New York Jets’ Sam Darnold is a QB You Can Win With

Despite a few rocky games, Sam Darnold is still the future for the New York Jets.

Sam Darnold has had a rough go of it since coming back from Mono. It had gotten so bad that many Jets fans had begun to wonder if it was time to move on from him.

Some have already decided to move on and are looking ahead to Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa. That’s a foolish response to a few bad games.

This all started with Sam Darnold’s awful display against the New England patriots. A game that saw him complete just 33% of his passes and throw four INTs. Just an awful display. Sam followed that up with two lack luster performances against the Jaguars and Dolphins.

The alarm bells started ringing in Jets fans’ heads. However, that response is premature for a few reasons. First, Darnold is only 22 years old. He’s actually a month younger than giants rookie QB Daniel Jones. On top of that, Darnold is playing behind an offensive line that is allowing pressure on over 60% of backdrops this year. Only the Bengals Oline has been worse.

Against the Jaguars, Sam Darnold was pressured on every single dropback and was sacked eight times. Not a scenario where any QB could succeed.

Still, Darnold has perceived and played reasonably well compared to the rest of the league. Darnold is 26th in QBR, ahead of Mitch Trubisky, Josh Allen, Jarred Goff, Andy Dalton, and Mason Rudolph.  All of that despite his awful games in New England and his terrible oline.

Here are Sam Darnold’s stats this year outside of that one horrific game in New England: 1221 yards, on 68.6% completion percentage, seven passing TDs, one rushing TD, five INTs, and zero lost fumble. Over a full 16 game schedule that would Darnold on pace for: 3,907 yards, on 68.6% completion, with 22 Passing TDs, three rushing TDs, 16 INTs, and zero lost fumbles.

That’s not a superstar level of QB production, but it is a massive jump from his performance in his rookie year. This all despite his awful surroundings.

Sam Darnold is not ready to carry this team on his back and lead them to the playoffs. He may never be that guy. However, he is a rising star QB in this league whose numbers have been skewed by one awful game. That awful game shouldn’t just be ignored, but it should be viewed for what it is an aberration.

New York Giants: Could They Consider Drafting Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa?

Tua Tagovailoa

The New York Giants suffered another painful loss on Sunday in embarrassing fashion to the New York Jets. The final score was 34-27, which is respectable, but it’s the opponent they lost to that’s hard to stomach.

The New York Jets came into the game with one less win than the Giants, and they were fresh off of a loss to the Miami Dolphins, who are supposedly ”tanking for Tua.” That didn’t stop them from taking down the New York Giants.
With many speculating on job security, both on and off the field, one of the few positive aspects of the 2019 season comes down to draft positioning.

The Giants’ Current Draft Positioning

Currently, The New York Giants are in position for the 3rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.
If they were to remain in this position permanently, there’s a chance the team could draft Chase Young, who is considered to be the best pass-rusher in college football.

There’s certainly a chance Chase Young is drafted 1st or 2nd as well. That would leave the team in an interesting situation because, by the process of elimination, one of two quarterbacks, Tua Tagovailoa or Joe Burrow, would be available for the Giants in the 3rd overall slot in the draft.

While many found the approach of the Arizona Cardinals to be odd or unconventional, it doesn’t look like a wrong move so far. Obviously, that has much to do with Kyler Murray looking like a much better prospect than Josh Rosen. But what if the same could be said for Tagovailoa or Burrow vs. Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones Has Exceeded All Expectations

Daniel Jones has crushed the expectations so far as a rookie quarterback. His worst flaws have absolutely nothing to do with throwing the ball or accuracy for that matter.

Here are a few impressive marks by the rookie so far:
• 2 games with 4 passing touchdowns, 300+ passing yards, 0 interceptions
• Won his first NFL game with 2 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns, 0 interceptions
• 15/8 touchdown to interception ratio
(just under the ideal 2:1 range)
• 1 or more touchdown passes in all 8 starts

If there were one reason to think Daniel Jones wouldn’t work out as a long-term franchise quarterback, it’s the fumbling.
He’s lost 11 of his total 13 fumbles in just 8 games, but it goes a little deeper than that. It’s an overall reflection of his pocket awareness.

Daniel Jones very selflessly plays the quarterback position. He’s willing to get hit on every single play and looks unphased by the beatings he takes.

