What should the UFC do with Mike Perry?

This past Saturday night at UFC 255, Mike Perry (14-7) fought on the main card when he took on Tim Means (31-12-1, 1 NC). Perry has made headlines outside of the octagon for all of his troubles.

Those troubles include domestic violence accusations and a bar fight where he knocked out an old man. Still, Perry finds himself competing in the UFC‘s welterweight division. However, he messed up again last week.

After taunting Tim Means a week before the fight while eating cheeseburgers, Perry missed weight by 4.5 pounds. He wasn’t even close and normally this is something that infuriates UFC President Dana White.

Once the fights were over, I was expecting White to be more of a critic of Perry. However, White said in the post-fight press conference that Mike Perry is entertaining. The UFC 255 contest with Means was very entertaining.

In the first round, Perry was able to get Tim Means to the ground and get his back. The next two rounds were completely on the feet with Means getting the better of the exchanges. However, Perry did land some bombs and the fight was fun to watch.

What does the UFC do with Perry?

Now that the fight is over, we can start to think about what’s next. In reality, Mike Perry has been a PR nightmare for the UFC this year. In addition to that, he’s just 3-6 in his last nine fights inside the octagon.

I really do enjoy watching Mike Perry compete in the octagon. As Dana White said, he’s a ton of fun to watch. I also believe that Mike Perry has a lot of talent. He’s just got some issues he really needs to work through.

He needs to get himself in a good camp and he needs to take fighting more serious. While he’s entertaining, nobody can look at Mike Perry right now and say he’s a serious contender in the UFC.

I think the promotion needs to have a serious intervention with Perry. They need to be blunt about him getting his life together. If he can’t show that he’s willing to take it serious, he has no business in the UFC.

There are so many contenders that are just itching to get their chance with the promotion. I don’t think the promotion will cut Perry, but I think they keep him on the condition that he straightens up. His leash should be extremely short with the promotion.

UFC: Is it time for Shogun Rua to hang it up?

Shogun Rua

This past weekend at UFC 255, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (27-12-1) took on Paul Craig (14-4-1) on the main card. The two men had previously fought about a year ago in a fight that resulted in a split draw.

The fight on Saturday night didn’t go according to plan for the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Rua couldn’t keep Craig off of him for the most part in the fight. Shogun said that he actually sustained an elbow injury after Craig’s first takedown.

He had moments in the first and second round whenever the two were striking. Shogun was able to land a couple of really good straight shots, but he wasn’t throwing any leg kicks which I though would be key for a victory at UFC 255.

Conventional wisdom would say that he wasn’t throwing leg kicks to avoid the takedowns. However, he still wasn’t able to avoid the takedowns from Craig. Shogun looked slow and withered in the second round of the fight.

Craig was able to land a big takedown and take Shogun’s back. It wasn’t long after that, that Shogun found himself flattened out. After Craig landed a few big shots, Shogun tapped out due to the strikes giving Craig the TKO victory.

UFC future for Shogun Rua

The former UFC light heavyweight champion is going to be turning 39 years old this week. He looked like a shell of his former self on Saturday night and Dana White said that he believes he should be done in the post-fight press conference. 

In Rua’s Instagram post where he detailed his elbow injury, he said that he would talk to his family about his future. The former UFC light heavyweight champion has accomplished so much in his historic career.

He’s one of a few men to have captured titles in Pride and in the UFC. However, he hasn’t been able to compete at the top level for a very long time. He’s stayed competitive, but it’s clear that his career is on life support.

If Shogun was to compete again, I would only want the UFC to give him a fight that he could actually win. I personally wish he would have walked away after the trilogy with Nogueira because there is truly nothing left for the legend to prove in this sport.

UFC Matchmaker: Lauren Murphy – Katlyn Chookagian 2

Lauren Murphy, UFC

This past weekend at UFC 255, Katlyn Chookagian (15-4) was able to get back on the winning side of things. She was very impressive in her unanimous decision victory over top contender, Cynthia Calvillo (9-2-1).

Chookagian had just fought about a month ago on Fight Island. She was stopped in the first round by former UFC strawweight champion, Jessica Andrade. Despite being stopped, Chookagian still entered UFC 255 as the second ranked contender at flyweight.

