competition, it’s only bigger and better fights from here on out. So, what will the UFC do next with their budding superstar? Well, Dana White hinted at wanting to do a ABC Fight Night headlined by Chimaev and former interim champion Colby Covington.

Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards are expected to fight for the UFC welterweight title over the summer. Covington has already lost twice to Usman, but if he wins another fight, the promotion would be willing to do a third fight. Usman also said he would take a third fight with Covington.

Beating Colby Covington would really establish Chimaev as the number one contender. I think the UFC is going to push for this fight with the winner being guaranteed a title shot. Either we would see Covington get his third shot, or by the end of the year, Khamzat Chimaev could have his crowning moment.

Khamzat Chimaev beats Gilbert Burns in a war at UFC 273

On main card of UFC 273, we saw a welterweight contest that could easily headline the event. Being dubbed “The People’s Main Event”, rising superstar Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) faced his biggest test yet in former title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-4).

Burns was looking to pick up his second straight win and get the superstar rub from sharing the octagon with Chimaev. Entering UFC 273, Burns was 7-1 in the welterweight division. The lone loss came against the welterweight champion and Pound for Pound king, Kamaru Usman. Nevertheless, the oddsmakers are giving him little to no shot to beat Khamzat Chimaev.

There’s been no one quite like Khamzat Chimaev that’s ever debuted in the UFC. That includes Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Chimaev is a special athlete who has been historically dominant in his first four fights.

Fighting twice at middleweight and twice at welterweight, the UFC star is 4-0 with four finishes. However, it’s the fact that he’s only absorbed one strike in those fights that really tells the true story of his dominance.

UFC 273 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 273 welterweight contest kicked off with Chimaev taking the center. Front kicks from Chimaev and he uses those to close the distance and get a body lock. Chimaev pressuring Burns against the fence here trying to get a takedown.

Burns gets taken down, but he’s using the fence to defend well. However, Chimaev drags him away from the fence. Burns scrambles but Chimaev ends up back on top. Chimaev stands to his feet and Burns gets back up.

Powerful calf kick from Gilbert Burns. Nice jabs from Chimaev and Burns lands a brutal body kick. Solid right hand from Burns and he lands a nice jab behind it. Left hook for Gilbert Burns. Big combination lands from Chimaev.

Burns pushing forward throwing heat at Chimaev. Check left hook from Burns. Chimaev upping the pressure here but Burns is countering well. Huge low kick lands from Chimaev. Body kick lands from Chimaev. Huge right straight from Chimaev sits Burns down and he’s hurt badly.

Chimaev is all over him here but Burns is surviving. Burns gets back to his feet as Chimaev welcomes him back up. The round ends and Burns looked good, but the strong close gives the first to Chimaev at UFC 273.

Round 2

The second at UFC 273 starts and Chimaev takes the center. Burns however is the one pushing Chimaev back. Burns tries for a takedown but Chimaev brushes him off. Beautiful check right hook for Chimaev lands. Three big jabs from Chimaev lands.

Burns with a huge right hand backs up Chimaev and he follows with a body kick. Chimaev then lands big shots back and lands a brutal low kick. Big right lands for Chimaev and three straight calf kicks from Burns. Burns tries for another takedown attempt from Chimaev brushes him off.

Burns hurts Chimaev and he’s going after him here. Tons of pressure and heat from Burns. Chimaev taking the shots well but both men are looking tired here. Huge moments in the second from Gilbert Burns.

Check right hook for Chimaev and a huge right straight lands for Burns. Big right for Chimaev and Burns backs off. Burns tries for a takedown attempt and Chimaev sprawls. They scramble and end up back on the feet.

Jab lands for Burns. Chimaev lands some big shots but Burns is rolling with them well. Nice combination from Burns and Chimaev misses wildly. The round ends and Burns takes the second at UFC 273.

Round 3

Entering the third and final round at UFC 273 and whoever wins this round wins the fight. Burns opens with a big jab and a low kick. Chimaev pressuring here and he’s much more measured here in the third round.

Both men trade jabs in the cent. Big uppercut lands for Chimaev. Nice jab lands for Chimaev and he lands a big 1-2  behind it. Big takedown attempt from Burns but he can’t get Chimaev down. Burns might have gassed himself on that takedown attempt.

Chimaev lands big shots and Burns looks exhausted along the cage. Huge shots from Chimaev and this one might be getting close to being over. However, Chimaev looks tired as well. Burns lands a big shot to get some space.

Chimaev right back on the pressure as Burns circles on the outside. Relentless pressure from Chimaev and Burns is hurt. However, just as I say that, Burns lands a big right straight. Nice 1-2 lands for Burns.