Because of this, he doesn’t seem to play with an internal clock. “Living to play another down” is something Eli Manning lived by in recent years, and Daniel needs to learn to do that a little more often.

While strip-sacks are also being counted with fumbles as a ball-carrier, Daniel Jones should be just as aware of pass-rushers and have a feel for how much time is remaining in the pocket more often. Sometimes his patience pays off, but other times it leads to turnovers and drives that can’t be restored.

It’s very unlikely Giants GM Dave Gettleman would quit on Daniel Jones just after one season, which is essentially what he would be doing if he drafted another 1st round quarterback.

But what if ownership brings in a new regime?

If ownership wanted to go in a new direction, that could cause drastic changes. Many times a new regime wants to pick their own quarterback, whether it has to do with the scheme or other preferences.

With Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow shaping up to be top-shelf quarterback prospects, a new GM could field calls on Jones if one of them is available.

The team could possibly get back into the 1st round if they were to trade Jones. Since Josh Rosen was appealing enough for the 62nd overall pick in the 2019 draft, Jones should be worth significantly more. His quarterback rating of 88 is much better than Rosen’s as a rookie which was a 66.

This is hypothetical and highly unlikely unless there was an overhaul on staff. Dave Gettleman is in “full bloom love” with Daniel Jones, and that was before he surpassed the initial expectations. He’s not the one to expect to quit on Jones.
However, if this team cannot collect a handful of wins in November and December, massive changes shouldn’t be out of the question.

IF Daniel Jones has a new staff he must impress, the ball-security and pocket awareness needs to improve for him to have legitimate job-security in New York– especially if a top-shelf quarterback prospect were to stare the team in the face on draft night.

New York Mets’ Pitching Coach: Jeremy Hefner’s the Favorite

According to a rival GM, Former New York Mets’ pitcher Jeremy Hefner seems set to become the team’s new pitching coach.

Andy Martino of SNY is reporting that a rival GM has predicted the Mets will hire Jeremy Hefner.

Hefner spent only two seasons in the majors during his playing career. Both of which he spent with the Mets in 2012 and 2013. During the 2013 season, Hefner tore his UCL and had Tommy John surgery. Something his career couldn’t rebound from.

If you don’t remember who Jeremy Hefner is, maybe this will jog your memory:

He came back to baseball in 2018 as an advance scout with the Minnesota Twins. In 2019 he was promoted to assistant pitching coach working directly under Twins pitching coach Wes Johnson.

With Hefner on board the Twins pitching staff improved drastically. In 2018 the Twins staff was eighth in the AL in pitching FWAR, but with Hefner on board in 2019 they jumped all the way to second in the AL.

This isn’t the first time the Mets tried to bring Hefner back to New York either. Prior to the 2019 season, the Mets attempted to bring in Hefner as their bullpen coach. Hefner declined and Ricky Bones kept the job on an interim basis.

Hefner’s coaching style is heavily reliant on advanced analytics. Since retiring he has focused on learning the new wave of statistics and how to best implement them. He is now regarded as one of the most analytically savvy coaches in all of baseball.

If the Mets do hire Hefner it would be further proof of Brodie Van Wagenen‘s bold nature. With a rookie manager in Carlos Beltran coming on board many in the media have speculated that the pitching coach might be the most important hire the team makes.

That’s due to the simple fact that Beltran has no experience coaching pitchers. So, whoever the pitching coach is will likely have the power to coach the pitchers however they like.

This has led many to believe that the Mets would target an experienced pitching coach with proven success, like Phil Regan. Regan was the Mets pitching coach for the majority of the 2019 season and helped turn around the Mets pitching staff.

Yet, it seems he won’t be returning in that capacity. Instead, the Mets are focusing on younger inexperienced candidates. Hefner is just 33-years old and has only one year of coaching experience. He has never been a pitching coach at any level.

Much like Carlos Beltran, Jeremy Hefner would be a gamble on an up-and-coming coaching candidate with a lot of buzz around him.

Former New York Giant Diehl Living through Giving

New York Giants, Nate Solder

David Diehl spent 11 years in the National Football League playing for the New York Giants and his loyalty for them has not wavered one bit.  Diehl always shows up at training camp each season and gets to know all of the new faces of the Giant. He always attends any event associated with the Giants such as Town Hall.  Just look at his Instagram page and it is obvious to see how passionate and loyal he is about the team he fought for and won two Super Bowls with. Diehl is always posting throwback photos of iconic plays from the Giant’s greatest moments.  Diehl never forgets his teammates and always supports them.  His offensive lineman is his brothers and when they get together it is like old times.  He is most certainly faithful and devoted and remains ever so grateful and appreciative of both the Giants organization and its fans.