She did a fantastic job of keeping the fight at standing and at range on Saturday night. Calvillo couldn’t get anything going and Chookagian did a fantastic job of picking her apart from the outside.

The result was a dominant 30-27 victory for the former title challenger. After the fight was over, Chookagian made it clear that she believes anyone who wants a title shot must go through her first to get it. She also called a potential opponent easy money.

“Obviously, anyone that wants to fight Valentina probably has to fight me first. I’ve already beaten Lauren Murphy, but I’ll do it again. It’s an easy paycheck, so whatever,” Chookagian told the media at the post-fight press conference.

Will the UFC book the rematch?

In all honesty, this is the fight that makes the most sense for the UFC. I believe the best fight they can make right now is Chookagian against Lauren Murphy (14-4). Murphy has won four in a row on her way to being ranked fifth in the flyweight division.

The two previously fought back in 2016 and Chookagian won the fight by unanimous decision. Obviously, both of the fighters have improved since their first fight over four years ago.

Murphy was really pushing for a title shot after her last fight, but that was always a long shot. While she had wins over ranked contenders, nobody was near the very top of the division. A win over Chookagian would solidify her status as a top contender.

Chookagian is trying to get another shot at UFC gold. To do that, she’s going to need to string together another win or two. That could start with a victory over Murphy which would give her two straight victories over top five contenders.

What’s next for Alex Perez after UFC 255?

This past weekend at UFC 255, Alex Perez (24-6) got his shot at the flyweight championship when he took on Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1). Perez started the contest off pretty well landing some decent shots.

He then shot in for a takedown on the UFC flyweight champion. Perez was deep on a single leg, but Figueiredo rolled to a leglock to get out of the position. Once Perez was out of the leglock, he followed Figueiredo to the ground.

However, Figueiredo did an incredible job of transitioning to a guillotine choke as soon as they hit the mat. Perez almost appeared out of the choke, but the UFC champion synched it up even tighter and Perez was forced to tap just two minutes into the fight.

It was an incredibly disappointing fight for the Dana White Contender Series veteran. Perez was the first fighter from the contender series to appear in a UFC title fight. However, it ended very quickly and with great disappointment.

After UFC 255, Perez will be forced to go back to the drawing board. The fortunate thing for him is that he really didn’t take any damage in the fight. Because he was submitted and didn’t really get hit, he should be able to turn around quickly.

What’s next after UFC 255?

In looking at the UFC’s flyweight rankings, there are a few good options out there for Alex Perez. One of the options that jumps out to me would be a fight with Askar Askarov (12-0-1) who is actually ranked ahead of Perez.

Askarov is coming off of a victory back on Fight Island over Alexandre Pantoja. The flyweight contender from Dagestan could honestly be one of the next in line for the title, however, there’s a bit of a log jam in the UFC‘s flyweight division.

We already know that Brandon Moreno will be getting the next title shot at UFC 256. Following that fight, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Cody Garbrandt fight the winner seeing as Garbrandt was originally supposed to fight Figueiredo at UFC 255.

With that, Askarov needs an opponent. Both him and Perez currently rank inside the top five so the matchup makes sense to me. Either way, I would expect a pretty quick turnaround for Perez given the way that the fight went on Saturday.

What’s next for Jennifer Maia after UFC 255?

This past weekend at UFC 255, Jennifer Maia (18-7-1) was one of the biggest underdogs of all time in a title fight. She took on the undisputed queen of the flyweight division, Valentina Shevchenko (20-3) for the UFC flyweight title.

If Maia had pulled off the upset, she would have been the biggest underdog in history to have captured UFC gold. Most, including myself, thought that Shevchenko would maul the challenger. However, Maia proved to be much tougher than anyone anticipated.

While Shevchenko would still go on to win at UFC 255, Maia really challenged her. It was evident from the very beginning that Maia was very strong in the clinch. In the second round of the fight, Maia completely controlled the champion along the fence and on the ground.

Maia’s physical strength was something that most people didn’t give her credit for. Shevchenko has been so dominant in the UFC‘s flyweight division that she had only lost one round prior to Saturday night. Maia for the most part dominated the second round of their fight.

