Yankees could replace Corey Kluber with another oft-injured ace

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The New York Yankees are gearing up for an exciting off-season, and while signing a star shortstop and a potential trade for Oakland Athletics first baseman Matt Olson have plastered the headlines, general manager Brian Cashman is making some low-key moves.

The Yankees recently attended veteran starting pitcher Justin Verlander‘s workout as he rehabilitates from elbow surgery. Verlander hasn’t pitched since 2019, tossing 223 innings and recording a 2.54 ERA with the Houston Astros. During his bullpen session, reports indicated that Verlander hit close to 97 mph with his fastball, despite averaging 94.4 mph over the course of his career. His highest velocity was 95.6 back in 2009 with Detroit.

If the Yankees did bring him in on a short-term contract, it would be similar to how they viewed Corey Kluber, a veteran coming off injury who could produce at a starter level. However, there is a significant difference between Kluber and Verlander, and that is mentality and overall quality.


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The Astros’ former ace would be a dangerous pairing with Gerrit Cole at the top of the starting rotation, and with his high strikeout rates and low walk percentages, he would be an incredible addition if he can remain healthy at 38-years-old.

Verlander is coming off a contract paying him $66M over two years, but considering they were injury-riddled, he might settle for a deal in the $16-20 million per season range, if not less.

The Yankees can activate the trade market to find a supplement in the starting rotation after losing Andrew Heaney this off-season, but Verlander offers a potential elite talent who will likely dominate when active. Cole would appreciate his skills, given he’s played with him in the past and knows he can rely on him to sustain excellence on a weekly basis.

In the case the Yankees do land Verlander, they would also have Luis Severino, Domingo German, Jordan Montgomery, and Jameson Taillon as their primary starters. Injuries have plagued this rotation in the past, and adding a starter coming off two years rehabilitating doesn’t exactly scream reliability. However, that has been Cashman’s strategy, and if it pans out, which we say every year, the Bombers would be sitting pretty.

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Will the New York Yankees talk potential trade deals with the Royals this week?

New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees are feeling pretty decent right now after their recent 5-1 stretch. That stretch was much needed as the bombers looked horrendous for much of the last month. Fans began to grow increasingly frustrated with the struggling team who fell to fourth place for a time.

The Yankees recent stretch has everyone feeling a little better, but there’s still a ways to go before we start feeling good about this ballclub. As of this morning, the bombers are still in 3rd place in the division. If the season ended today, they’d be going home.

Starting tonight, The Kansas City Royals are coming to New York for a three-game series. The Royals are currently 32-38 so this looks like it could be another great opportunity for the Yankees to pickup another series victory as they try to chip away at the division.

While a focus will certainly be on the games against the Royals, I can’t help but think that Brian Cashman and his team might do some scouting this week. Perhaps, the Yankees could also do a little talking with Dayton Moore and the Royals front office.

Is a Yankees and Royals trade in the cards?

It’s no secret that there are holes with this Yankees team. The club needs a little help as they gear up towards the second half of the season. There are still big questions in the outfield and the starting rotation.

There are also questions at first base with Luke Voit’s inability to stay on the field this season. The Royals do not look like a team that will make a run for the playoffs. You could see them sell off some pieces at the deadline as they prep for the future.

With that, the Yankees could take advantage. A couple of names that were being whispered about earlier in the season were Danny Duffy and Andrew Benintendi. Duffy is having a career season on the mound with a 1.94 ERA. However, recent injuries have given teams pause on acquiring him.

Duffy is set to be a free agent after the season so if he can come back healthy, he could be an option for the Yankees before the deadline. Benintendi would help the Yankees in the outfield and on the left side of the plate. However, a recent crack to his rib also might take him off the table.

Other trade options

Another name being floated around is Michael Taylor. Taylor is also set to be a free agent after the season and would by far be the cheapest acquisition the Yankees could make from Kansas City.

Taylor could help the bombers out in the outfield given all the issues the team has had there. A name that has been floated around for the last couple of years is Whit Merrifield. Merrifield can play all around the infield and the outfield.

He’s led the majors in hits a couple of times and would be a major acquisition for the Yankees. However, Dayton Moore has said over the last couple of years that he doesn’t want to part with Merrifield as he sees Whit as a guy to build around for the future.