Diehl is very interactive with fans both in person and on social media.  Every time he attends a game or practice or any event, Diehl greets everyone he sees with a huge smile.  He is always so pleasant, full of life and grinning from ear to ear. He treats everyone he meets like a dear friend he has known for years.  Diehl is extremely down-to-Earth and tries to answer every follower’s comment on social media and personalizes it too. 

His social media accounts are full of inspirational quotes and positive affirmations.  If you are ever having a bad day, be sure to look at his Instagram page because it will cheer you up and brighten your day!  When he gives a speech or is on a panel, he is so full of life and passion and uplifts everyone in the room.

Diehl is also highly philanthropic and involved in a number of charities.  He is always saying “living through giving” and he certainly abides by this.  He has done work for the ALS Association, Autism Speaks and has donated the money raised from his annual golf event.  Diehl definitely has an attitude of gratitude.

Diehl is a two time Super Bowl champ, and a philanthropist amongst many other achievements, but perhaps his best accomplishment yet, is being a proud father to his beautiful daughter Addison.  Diehl is one of the greatest fathers and is so devoted to his daughter. He always spends time with her. From attending her cheer competitions to vacationing together, to writing cute notes in her lunchbox, it is clear to see that Diehl is a loving, committed dad.

Diehl can currently be seen giving his analysis on the  Giants Post Game Live shows that airs on MSG networks after every New York Giants game.  He provides his expertise that comes from years as a seasoned and extremely adept as an offensive lineman.  As always, he gives the show passion and heart.  Diehl also can be heard on Sirius XM NFL Radio and WFAN Sports Radio as well!

When you think of David Diehl, you think of former Giant, but the Diehl is, what makes him even more of a Giant is his heart.

New York Yankees: It looks like Gregorius’ time in the Bronx is over

If you were told last season at this time that the New York Yankees let Didi Gregorius walk away during free agency, would you believe it? I don’t think anyone had this in mind.

After failing to extend the shortstop a qualifying offer on November 4th, it looks like the Yankees are going to let this happen. After a mediocre season, it seems that the club and Gregorius are split on his value.

Even though the Yankees like Gregorius’ attitude and he liked playing in New York, if both sides can’t reach an agreement then it’s very likely he’ll find a new contract with a different club. The club has already said if they were to sign him, it’ll most likely be for one year and it’ll be less than $17.8 million. Even though Gregorius had a sub-par season, there’s no way he takes that small of a contract – unless he’s obsessed with the idea of playing in pinstripes.

There have been rumors of a scenario that the Cleveland Indians could trade Francisco Lindor to the Yankees and then sign Gregorius from the free-agent market. As pleasing as this sounds, it’s a long-shot.

The Milwalkee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds have already expressed interest in the 29-year-old.

It seems that the Yankees know that Gleyber Torres is their future shortstop. They were able to catch a glimpse of this while Gregorius was recovering from his Tommy John surgery.

If the Yankees let him walk, they already have so much depth to their infield. The infield could look something like this: Luke Voit at first, DJ LeMahieu at second, Gleyber Torres at shortstop, and Andujar/Urshela at third.

New York Giants and Jets Honor Veterans

New York Jets, New York Giants, Daniel Jones

For this Veteran’s day, the New York Jets and New York Giants game Sunday afternoon honored veterans as part of the NFL’s Salute to Service initiative.  With personnel and players clad in patriotic gear, the New York Jets and New York Giants showed their appreciation for American heroes.  

Prior to the game, the Black Daggers Parachute team part of the Special Forces of Fort Bragg the United States Army descended from a UH-60 helicopter.  During warm-ups and halftime, players from both the New York Jets and New York Giants showed their gratitude for veterans and servicemen and women and their families in attendance.  Le’Veon Bell said, “Do it for our troops who did it for us”.

Soldiers to Sidelines, a group dedicated to “expanding the coaching skills of former and current military members” worked with the New York Jets a few days prior to the game in a coaching seminar.   They learned some valuable information from New York Jets personnel.

