Former New York Giant Diehl Living through Giving

New York Giants, Nate Solder

David Diehl spent 11 years in the National Football League playing for the New York Giants and his loyalty for them has not wavered one bit.  Diehl always shows up at training camp each season and gets to know all of the new faces of the Giant. He always attends any event associated with the Giants such as Town Hall.  Just look at his Instagram page and it is obvious to see how passionate and loyal he is about the team he fought for and won two Super Bowls with. Diehl is always posting throwback photos of iconic plays from the Giant’s greatest moments.  Diehl never forgets his teammates and always supports them.  His offensive lineman is his brothers and when they get together it is like old times.  He is most certainly faithful and devoted and remains ever so grateful and appreciative of both the Giants organization and its fans.

Diehl is very interactive with fans both in person and on social media.  Every time he attends a game or practice or any event, Diehl greets everyone he sees with a huge smile.  He is always so pleasant, full of life and grinning from ear to ear. He treats everyone he meets like a dear friend he has known for years.  Diehl is extremely down-to-Earth and tries to answer every follower’s comment on social media and personalizes it too. 

His social media accounts are full of inspirational quotes and positive affirmations.  If you are ever having a bad day, be sure to look at his Instagram page because it will cheer you up and brighten your day!  When he gives a speech or is on a panel, he is so full of life and passion and uplifts everyone in the room.

Diehl is also highly philanthropic and involved in a number of charities.  He is always saying “living through giving” and he certainly abides by this.  He has done work for the ALS Association, Autism Speaks and has donated the money raised from his annual golf event.  Diehl definitely has an attitude of gratitude.

Diehl is a two time Super Bowl champ, and a philanthropist amongst many other achievements, but perhaps his best accomplishment yet, is being a proud father to his beautiful daughter Addison.  Diehl is one of the greatest fathers and is so devoted to his daughter. He always spends time with her. From attending her cheer competitions to vacationing together, to writing cute notes in her lunchbox, it is clear to see that Diehl is a loving, committed dad.

Diehl can currently be seen giving his analysis on the  Giants Post Game Live shows that airs on MSG networks after every New York Giants game.  He provides his expertise that comes from years as a seasoned and extremely adept as an offensive lineman.  As always, he gives the show passion and heart.  Diehl also can be heard on Sirius XM NFL Radio and WFAN Sports Radio as well!

When you think of David Diehl, you think of former Giant, but the Diehl is, what makes him even more of a Giant is his heart.