However, that would be the only round she would win. Shevchenko was still dominant on the feet and used her superior grappling to win most of the exchanges. Still, Maia’s toughness proved a lot about her on Saturday night.

What’s next after UFC 255?

Even in a fight where she lost four of the five rounds, Maia’s stock went up on Saturday night. It was clear that she was still not the superior fighter, however, she was not nearly as out of her league as most people thought.

If there wasn’t a Valentina Shevchenko, it wouldn’t shock me if Maia was a future UFC champion. I think a good next fight with Maia could be a contest with Cynthia Calvillo (9-2-1). Both fighters will still be in the UFC‘s top five after Saturday night.

Calvillo also competed at UFC 255 where she came up short against Katlyn Chookagian. I think pairing these two up would make for a very entertaining grappling contest. Calvillo’s wrestling versus Maia’s BJJ skills would be fun, and it’s a good logical next fight for both women.

What’s next for Valentina Shevchenko after UFC 255?

Last night at UFC 255, Valentina Shevchenko (20-3) successfully defended her flyweight title. Challenger Jennifer Maia was game, but in the end, Shevchenko walked away with her hand raised with the UFC title wrapped around her waste.

It was an interesting fight for the UFC flyweight champion. Everyone expected Shevchenko to just walk through Jennifer Maia. However, that didn’t happen last night. The challenger was much tougher than anticipated.

In the first round, Shevchenko controlled the fight from Maia’s guard. Shevchenko used her wrestling and grappling skills a lot last night to takedown Maia. However, the strategy was a little puzzling.

Jennifer Maia looked incredibly strong last night. In fact, the challenger won the second round by controlling Shevchenko in the grappling exchanges. That being said, the fight on the feet was not very close between the two women.

Maia would land some good shots here and there, but for the most part, it was all Shevchenko. I think Shevchenko could have finished the fight if she would have just kept it standing. But, at the end of the day, she walked out of UFC 255 victorious and that’s what matters.

What’s next after UFC 255?

After the event was over, UFC President Dana White made it clear on what he thinks is going to be next for Shevchenko. White told the media in the post-fight press conference that Jessica Andrade (21-8) will be next in line to face Shevchenko.

Andrade is the former UFC strawweight champion. She just made her flyweight debut last month when she took on former title challenger Katlyn Chookagian. Andrade blitzed through Chookagian and finished her in the first round.

Jessica Andrade finally looks like she’s fighting in her natural weight class. She could poise some interesting challenges for Shevchenko, but the UFC flyweight champion should still be a sizeable favorite going into that matchup.

White didn’t give a timetable on when that fight could possibly take place. My guess is that we could see that fight booked around March or April. I think it’ll be a fight that should really excite the UFC fans.

UFC books Deiveson Figueiredo – Brandon Moreno

It looks like it’s going to be a quick turnaround for the flyweight division. Per ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the UFC flyweight champion, Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1) has agreed to face top contender, Brandon Moreno (18-5-1) in a few weeks at UFC 256.

Last night at UFC 255, both fighters were successful in the first round. Figueiredo took on Alex Perez in the main event last night. After an explosive back and forth to start the action, Perez tried taking Figueiredo to the ground.

Figueiredo rolled to try to lock up a leg lock, however, Perez forced his way on top. Just after doing that, Figueiredo transitioned beautifully to a guillotine choke which he locked in tight. Perez was forced to tap and Figueiredo made his first UFC flyweight title defense.

Earlier in the featured prelim, Brandon Moreno took on Brandon Royval. The two top contenders had a very back and forth first round until the fight touched the mat. Moreno actually got the better of the grappling exchanges.

Late in the round, Royval’s shoulder popped out of place. He attempted to pop it back in, but Moreno sensed the wounded fighter. Moreno followed up with big ground shots and earned the TKO victory solidifying himself as the top UFC flyweight contender.

Quick Turnaround at UFC 256

After the event was over last night, Dana White said that he wanted to turn around the flyweight title very quickly. He didn’t say when, but he wanted the UFC‘s flyweight title to be up for grabs in December with boy guys getting first round finishes.

Helwani has reported that both men have agreed on UFC 256 on December 12th. It’s a three week turnaround, which is extremely quick. I’m very curious to see how the weight cut goes for Figueiredo who always seems to have trouble with the weight.