Big shots from Chimaev. Burns throws a head kick and there’s one minute left in the fight. Chimaev coming forward and landing big shots along the fence. Big right hands from Burns backs Chimaev off and he might be hurt.

Huge uppercut from Chimaev and Burns wings a big shot back. These two are swinging to the finish and this crazy fight is over. What a fight and I have Chimaev winning at UFC 273.

Khamzat Chimaev def. Gilbert Burns by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Can Gilbert Burns derail the Khamzat Chimaev hype train at UFC 273?

Tomorrow night on the main card of UFC 273, we will see a welterweight contest that could easily headline the event. Being dubbed “The People’s Main Event”, rising superstar Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) faces his biggest test yet in former title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-4).

Burns is looking to pick up his second straight win and get the superstar rub from sharing the octagon with Chimaev. It’s crazy to think about how big of an underdog Burns is tomorrow considering he’s 7-1 in the UFC’s welterweight division.

The lone loss came against the welterweight champion and Pound for Pound king, Kamaru Usman. Nevertheless, the oddsmakers are giving him little to no shot to beat Khamzat Chimaev. Burns is entering the octagon tomorrow having won against Wonderboy Thompson in his last time out.

There’s been no one quite like Khamzat Chimaev that’s ever debuted in the UFC. That includes Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Chimaev is a special athlete who has been historically dominant in his first four fights.

Fighting twice at middleweight and twice at welterweight, the UFC star is 4-0 with four finishes. However, it’s the fact that he’s only absorbed one strike in those fights that really tells the true story of his dominance.

UFC 273 Prediction

We are going to learn a lot about Khamzat Chimaev when he fights Gilbert Burns. Either we will all be saying that he was hyped up a little too much or everyone will be dubbing him the future welterweight champion of the UFC.

When it comes to this fight, it’s a tough one for Gilbert Burns. Burns has dynamic striking and he’s incredibly fast. However, there is going to be a massive power discrepancy between him and Chimaev. Chimaev also has great speed so Durinho is going to have to be careful striking with Chimaev.

Burns is a BJJ champion, but I don’t think he will be able to submit a guy like Chimaev. I think if Chimaev gets on top of Burns at UFC 273, Burns is going to have a hard time surviving the shots coming down let alone trying to find a submission.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve completely bought into the Khamzat Chimaev hype train. I think Burns is his toughest opponent on paper, but I think Chimaev is going to make it look fairly easy again.

Prediction: Khamzat Chimaev by TKO – Round 2

Are the odds of UFC 273’s Khamzat Chimaev – Gilbert Burns justified?

Next weekend on the main card of UFC 273, we are going to see one of the more hyped fights of 2022. Super prospect and rising star Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) will make his fifth appearance inside the octagon as he takes on Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (20-4).

Burns is the second ranked welterweight in the UFC and he’s coming off of a win against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Prior to that win, he fought Kamaru Usman for the title at UFC 258 last February.

In that fight, Burns started extremely fast by rocking Usman in the first round. However, the champion regained his composure and would go on to stop Burns in the third round of their title fight.

It was Burns’ first and only loss since moving to the UFC’s welterweight division. After struggling at lightweight, Burns decided to stop cutting the extra weight and moved up to 170 pounds. That decision changed his career.

Burns went on an incredible run that saw him knock out Demian Maia and completely dominate Tyron Woodley. Many thought that he was going to be the main to dethrone Kamaru Usman. Overall, Burns is now 7-1 in the UFC’s welterweight division.

UFC 273 Odds

By resume and the eye test, Gilbert Burns is one of the very best welterweights in the UFC. Yet, he is a massive underdog in his fight next weekend. It’s almost comical how lopsided the odds are for the Burns – Chimaev fight.

Khamzat Chimaev is everything the UFC is looking for in a star. He reminds me of Khabib Nurmagomedov yet even more devastating. He can smash you on the ground and he has legitimate one-punch knockout power on the feet.

Chimaev has a gravitating personality and he’s blowing up into a superstar. In four UFC fights, Chimaev hasn’t even been hit. He’s just ran through everyone and it’s clear that the oddsmakers believe that he’ll do the same to the former title challenger.

Despite being 7-1 at 170 with only losing to the champion, Gilbert Burns is a staggering +400 underdog for next weekend’s fight. Burns is as live of an underdog as I can remember and I”m sure there’s going to be plenty of hard core fans betting that line.

That being said, Khamzat Chimaev is so good that he might make the -600 line he’s on look generous at UFC 273. It’s such an intriguing matchup and I can’t wait to see it all unfold a week from tomorrow.

After dominant win at UFC 272, what’s next for Colby Covington?