The New York Giants have always supported and honored veterans in any way they can.  They have invited them to games and made them feel appreciated. One former New York Giant, punter Steve Weatherford is the epitome of patriotism and shows his pride and appreciation for the veterans any chance he gets.  Weatherford rallies his family on every patriotic holiday to honor the troops and their families in any way they can.

Just recently, former New York Giant great Justin Tuck wrote a letter to United States Navy Veteran Michael Cathcart, thanking him for his service and letting him know how he appreciates all of the veterans and current servicemen and women for all that they have done and continue to do.

Another New York Giant that is dedicated to honoring veterans and those who serve, is Golden Tate.  Just yesterday in Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, Tate wore  Salute to Service cleats by Nomad customs saying he was “forever grateful for our troops and the sacrifices they make. You continue to inspire me on and off the field!”.  Through his Golden Future Foundation, Tate and his wife Elise have held numerous events to support our nation’s heroes and their families.  The Golden Future Foundation holds a wonderful event called “Stars and Strikes”, gone on a USO tour and has done so many nice things to show the Tates’ appreciation for our troops and their loved ones!

The New York Jets and New York Giants organizations as a whole including players and coaches showed their admiration for the gallant men and women who served and continue to.  They say America is the land of the free, because of the brave and that could not be truer!  It is truly wonderful to see America’s heroes being honored because they deserve that and so much more.  We would not have the game of football if it wasn’t for these courageous men and women.

New York Knicks brass expresses serious concern in conference, coaching staff running out of time

New York Knicks, Scott Perry, Steve Mills

The New York Knicks fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers on the back of a porous defensive performance 108-87. The Knicks trailed for the entire game, going down 31-19 after just one-quarter of play.

After the contest concluded, the Knicks brass held a press conference to express their concern over the state of the team and how poor they have played thus far. Just ten games into the season, there’s still plenty of time to turn things around, but it will take a significant effort to get them on track, especially with head coach David Fizdale fiddling with the starting lineup like a child and a bowl of puddy.

During Fizdale’s post-game press conference, Steve Mills and Scott Perry walked in to answer the call:

“We still believe in our coaching staff,” Mills said. “We’re not happy where we are right now.”

There have been plenty of arguments to justify the firing of Fizdale, who can’t seem to piece together a consistent starting unit. Whether it be the combination of players or their individual lack of quality, it ultimately lands on the head coach and his efforts.

Scott Perry stated:

“I think it’s the lack of consistency. We gotta be consistent in all areas.”

After signing numerous veteran free agents to supplement the loss of Kristaps Porzingis and provide rookie RJ Barrett with plenty of support, the expectations for the Knicks were far more optimistic than their recent performances. At some point, the Knicks will need to come together and string together several good performances.

Where are the New York Knicks struggling?

As of late, the team’s defense seems to be their weak point, as Fizdale continues to try and enforce his ideology on established players. Reports of the Knicks head coach trying to change Julius Randle’s style of play have risen concern, considering how Randle has been used in the past (a primarily offensive player).

Building a scheme around his best players should be the priority, but it seems adapting to his style is more pressing.

New York Giants: Pat Shurmur’s job is hanging on by a string

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur

It’s an abnormality for star running back Saquon Barkley to record one yard in an entire game. Barkley entered week 10 against the New York Jets averaging 5.0 yards per carry but finished the contest averaging just 0.1. The New York Giants subsequently fell to the Jets, 34-27, primarily on the back of the defense and their lack of ability.

However, the failure to utilize Barkley falls on head coach Pat Shurmur. Now, there were instances where Barkley shied away from his lead blocker and would plunge straight up the middle, but that’s no excuse for Shurmur, who has every right to pull Saquon in favor of Wayne Gallman. The Giants’ star back missed several blocks in pass protection as well, which attests to his lingering ankle injury.

Barkley’s high ankle sprain is undoubtedly still effecting his quality, and every inch of his one-total rushing yard on Sunday tells the story. Going into the BYE week, the Giants need to evaluate if it’s worth keeping Barkley on the field for the remainder of the season. Putting him on IR and ensuring he recovers fully for next season is a priority.

The bigger question:

Should the New York Giants fire Pat Shurmur?