Two weight cuts that closely together will be interesting. Nevertheless, the UFC‘s flyweight king is willing to do it. The December PPV has lost two title fights, but this week the card has received a major boost.

The promotion has added this second title fight to go along with Petr Yan – Aljamain Sterling. The promotion also announced that Tony Ferguson would be taking on Charles Oliveira on the card. Big boost this weekend for UFC 256.

Cody Garbrandt wants the UFC flyweight champion in March

Tonight at UFC 255, Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1) completely dominated his first challenger in Alex Perez (24-6). Figueiredo showed beautiful skills on the ground on his way to pulling off a guillotine choke in the first round.

It was a dominant performance by the UFC‘s flyweight champion. However, he didn’t fight the guy he was originally scheduled to face. Originally, Figueiredo had a different challenger. A former world champion.

That former world champion was former UFC bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt (12-3). Garbrandt was scheduled to take on Figueiredo in the main event of UFC 255. However, a torn bicep forced Garbrandt off the card.

Garbrandt was going to be making his flyweight debut fighting for the title. Back in the summer at UFC 250, Garbrandt snapped a three fight losing streak with a highlight knockout over Raphael Assuncao.

After the knockout, rumors started circulating around what Garbrandt wanted to do next. He decided he wanted to drop down and try to capture a second UFC title. He’s been healing up and he has a timeframe on when he wants his shot.

UFC flyweight title fight in March?

After the event concluded tonight, Garbrandt told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, “Alex Perez was just someone they gave Figueiredo to build up our fight more. I knock that guy (Figueiredo) out in the first or second round. I’ll be ready by March.”

It appears that Garbrandt has laid down the time table for his return to the UFC. The promotion has not said anything regarding Garbrandt’s status as a top contender since he fell out of this fight with the torn bicep.

After UFC 255, Dana White announced that Figueiredo would likely be fighting again in a few weeks. He told the media that he wanted Figueiredo to defend his title in December against top contender Brandon Moreno.

Both fighters had a first round finish at UFC 255. If the promotion does book that fight, Garbrandt seems primed to welcome the winner around March or April.

Deiveson Figueiredo subs Alex Perez in the first at UFC 255

Tonight in the main event of UFC 255, the men’s flyweight title was on the line. Deiveson Figueiredo (19-1) was looking to defend his title for the first time against contender series veteran, Alex Perez (24-5).

Originally, Figueiredo was supposed to face former UFC bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt, in tonight’s main event. However, an injury to Garbrandt gave Perez the opportunity of a lifetime at championship gold.

Since fighting in the contender series a few years ago, Perez has only lost once in seven appearances in the UFC. He came into tonight on a three fight winning streak including an impressive TKO over Jussier Formiga in his last fight.

However, he had a tall order tonight in the flyweight champion. Figueiredo is an absolute monster and he’s really shown that in his last couple of wins. Figueiredo finished Joseph Benavidez twice in a row to capture UFC gold. He has all the makings of someone who can reign for a long time.

UFC 255 Recap: Figueiredo – Perez

Round 1

As the main event of UFC 255 got underway, Perez immediately opened with a big kick that missed. Figueiredo then landed a big power body kick to start the striking. Perez pushed forward with a combination but wasn’t able to land anything.

Figueiredo then landed a couple of additional big kicks. Perez shot in for a takedown and was working really hard to land it. Perez had Figueiredo’s legs high up in the air but then Figueiredo rolled for a leg lock.

Figueiredo couldn’t lock it in, and Perez ended up on top. However, he went right into a guillotine choke. It’s tight, but Perez comes close to getting out. Figueiredo locks it up even tighter and Perez is forced to tap.

Deiveson Figueiredo def. Alex Perez by Submission (Guillotine Choke) – Round 1

Valentina Shevchenko challenged, but defeats Jennifer Maia at UFC 255

In the co-main event of UFC 255, the women’s flyweight title was on the line. Reigning champion, Valentina Shevchenko (19-3) was looking to continue her dominance at 125 pounds while Jennifer Maia (18-6-1) was looking to pull off the massive upset.

