Knicks Fans….We Need To Talk

New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr.

I usually refrain from Twitter debates for a myriad of reasons. That they are the equivalent of this generation of arguing with a drunk stranger at a bar and the fact most people’s beliefs are rooted in anything but rational facts being two of them. However, I found myself sucked in a short time ago regarding the New York Knicks disappointment of the future…Dennis Smith Jr.

The first delusional Knicks fan I encountered about Smith was my up to that point fairly logical cousin. As a man who once fronted rock legends The Ecological Peacemakers, I knew he could occasionally have poor judgment but he made a statement that blew my mind. He compared Smith favorably to Russell Westbrook and there were no hallucinogenics involved. He also predicted all-star games for him and wasn’t referring to games played in China.

I thought he was an outlier but alas I was wrong….more fans continued singing the praises of a player who regressed or stagnated in almost every measurable statistic last year. For a player who wasn’t much better than Emanuel Mudiay, Knocks fans sure are quick to throw their full faith into DSJ.

Smith couldn’t find a way to coexist with the NBA’s best rookie last year, a player whose game was unselfish and whose skills would have complemented Smith’s. Instead, he poured about Dallas becoming Luca Doncics team, had to be benched and then traded to the Knicks in the Porzingis fleecing.

Now Knicks fans think he is going to be ok being upstaged by R.J Barrett, Kevin Knox, and Mitch Robinson?  Three players in whose development the Knicks should be way more invested? I’m sure this is going to go swimmingly. Also, any line-up with Knox, Barrett, and Smith on the floor at the same time is going to give up roughly 250 points per 48 minutes. Unless the NBA legalizes goaltending and Robinson can sit on top of the rim the Knicks defense will be phenomenally poor.

So Knicks fans, is it the probability of locker room dysfunction or stunting the growth of the team’s other youngsters your most excited about? Or is it Smith’s matador like defense? The comparisons to Westbrook and Rose? The only MVP he will ever come close to is in a charity game.

I’m all for rooting for your team and standing by your man. I for one am one of the last Frank Ntikilina apologists left, but I also never compared him to Kawhi Leonard. Dennis Smith is a fine 7th or 8th man to come off the bench and see if he gets hot. He is not a future all-star or even a starting-caliber point guard on a good team. Sorry Knicks fans….but it’s better you hear it from a friend right?


New York Knicks Trade Kristaps Porzingis – Was It Smart Or Foolish?

The New York Knicks have traded Kristaps Porzingis for Dennis Smith Jr. and two lottery tickets. The cornerstone of the franchise was apparently only worth a disgruntled guard, a cadaver, and a second center on an expiring deal to either take minutes from Mitchell Robinson or be angry about not playing.

Maybe DeAndre Jordan and Enes Kanter can start a support group for each other? Let’s delve deeper into why this deal makes no sense for the present and its promise for the future is dubious at best.

The breakdown:

The Knicks currently have Emmanuel Mudiay starting at point guard, Alonzo Trier developing and getting minutes, Frank Ntikilinas usefulness still needs to be determined, and there’s Dameyan Dotson.

Adding Dennis Smith Jr. To that backcourt is a curious move and may be a signal the team is either done with Frankie or not interested in retaining Mudiay. Punting on Frank for DSJ is almost like giving the team a redo for the 2017 NBA draft, and all they had to give up was the best player the franchise has drafted since Patrick Ewing.

Conversely, the team may say Frank compliments Smith and will be shifting him off the ball again. I guess saying a shooting guard that’s afraid to shoot compliments a selfish gunner is true in the sense that adult diapers compliment incontinence but I’m not particularly enthused about living with either combination in my life. I guess your perspective just depends.

The most ridiculous aspect of the deal:

The Jordan acquisition makes even less sense unless there’s a plan to trade or buy him out immediately. As I mentioned the Knicks already have one disgruntled one-dimensional center on a one year deal, they really don’t need a second. I don’t think DeAndre will be particularly enthused about the deal either which should do wonders for the team’s chemistry.

I do however appreciate the comedy of Jordan finally ending up with the Mavs after his previous free agency debacle and Mark Cuban doing this to him. Being traded to the Knicks can now be seen as a punitive measure, always a good sign for a franchise.

The two picks being acquired are for 2021 and 2023 and have lottery protections, I also read that Dallas included some magic beans and Chris Gatling. If Porzingis and Doncic click then the picks will be garbage because Dallas will be drafting at the end of the first round, and if Porzingis can’t stay healthy and Dallas bottoms out then the picks won’t come the Knicks way for years….savvy move.

This brings us to the last element of the trade, dumping Tim Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee’s deals for the decomposing remains of Wesley Matthews. The only way this trade makes any sense for the Knicks is if they KNOW they are getting two max players this offseason.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Kemba Walker are the names most often being floated, and since this is the hopeful part of the story I won’t dwell on how two of those players are ball dominant point guards that would have no interest in playing with DSJ.

I suppose Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler are also theoretically in play via trade or free agency as well but trading for Davis would require giving up the Knicks lottery pick, Kevin Knox, future assets and would gut the team the way they Anthony trade did. Leonard has shown no interest in NY and Jimmy Butler has not exactly made himself out to be the best leader/teammate in his 3 previous stops.

That leaves the Durant/Kyrie pipe dream as the Knicks sole shot at this trade not being a disaster. I don’t see either guy coming to NY, so the team may be left with Kemba Walker and whatever’s left to fill out the roster. The last time they went all in on free agency the Knicks missed out on Lebron and ended up with Amare Stoudemire and his paper mache knees. Let’s hope we start hearing about the Knicks tampering real soon or it’s going to be a long offseason.


