New York Knicks brass expresses serious concern in conference, coaching staff running out of time

New York Knicks, Scott Perry, Steve Mills

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The New York Knicks fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers on the back of a porous defensive performance 108-87. The Knicks trailed for the entire game, going down 31-19 after just one-quarter of play.

After the contest concluded, the Knicks brass held a press conference to express their concern over the state of the team and how poor they have played thus far. Just ten games into the season, there’s still plenty of time to turn things around, but it will take a significant effort to get them on track, especially with head coach David Fizdale fiddling with the starting lineup like a child and a bowl of puddy.

During Fizdale’s post-game press conference, Steve Mills and Scott Perry walked in to answer the call:

“We still believe in our coaching staff,” Mills said. “We’re not happy where we are right now.”

There have been plenty of arguments to justify the firing of Fizdale, who can’t seem to piece together a consistent starting unit. Whether it be the combination of players or their individual lack of quality, it ultimately lands on the head coach and his efforts.

Scott Perry stated:

“I think it’s the lack of consistency. We gotta be consistent in all areas.”

After signing numerous veteran free agents to supplement the loss of Kristaps Porzingis and provide rookie RJ Barrett with plenty of support, the expectations for the Knicks were far more optimistic than their recent performances. At some point, the Knicks will need to come together and string together several good performances.

Where are the New York Knicks struggling?

As of late, the team’s defense seems to be their weak point, as Fizdale continues to try and enforce his ideology on established players. Reports of the Knicks head coach trying to change Julius Randle’s style of play have risen concern, considering how Randle has been used in the past (a primarily offensive player).

Building a scheme around his best players should be the priority, but it seems adapting to his style is more pressing.

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