Most believe Shurmur should have been on the hot seat weeks ago, but his relationship and mentoring of rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones, has kept him alive. If his focus weren’t on developing Jones, the loss to the Jets would have guaranteed his departure, but there’s a significant chance he remains the head coach of the Giants into next season.

One realization I have noticed is the lack of urgency from the Giants. Shurmur stressed this factor last week after the loss to the Cowboys, and once again, his team failed to grasp the message. While there is a lack of talent surrounding both sides of the ball, Big Blue has shown they can compete at times, but their lack of motivation and drive has plagued them in the fourth quarter of games.

Ultimately, the fourth quarter has been where the Giants falter, and Shurmur is undoubtedly accountable to a degree.

New York Giants news, 11/11 – Saquon Barkley received x-rays, Janoris Jenkis, Nate Solder injured

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The New York Giants entered Sunday’s game against the Jets down several starters on offense. Specifically, Jon Halapio, Mike Remmers, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard all missed the week 10 loss.

The defeat 34-27 was disheartening for Big Blue, but they lost a lot more than just a nick in the win/loss column. Left tackle Nate Solder, cornerback Janoris Jenkins, and Saquon Barkley all sustained further injuries and required evaluation.

Solder and Jenkins left the game with concussions (did not return), and Barkley received x-rays after the game on a suspected shoulder injury. Barkley’s previous ailment, a high ankle sprain, has still been a bother, despite him playing through it. His pass blocking and shiftiness at the line of scrimmage have been absent in recent weeks, which could justify the New York Giants shutting him down for the remainder of the season at 2-7 on the year.

Further risking damage or additional injury is not worth Barkley’s future at the position, especially if Big Blue is keen on competing in 2020.

Head coach Pat Shurmur said after the game at Barkley was “banged up,” but didn’t reference his trip to the x-ray machine. The star running back tallied just one yard on 13 rushing attempts. With Saquon struggling to get anything going, Shurmur might look to utilize Wayne Gallman more frequently, who’s readily available. However, Shurmur has also proven incompetent at times and has executed questionable decision making this season.

As for Jenkins and Solder, both will require the BYE week to return to the field. Hopefully, their symptoms aren’t too egregious and can begin practicing next week.


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Are the Yankees bluffing on their interest in Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg?

The New York Yankees could pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason.

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner made it apparent that his starting rotation wasn’t the issue in the loss to the Houston Astros in the ALCS. He specifically mentioned his team’s scoring production with runners on base, failing to mention the struggles of the starters throughout the regular season.

However, as long as the starting rotation performs in the postseason, their efforts throughout the year don’t matter as much. Losing young pitcher Domingo German to a domestic violence case for the playoffs undoubtedly hurt the rotation’s efficiency, but he’s expected to return in 2020 after he serves a suspension.

With the rotation looking solid next year, Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman don’t have to spend big money on pitchers like Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg. Passing on both would leave the Yankees with this grouping of pitchers:

  1. Luis Severino
  2. James Paxton
  3. Masahiro Tanaka
  4. Jordan Montgomery
  5. J.A. Happ
  6. Domingo German (after suspension)
  7. Michael King/Deivi Garcia

This is a solid unit, but plugging in Cole at the top would give the Yankees the best in starting rotation in baseball, without question. A Cole, Severino, Paxton three-man rotation in the postseason would be deadly, and they would give the Bombers the best chance at reaching a World Series in over a decade.

The restraint from the Yankees will be in regards to price, as Cole is expected to ink a deal worth at least $200 million. Strasburg will also earn a substantial payday, but his injury history will limit his max-contract. Cole is set to break the record for the highest-paid pitcher, likely making over $30+ million per season.

The Yankees have the money to invest in Cole if they wish, and his stellar health makes him one of the most attractive options in recent memory. It ultimately boils down to the other weaknesses on the team, and aside from adding depth, every position as a bonafide starter readily available.

Catcher: Gary Sanchez

1st base: Luke Voit (re-sign on a cheap deal)

2nd base: DJ LeMahieu

shortstop: Gleyber Torres

3rd base: Gio Urshela, Miguel Andujar

Leftfield: Giancarlo Stanton

Centerfield: Aaron Hicks

Rightfield: Aaron Judge

The Yankees have a ton of youth player featuring on the team, giving them ample cap-space to go out and sign a premium free agent pitcher. If Cashman is keen on winning a World Series soon, signing Cole or Strasburg undoubtedly gives them a significant boost.