Mike Minor could be a guy the Yankees look at for the rotation and Carlos Santana could be another name to watch. There’s no smoke around any of these players right now, but these are all potential targets depending on what Brian Cashman decides

Are the New York Yankees targeting Adam Frazier?

The New York Yankees were feeling good entering yesterday’s game against the Rays. The Bombers had won two games in a row and seemingly had snapped out of their funk. Confidence was growing and Gerrit Cole was on the mound looking to give the Yankees their third straight win.

However, the game didn’t go according to plan. Cole never seemed comfortable on the mound and he was getting squeezed the entire start. The calls were frustrating Aaron Boone so much that he was eventually thrown out of the game for barking at the home plate umpire.

Cole allowed five earned runs and the Yankees were spanked 9-2. Despite taking two games from the division leading Rays, it still doesn’t feel like the Yankees are where they need to be. They continue to struggle with a lot of the fundamentals and it’s becoming a major issue.

There was a lot of confidence in this club before the season started. While some Yankees fans will always have faith in their team, I believe the majority do not see this club as a serious World Series contender at this point. With that in mind, they need to make some upgrades.

Yankees Trade Targets

A couple of days ago, I posted an article talking about the Yankees potential interest in Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. Gleyber Torres has struggled defensively again this year and his power has completely disappeared.

I’ve said for a long time and I think most would agree that Torres is not a long-term solution at short. With that, perhaps the Yankees could go out and make a deal for Story. He would be an instant solution to some of their problems.

However, there is one major problem that Story wouldn’t fix. That problem is how atrocious the bombers have been from the left side of the plate. Entering today, the Yankees have a .573 OPS from the left side which is the worst in baseball. They need a left-handed bat to upgrade the lineup and there’s one it Pittsburg that would be the perfect fit.

Could the Bombers acquire Adam Frazier?

In reality, there might not be a better fit on the trading block for the Yankees than Adam Frazier. The 29 year old is a good second baseman and he also plays all around the outfield. Frazier could slot in wherever the Yankees needed him to whether it be the infield or the outfield.

Most importantly, Frazier is hitting .333 this season. Frazier would be an instant upgrade and give the Yankees a real quality bat from the left side that they could put near the top of their lineup. MLB Network’s Jon Morosi was the first to link Frazier to the Yankees today.

Frazier would be under control for next season as well. Now, given how good he’s played this year, he wouldn’t be cheap to get on the market. However, he checks all the boxes in terms of what the bombers need right now. They need someone to make consistent contact, play defense wherever he’s needed, and hit well from the left side.

Adam Frazier is that guy. The Pirates and the Yankees do have trade history with one another and the GMs have a good relationship. It will ultimately come down to what the asking price is and what Cashman’s willing to give up. If Cashman is able to meet the price, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see Adam Frazier in pinstripes by the deadline.

Yankees Rumors: One strong-armed relief pitcher Cashman can land on a cost-efficient deal

New York Yankees, Trevor Rosenthal

The New York Yankees aren’t done making moves, despite general manager Brian Cashman going on a spending spree the past few days to acquire starting pitching talent. He also dumped $8.15 million in salary by trading Adam Ottavino to the Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees still need to fill multiple positions with quality, and by trading away Otto, they need to add a relief arm to supplement his loss. They also let Tommy Kahnle walk in free agency after suffering an elbow injury last year that required Tommy John surgery.

I can’t imagine the Yankees feel confident with their bullpen at the moment, so we should expect them to find a relief arm in the coming days. One stellar option is Trevor Rosenthal, who pitched for both the San Diego Padres and Kansas City Royals in 2020.

Rosenthal is currently a free agent, and while he’s nearly 31 years old, he could provide value for the Yankees as an experienced bullpen arm with juice left to spare.

What does Rosenthal offer the Yankees?

This past season, he finished with a 1.90 ERA over 23.2 innings. His 14.45 strikeouts per nine is significant, indicating he racks up numbers in the category — he would produce a few stellar innings for the Yankees in relief. He has been extremely consistent over the course of his career, despite having a tumultuous 2019 season with a measly 15.1 innings sample size.

His current market value is probably in the $2 million range, but the Yankees only need him to pitch a specific number of innings. He primarily utilizes a fastball, changeup, and slider—his fastball covers in the 98.1 mph range, which is exactly what the Yankees like.

Having a strong-armed bullpen option in Chad Green only benefits them, and Rosenthal would add even more power. Currently, it seems as if the Yankees will rely on Jonathan Loaisiga, Green, Zack Britton, Luis Cessa, and Aroldis Chapman as their relief options and closers.