This past weekend in the main event of UFC 272 we saw a highly anticipated grudge match between two of the best welterweights in the world. Former best friends Colby Covington (17-3) and Jorge Masvidal (35-16) went to battle to settle their personal beef.

Going into UFC 272, the path to victory for both men was clear. Covington needed to use his pace and wrestling to break down Masvidal while Masvidal needed to keep things standing at range to hurt Covington.

In the first round, Masvidal immediately targeted the legs of Covington trying to slow down his pace. However, they really didn’t have any impact. All night long, Covington was able to pressure Masvidal up against the fence and get ahold of him.

Even when they were striking, Covington get the better of things most of the time due to volume. Now, Masvidal did drop Covington in the fourth round with a big right hand, but he couldn’t follow up.

Ultimately, it was a very one-sided fight at UFC 272. Colby Covington was too much for Masvidal and won a lopsided decision while proving once again that he’s clearly the second best welterweight on the roster.

What’s next after UFC 272?

Immediately after the main event concluded, Covington made it clear who he wanted next. Covington said that he wanted to fight another former teammate in former interim UFC lightweight champion Dustin Poirier.

Like with Masvidal, Covington has serious personal beef with Dustin Poirier. Poirier has teased that he wants to move up to welterweight and Covington has made it clear that he wants to fight him. However, Poirier has said already that he’s not interested in that fight.

If he was, I would be all for the UFC making that fight happen. In terms of fights that make sense for the division, I would point to a couple of upcoming welterweight fights. There are matchups between Vicente Luque – Belal Muhammad and Khamzat Chimaev – Gilbert Burns.

Covington hasn’t fought any of those four men. One of those winners would make for a perfect opponent that would get Covington in a good spot to once agains challenge for the UFC welterweight title.

UFC finalizing Khamzat Chimaev – Gilbert Burns per Dana White

The UFC is close to finalizing an intriguing welterweight matchup that fight fans have been waiting a long time for. Dana White said today that the promotion was in the process of finalizing a matchup between Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) and Gilbert Burns (20-4).

The matchup would take place at UFC 273 on April 9th. Now, this fight has been rumored to be in the works for a long time and both men have appeared to be in camp, but nothing was finalized. The promotion also hadn’t let on whether the fight was done or not.

Now, we have a date and time for this fight and it goes down at UFC 273. This will be the first fight of the year for former welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns. The last time we saw Burns was back at UFC 264 when he took on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

In that fight, Burns was looking to bounce back after he lost his title shot against Kamaru Usman. Burns did bounce back and picked up the big win at UFC 264. Since moving to welterweight, Burns has been one of the best and now he’s 7-1 at 170 pounds.

UFC’s Biggest Rising Star

There is not a prospect with more potential in MMA right now than the UFC’s Khamzat Chimaev. Chimaev has been unworldly since making his debut back in Fight Island in 2020. In the span of just a few months, Chimaev went 3-0 with three stoppages while absorbing one strike.

He was so dominant that the UFC struggled to find opponents for him. The promotion decided to fast-track him and booked him against Leon Edwards. However, Covid scrapped this fight on both sides. The first time it was booked, Edwards got Covid. Then, Chimaev got Covid which cancelled the next bout.

Covid complications actually kept Chimaev out of the UFC for most of 2021. Chimaev finally got back to 100% and he returned at UFC 267 against top fifteen contender Li Jingliang. This was a huge test for Chimaev after the layoff and Li was his first ranked opponent.

Well, Chimaev didn’t skip a beat as he smashed Li and choked him out in the first round. Now, the UFC is pushing him all the way to the top of the division against the former title challenger in Gilbert Burns. If Chimaev can run through Burns like he’s ran through everyone else, he’s likely going to get a title shot next.

Khamzat Chimaev – Gilbert Burns being targeted for UFC 273

We appear to be getting closer to the UFC‘s biggest prospect getting the biggest test of his young career. Combate reported earlier today that superstar prospect Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) will be taking on former title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-4).

The matchup is not finalized just yet, but it appears that the fight will take place on April 9th at UFC 273. Originally, the promotion was targeting the bout for May at UFC 274 which was being targeted for Brazil. However, the promotion has scrapped those plans and the fight is moving up.

This is a massive opportunity for Gilbert Burns. The last time we saw Burns was back at UFC 264 when he took on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. It wasn’t the most exciting fight in the world, but Burns was able to pick up the decision win. That got him back on track after he lost to Kamaru Usman.

Since moving up to the UFC’s welterweight division from lightweight, Burns is 7-1. He’s proven himself to be one of the very best in the world and he figures to be a massive test for the sport’s biggest and brightest young prospect.

UFC Crowning Moment?