It truly doesn’t get much better than Valentina Shevchenko. The UFC‘s flyweight champion has virtually gone untouched in her career outside of her two losses to Amanda Nunes which were both close. At flyweight, her dominance has been astonishing.

Maia entered the evening as one of the biggest underdogs in a title fight in a very long time. UFC 255 was her chance to prove everyone wrong just as she did when she earned the title shot over JoJo Calderwood. Sure the odds were close, but Calderwood was still a favorite.

The fight was supposed to be a tune-up for Calderwood’s UFC title shot. Instead, Maia was able to submit her in the first round to take the title shot away from her. However, there was a much taller order in front of her tonight.

UFC 255 Recap: Shevchenko – Maia

Round 1

As the first round of the UFC 255 co-main event of the evening got underway, Shevchenko immediately opened with big kicks. Shevchenko landed a big left hand then immediately used a headlock to land a takedown on Jennifer Maia.

The UFC champ landed some decent shots to the body from Maia’s guard, but the action was slow on the ground. Maia seemed content with just holding Shevchenko in place while the two were on the ground. Shevchenko then landed two very big elbows from the guard.

The champ’s pressure was very good from the guard. Maia appeared to be trying to raise her legs to attack a submission, but Shevchenko kept her in check. Limited action in the opening round but a dominant round for the champion.

Round 2

As the second round got underway, the UFC flyweight champion opened with a massive spinning back kick. Shevchenko landed a brief takedown, but Maia used a scramble to get back to her feet in the opening 30 seconds.

Maia then pushed Shevchenko back against the fence and started throwing some knees to the body. Shevchenko couldn’t get her back off the fence in the second round and then Maia was able to land a takedown of her own.

Maia pressed the UFC champion against the fence while she was on the ground and she started landing shots. Shevchenko attempted to threaten with a few submissions, but nothing got close. A very dominant second round for the challenger.

Round 3

As the third round of the UFC 255 co-main event got underway, Shevchenko landed a massive left straight in the opening seconds. Shevchenko really started opening up her striking in the opening minute of the third round.

Maia started to try to pressure Shevchenko, however, Shevchenko was doing a good job of keeping her at distance. Then Maia was able to grab ahold of the UFC champion and pushed her up against the fence again.

Shevchenko this time was able to push away and get back to striking range. Maia was starting to get lit up when the two were striking. The UFC champion landed a few massive shots then slammed Maia down with a takedown.

Shevchenko landed right into half guard and that is where the action slowed. Maia was able to get to butterfly guard and used it to get up to her feet. She then pushed Shevchenko back up to the fence. Decent moments for Maia but a clear round for Shevchenko.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round, the UFC champion should be ahead 2-1 on the scorecards. Shevchenko opened the striking with a massive left that staggered Maia. However, Maia’s chin seemed to be holding up in this one.

Shevchenko stepped forward with a solid 1-2 and her speed was really showing in the fourth round. Maia’s striking seemed much slower than Valentina’s in the fourth round. The UFC champ then got a body lock and slammed Maia to the ground.

Shevchenko landed again in half guard and she started to go to work with shots. Maia was trying to defend, but Shevchenko was able to take her back. Maia was able to spin back but she ate a couple of shots for the effort.

Shevchenko continued to land shots while holding Maia in place on the ground. Shevchenko appeared to be looking for an arm-triangle, but she wasn’t able to land it. Another clear round for the champion.

Round 5

As the final round got underway, Maia tried to push forward and land a takedown. She was able to push the UFC champion against the fence, but couldn’t get Shevchenko down in the first 30 seconds.

Shevchenko was able to reverse the position and back away to striking range. Shevchenko then landed a massive body kick and a brutal straight left. Maia was really starting to get lit up on the feet.

However, Shevchenko then engaged in the clinch and Maia was able to push her against the fence. Maia continued to try for takedowns, but Shevchenko was doing a fantastic job of staying on her feet.

Shevchenko was able to separate again and Maia looked busted up. The UFC champ was just picking Maia apart in the fifth round. Maia was game, but she was really wearing it in the final round.

Shevchenko landed a massive body kick as we entered the final minute. Both ladies landed some good shots in the final minute, but Shevchenko got the better of it. The fight closed with Shevchenko landing a couple of crisp shots.

Valentina Shevchenko def Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)