It is clear they could use another arm after trading Ottavino, and Rosenthal would fit the bill adequately on a cheaper contract.

Are the New York Yankees in on Trevor Rosenthal?

New York Yankees, Trevor Rosenthal

The offseason was going incredibly slow for the New York Yankees. Fans were getting extremely restless and it just felt like the bombers were never going to get anything done. All of that changed last week starting with the resigning of DJ LeMahieu. 

After months of back and forth, the Yankees finally got the deal done. However, they didn’t stop there. Once that deal was done, they turned their attention to the starting rotation. It didn’t take them very long to secure another arm for the rotation.

The same day as the LeMahieu agreement, the bombers came to terms with former two-time Cy Young award winner, Corey Kluber. Kluber and the Yankees agreed to a one year deal that will pay him $11 million for the 2021 season.

With LeMahieu and Kluber secured, I was told the focus would remain on pitching. Of course, over the weekend, we saw Luis Castillo rumors running wild. While there have been talks there, there is certainly nothing close or even momentum towards that happening.

Per my understanding, the Yankees are active on a number of fronts. They are definitely working on some trades especially considering they have to free up space on the roster for LeMahieu and Kluber.

They are looking into arms via the trade market, however, they are still looking at the available free agent relievers that are on the market. One of those relievers is someone who they are familiar with. That pitcher is Trevor Rosenthal.

How interested are the Yankees in Trevor Rosenthal?

Over the weekend I was told that the Yankees had made contact with Rosenthal last week. Now, I was not told if those were serious talks or if the bombers were simply doing their due diligence with what’s available on the market.

DJ LeMahieu controlled everything for the Yankees. He was the big domino and now Cashman is exploring every possible option he has to improve the club. By all indications, Trevor Rosenthal is someone they are interested in.

It’s been no secret that the Yankees are looking for another bullpen arm. They like Rosenthal and even took a flyer on him in 2019 by signing him to a minor league deal. Rosenthal was sensational in 2020 and would be a good fit in the bullpen.

It’s worth noting that Cashman is looking into everything. At this time, I just know that there’s been contact, but I’m not sure how serious it is. Last night, Rosenthal tweeted out a gif of Batman in Gotham. Perhaps it’s a sign or maybe just a coincidence.

What I do know is that the Yankees are looking for more pitching help. I would expect to see a move sooner than later with the bombers improving upon either their rotation or their bullpen.

Will the New York Yankees pursue a Luis Castillo trade?

New York Yankees, Luis Castillo

There is no secret that the New York Yankees have struggled with starting pitching over the last few years. They have made moves over the past few years to attempt to address it, but nothing ever led to a World Series.

The Yankees signed the best pitcher in baseball last year in Gerrit Cole. However, the rotation behind Cole completely fell apart. James Paxton was acquired the year before but couldn’t stay healthy in 2020 to help the Yankees.

Luis Severino was out for the year due to Tommy John and Domingo German was suspended. Masahiro Tanaka and JA Happ were inconsistent as well as the young pitchers like Jordan Montgomery and Deivi Garcia.

Simply put, the Yankees had no consistency behind Gerrit Cole. If they want to win a World Series, they need to have a bonafide number two starter that sits behind their ace. Right now, they don’t have that.

When at his best, Luis Severino could be that guy. However, the Yankees don’t know what to expect from Severino as he attempts to come back in 2021. The Yankees are currently examining the market looking for pitching reinforcements.

It’s widely known that the bombers are not going to spend to sign a guy like Trevor Bauer. Bauer played for the Reds last year and won the Cy Young. However, there is a pitcher who pitched for the Reds that the Yankees should pursue.

The Yankees and the Reds to make another deal?

No, the Yankees shouldn’t go after Sonny Gray who’s reportedly available. That’s a been there, done that type of situation. Instead, the Yankees should definitely pursue the young All-Star, Luis Castillo.

Supposedly, the Reds are listening to offers for the young pitcher. Dan Federico was first to report this and it was later confirmed by Jon Heyman. The Yankees should be all over this potential trade.

Luis Castillo would be the perfect option to backup Gerrit Cole in the Yankees rotation. Castillo was 4-6 with a 3.21 ERA last year on the heels of an All-Star season that saw him go 15-8 with a 3.40 ERA.