Khamzat Chimaev became a star and a legend when he first appeared on UFC programming. The Chechen welterweight/middleweight fought twice in ten days during the promotion’s first trip to Fight Island. He won both of those fights by dominant stoppage.

Then he knocked out middleweight contender Gerald Meerschaert with the first punch he threw in their fight. After three quick stoppage wins, the UFC targeted him against top welterweight contender Leon Edwards. However, Covid ended up keeping Chimaev out of action for most of 2021 and that fight never happened.

Chimaev returned at UFC 267 when he took on Li Jingliang. Li was expected to be a tough test for Chimaev and he passed with flying colors. Chimaev ran through “The Leech” and now he’s a very impressive 4-0 inside the octagon. What’s remarkable is that he’s 4-0 and he’s only absorbed one significant strike during those four fights.

If Chimaev defeats Burns in April, his next fight will be for the UFC welterweight championship. Kamaru Usman is expected to defend against Leon Edwards next, but Chimaev will be right there if he can get past Burns.

UFC headliner between Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic is off

Corey Anderson

Bad news for UFC fans in Ohio that were expecting to see a potential title eliminator in the light heavyweight division in March. Ariel Helwani was the first to report this afternoon that the matchup between former champion Jan Blachowicz (28-9) and Aleksandar Rakic (14-2) is off.

The two men were expecting to headline the March 26th Fight Night that was set to take place in Ohio. It was the first UFC Fight Night that was going to have a full arena in the United States since the pandemic started.

Helwani reported that the former light heavyweight champion has been forced to withdraw. It’s not known yet the reasoning or how long Blachowicz will be out of action. However, the UFC is wanting to rebook this fight.

With that in mind, Rakic will be off the card altogether. Of course, that means that the promotion is going to need a new headlining fight and I guarantee the UFC is off and running with figuring that out.

UFC Headliner

With this being the first US Fight Night with a full arena since the pandemic started, you have to imagine that the UFC wants to do it big. Michelle Waterson and Amanda Ribas are the co-main event, but I can’t imagine they will move that up to the main event.

The UFC has done that in the past with Waterson, however, this card seems too big for that. With that in mind, what is a potential main event that the promotion could shift towards.

Well, there’s one big fight that jumps out to me immediately. That would be the welterweight contest between Gilbert Burns (20-4) and Khamzat Chimaev (10-0). This is a fight that the UFC wants to make and both men want the fight.

Burns has been calling for it to be a main event and the delay has likely been caused by trying to find a date that didn’t already have a main event. It was likely going to take place in April or May, but I could see the UFC moving it up given this news.

Time will tell, but considering we are just about two months out, I would expect that we will know sooner than later.

UFC: Gilbert Burns calls for main event against Khamzat Chimaev

Ever since Khamzat Chimaev (10-0) made his UFC debut, it’s been hard to find him fights. Chimaev made his debut on Fight Island back in the summer of 2020. He completely dominated two opponents in a ten day span while only taking one significant strike.

He had his second fight a couple of months later at middleweight against Gerald Meerschaert. Well, he won his third straight UFC fight by finish when he knocked Meerschaert out with the first punch that he threw. After that, the UFC threw him to the wolves (no pun intended) when they booked him against Leon Edwards.

However, covid nixed that bout. In fact, Covid nixed most of Chimaev’s 2021. After surging to becoming one of the UFC’s biggest stars in 2020, Chimaev’s career was in doubt in 2021 due to the illness. However, he was eventually able to get the proper treatment and made his return in October.

In October, he took on Li Jingliang in his return. Somehow, Chimaev was even more impressive at UFC 267 than he had been in his previous three victories. Once again, he earned himself a stoppage win. While not many fighters are calling out Chimaev, there’s one top contender who wants a main event against him.

Burns calls for UFC headliner against Chimaev

This afternoon, former UFC title challenger Gilbert Burns (20-4) took to Twitter. He tweeted out to Dana White and asked for a main event against the hottest prospect in the UFC. Burns wants a five-round fight against Chimaev and if possible, he wants it to be done in Brazil.

A fight against Burns would be massive for Chimaev. On the flip side, a fight against Chimaev would be massive for Burns. If Burns could derail the hype train that his Khamzat Chimaev, he would likely be in a great position to get a second crack at Kamaru Usman.

Meanwhile, a win against Burns would vault Chimaev right into top contender status. There aren’t many fighters that come along with this kind of “it” factor. Chimaev is something special and if he can prove himself against the best in the world, he will be a massive star for the UFC.

Time will tell, but I think there’s a good chance that this is the fight that’s going to be made. Whoever wins, will likely get a shot at the welterweight championship in the second half of 2022.