Yankees News: Marcus Stroman attacks Yankee fans on Twitter, Aaron Hicks injury update

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The New York Yankees have their focus set on free agency this off-season, but Mets starter Marcus Stroman continues to take shots at the team and their management style. On Tuesday, Stroman went after a few fans on Twitter and responded to Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker that he prefers to wear durags, dreads, and tattoos, a silent shot at the Yankees for their strict rules.

Stroman responded to several fans who shot back at the starter, and his words weren’t exactly civil.

You mad because that crazy payroll continues to let you down year after year? Get off my page and go communicate with the front office bitter boy.

Stroman spoke specifically about the Yankees’ payroll and how their ability to pay players monstrous deals hasn’t translated to wins. I hate to say it, but he isn’t wrong about that, considering the team hasn’t reached the World Series in over a decade despite having one of the highest payrolls in baseball year after year.

Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009. They routinely spend more than any other team and acquire the biggest names at every trade deadline. The way the spend and players they get should result in much more success than they’ve had…you don’t agree?
Brian Cashman and Stroman don’t exactly have the best history, which is why this exchange isn’t exactly surprising. Stroman is currently a free agent but could find his way back to Queens on an extension.

Aaron Hicks injury update:

Skipper Aaron Boone stated on Tuesday that Hicks could be in line to play Winter Ball if his left wrist continues to heal at a brisk pace:

“He’s in position to do that,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “As a matter of fact, he sent me some video of him in the cage the other day swinging and he feels great. I think he looks great and we’ll just see where we are in the next few weeks about the final sign-off on that.”

Hicks played in just 32 games this past season, recording a career-low .194 average. Offensively, Hicks hasn’t been very sturdy the past few years, but he offers a switch-hitting option that adds plenty of diversity to the batting order. In 2020, he recorded a career-high 19.4% walk rate, a tremendous number that indicates his patience at the plate. There is no doubt that Hicks has a solid eye, working up the pitch count and helping get starters out of the game prematurely. However, he hasn’t been reliable with his health, suffering a left wrist injury that forced him out for virtually the entire year.
The Yankees expect to have him available for 2022, but management made it apparent they are still looking for centerfield talent just in case they need a supplement. The team has Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Joey Gallo on the roster, so there is a solid chance Judge shits over to centerfield if Gallo isn’t included in a trade.
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