Acquiring someone like Castillo would cost the Yankees a lot. In terms of prospects, this would be a much steeper price than getting a guy like Francisco Lindor considering Lindor’s pending free agency.

Castillo wouldn’t hit the free agent market until after the 2023 season. If the Yankees could pull off a deal for Castillo, that would instantly make them much better. Imagine a rotation with Cole, Castillo, and a healthy Severino.

There is no word on if the Yankees are pursuing Castillo. However, I would expect them to take a hard look if the Reds are serious about dealing him. This is a situation to watch.

Is Archie Bradley on the New York Yankees’ radar?

New York Yankees, Archie Bradley

Tender day has come and gone in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees ended up deciding to tender Gary Sanchez a contract yesterday which was the biggest question mark around the ballclub yesterday.

However, the Yankees did non-tender one player. That player would be reliever Jonathan Holder. Holder has been very up and down for the Yankees during his tenure with the ballclub. With Holder out of the picture, the Yankees have a spot open in their bullpen.

During tender day, we saw a lot of quality players get released. More than normal due to the amount of money that teams lost last year due to the pandemic shortened season. One of those players was reliever, Archie Bradley.

Bradley was non-tendered by the Reds yesterday making him a free agent. Archie Bradley is a very good reliever. Over the past few years with Arizona and Cincinnati he’s been terrific never having an ERA above 4.

Since 2017, Bradley has posted the following ERAs: 1.73, 3.64, 3.52, 2.95. He’s a reliever that the Yankees have actually been interested in before. At the trade deadline of 2019, the Yankees made an attempt to acquire Bradley and Robbie Ray from Arizona.

Will the Yankees make the move?

The Yankees have been interested in Archie Bradley before. There’s a lot to like about Bradley as a reliever and he would be a welcomed addition to the stable that the Yankees are putting together.

Right now, the bombers focus remains on resigning DJ LeMahieu. That is their priority number one. While their rotation is still in question, it doesn’t appear that the team is poised to make a big splash for a starting pitcher this offseason.

That being said, I can see them trying to upgrade the bullpen a little. Non-tendering Jonathan Holder is a part of that plan for the New York Yankees. If you can replace Holder with Archie Bradley, you’ve hit a home run.

Now, with the importance of good arms in the bullpen, Bradley is going to have a number of suitors. He’s not going to come cheap for whoever signs him. That said, the Yankees let Holder go and Tommy Kahnle is gone. There is room for Bradley in the Bronx bullpen.

Of course, the Yankees could use internal options in order to save a little more money. That is entirely possible, however, don’t be shocked if you start to hear the Yankees tied to the free agency of Archie Bradley.

The New York Yankees and DJ LeMahieu making progress in talks (Source)

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees are working hard to bring back their all-star second baseman. I was told this morning from a source within baseball that the bombers and DJ LeMahieu are making progress on a potential deal.

If the deal were to work out between the Yankees and LeMahieu, the deal would likely be for four years. Financially, the deal would sit between $21-23 million per year with a potential vesting option based on performance for a fifth year.

I will caution readers that the information I received this morning should not signal that a deal is done. As Andy Martino pointed out, there are plenty of suitors for DJ LeMahieu. The Yankees are not alone in their pursuit for the MVP candidate.

However, the bombers have a lot going for them in this instance. The fact is that DJ LeMahieu wants to stay with the Yankees. He really has enjoyed the last couple of seasons with the team, and he wants to continue chasing a title in New York.

The Yankees also want to keep DJ LeMahieu and are willing to do what it takes to get the deal done. Resigning LeMahieu has become the bombers top priority of the offseason and the pursuit will shape what actions they take throughout the winter.

Also, I realize that I don’t have a blue checkmark on Twitter so many might be asking the validity of this information. I will tell you, that the same guy who told me this information gave me the Zack Wheeler – Phillies news before the news broke nationally.

Will the Yankees keep their man?

By all accounts, the deal just makes sense on all fronts. LeMahieu wants to stay in New York and the Yankees want him back. He means so much to this team in so many different ways.

For years, this team has struggled with strikeouts and struggled defensively. Well, on both of those fronts, you can’t get much better than DJ LeMahieu. That is why the Yankees have made it their priority to get this deal done.

The last message I received this morning is that the talks were entering the red zone, but not yet close to the end zone. Things can always change and there are a lot of suitors who might blow LeMahieu out of the water with an insane deal.

That is not my expectation or the expectation of the people I’ve chatted with. No timetable on when the deal will likely get done, but there is reason to feel optimistic if you’re a fan of DJ LeMahieu staying in New York. Time will tell.

Are Gary Sanchez’s days with the New York Yankees numbered?

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

I don’t think there’s a player that has frustrated the New York Yankees or their fanbase more than Gary Sanchez. Sanchez was supposed to be a star catcher for the bombers, and he’s shown that potential at times.

He has incredible power in his bat and he’s got a great arm behind the plate. However, despite the potential, he’s really failed to live up to expectations. Last season was so bad that he was benched in the playoffs.

Sanchez still shows power in his bat, but he’s hit under 200 combined over the past couple of seasons. Combining that with his extremely high strikeout rate and his horrific defense and you don’t have a very popular figure in New York.

The Yankees have apparently been contemplating moving on from Sanchez. They made Sanchez available in trade talks at the deadline and it appears that they are likely to make him available in the offseason as well.

We are already seeing signs of this. It was reported today that the Yankees have reached out to future Hall of Famer, Yadier Molina. If the Yankees were to sign Molina, they wouldn’t be bringing him in as a backup.

Considering the Yankees have a permanent DH in Giancarlo Stanton, a Molina signing would signal the end for Sanchez. The New York Post also reported today that the bombers are open to trading their once prized catcher.

What should the Yankees do?

This is the question that many fans seem to be divided on. You have one group of fans that want the Yankees to give Sanchez another shot. I will say that when he’s firing on all cylinders, he can be one of the best catchers in the game.

Then you have another group of fans who would like to strap him to a rocket and send him to the moon. There’s really not a middle ground when it comes to the New York Yankees fanbase.

That being said, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think the Yankees try to move him. If they can package Sanchez in the right deal, I think there’s a high probability that they move on from Sanchez.

The team is moving further and further down the road of analytics. Frankly, there’s no analytics that point to Gary Sanchez being a great all-around catcher. Yankees pitching had a significantly higher ERA this year with him behind the plate versus Kyle Higashioka.

Combine that with all of his terrible personal metrics, and it doesn’t look like a fit for a team trying to win the World Series. Maybe the Yankees hold onto Sanchez and he turns back into the guy we saw in 2017. That’s a real possibility.

However, the sample size of poor performance is starting to outweigh the good performances. And in a place like New York, it’s always been about, “What have you done for me lately?” The answer from Gary Sanchez is truly not much.

New York Yankees FA target, Kevin Gausman, accepts Giants’ qualifying offer

Kevin Gausman, New York Yankees

One of the New York Yankees targets in the free agent pitching market is off the board. First reported by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, Kevin Gausman has decided to accept the qualifying offer from the San Francisco Giants.

Gausman’s decision comes on the heels of Marcus Stroman also accepting his qualifying offer from the New York Mets. With those two decisions, two potential targets for the Yankees are off the board.

There was no word on the potential interest in terms of the Yankees and Marcus Stroman. However, there were some rumors that the Yankees were intrigued and interested in Gausman who had a fantastic year for the Giants.

Gausman was a pitcher that the Yankees were also interested in back at the August trade deadline. However, a deal never materialized and Gausman stayed with the Giants. It was reported that Gausman had multiple year deals on the table.

However, in the end, the Giants starting pitcher decided it would be best to stick with San Francisco for another year. Perhaps hoping there will be more money in the FA market after a somewhat normal 2021 MLB season.

Yankees Options From Here

Gausman was definitely someone that the Yankees were interested in for the back end of the rotation. Of course, the Yankees are also talking and thinking about bringing back Masahiro Tanaka on a short-term deal.

Tanaka has only been with the Yankees since he made the jump to the majors seven years ago. In addition to the interest in Tanaka, the bombers are said to be interested in potentially bringing in Charlie Morton on a one or two year deal.

Despite Stroman and Gausman being taken off the board, there are still options for the Yankees. The top prize is Trevor Bauer, however, early reports seem to indidicate that the Yankees won’t spend the money required to get a guy like Bauer.

Expect the Yankees to look at a couple of pitchers to fill out their rotation. It was reported today that bringing back Tanaka wouldn’t take the bombers out of the running for a guy like Charlie Morton. It’ll all come down to the dollars at the end of the day.