New York Giants: Major Rumors Surrounding A Draft Day Trade

The New York Giants could look to draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick.

The New York Giants are reportedly searching for their successor to Eli Manning. There are a few quarterbacks expected to go in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The top quarterback prospect is Dwayne Haskins Jr. from Ohio State University.

Many believe the Giants will be targeting him in the draft to succeed Eli Manning. However, the Giants are picking 6th, and there is a chance other quarterback-needy teams might trade ahead of the Giants to take Haskins. But if the Giants want to prevent that from happening, they could make a trade of their own.

Giants And Cardinals Trade Rumors:

The Giants hold the 6th pick, which might put them in a precarious position when drafting a quarterback. The Arizona Cardinals hold the 1st overall pick in the draft this year. Last year, the Cardinals traded up to the 10th pick to draft quarterback Josh Rosen. Because of this, they do not need a quarterback and could trade their pick away to a quarterback-needy team. That team could be the Giants.

If the Giants want to prevent teams like the Broncos, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Raiders from taking their quarterback of the future, they could trade for the 1st overall pick. Then the Giants could select whoever they wanted. If the Giants were to make this move, they would do so in order to select Dwayne Haskins.

It is rumored that the Giants and Cardinals have been in contact regarding a trade for the number one pick. The rumor states that the Giants called to ask the Cardinals their price and the two teams have been in contact since. Trade talks have not been confirmed, but a few outlets have been circling this rumor around this week. This rumor is very exciting for Giants fans, but unfortunately, at this point, it is only a rumor.

What Would It Take To Make The Deal?

If the Giants were to make the Cardinals an offer, Draft Tek‘s NFL Draft Trade Value Chart could help us project what the Giants might need to give up. The 1st overall pick has a value of 3,000 points, and the 6th overall pick has a value of 1,600 points.

The Giants would have to give up the 6th pick, of course. But on top of that they would likely need to give up at least two more picks. The Giants’ second round pick is worth 530 points, totaling the two Giants picks at 2,130. In order to make up the 870 points the Giants are missing, they will likely need to throw in their 2020 1st round draft pick. The fact that the Giants would be getting a quarterback with this deal may inflate the price. So if the Giants need to throw in a 2020 second-fifth round pick also, that should come as no surprise.

In 2004, the Giants made a draft day trade to acquire Eli Manning. Manning was selected first overall by the Chargers, so it was essentially like they were trading for the 1st pick. The Giants held the 4th pick and selected Philip Rivers with the intent to trade him to San Diego. The Chargers and Giants did strike a deal, bringing Manning to New York.

The Giants traded Philip Rivers (the 4th pick), a 2004 third round draft pick, a 2005 first round draft pick, and a 2005 fifth round draft pick in order to acquire Eli Manning. Some would call that a king’s ransom. Most would consider it a fair deal considering Manning lead the Giants to two Super Bowl victories en route to a Hall Of Fame carer.

If the Giants want to move up to select Dwayne Haskins (or any other quarterback), the 2004 trade for Manning could be a good model to project what they would need to give up in 2019.

The New York Yankees Nolan Arenado Rumors Are Blasphemous

New York Yankees, Nolan Arenado

I’ve watched the New York Yankees/Rockies Nolan Arenado trade rumor develop over the last few days and went through various stages of emotion.

Initially I was detachedly bemused at what should have been on a non-story getting legs and starting to spread. Now I realize it’s a microcosm for the new and more often than not terrible state of sports writing on most sites.
I believe it was initially in the Martino article that this idea was first floated. The article stated that “people briefed” on the Yankees thinking said they were interested and were having internal discussions about trading for Arenado.

Is that too vague for you?

If that wasn’t vague enough the next line really grasps at straws “One source says they probably have talked already.” Then the author states he has no confirmation from either side about any of this.

At that point he then takes the unsubstantiated and unattributed rumor and uses it as the linchpin of his article including “Frankly it would be surprising if they haven’t talked by now”. So we’ve created a rumor and used that rumor as the foundation of a piece that then tries to sell you on why said rumor makes sense.

The big networks are engaging in the sensationalism:

Three days later Yahoo, CBS Sports, SB nation and every other sports blog or media site is acting as if this was a real thing and the teams were in active discussions.

First of all, Colorado was a playoff team last year and has aspirations to be one again this year. Unless Arenado tells them he will not come back to Colorado under any circumstance its unlikely they will trade him. The comparisons to Machado’s situation last year do not fit, as Baltimore was a last place team and was dumping their entire roster.

The second thing is that Arenado has expressed a desire to return to the Rockies, an admiration for Todd Helton and Derek Jeter for playing with one team for their entire careers, and an appreciation for what that could do for his legacy. He also has some serious home/road splits and leaving Denver could impact his production as he ages. While he also said he wants to play on a perennial contender, he has not given any sign he thinks Colorado cannot be one.

A realistic point of view:

Finally from a Yankee point of view why would you trade assets for a player you can just sign next year if your that enamored with him?

Also, are we sure his production without playing half his games in Colorado will be that much better than what Andujar (who is 5 years younger and will be 20 million per season cheaper) will offer over the next 5 to 8 years? Wouldn’t the Yankees prefer to sign Machado, who is younger and proven in the AL east over, Arenado and the questions about his transition from obscurity to the sports largest and most intense media market?

Not to mention having to give up Andujar and/or Frazier in likelihood as the centerpiece of the trade. This is exactly the type of trade that Brian Cashman has been refusing to make, why would he go back to it now?

It’s fun to make up trades and talk about then with other fans and your friends. You discuss the pros and cons and try to convince each other that your right. It’s another thing to make up a rumor, or to take it and re-post or link to it with no proof and call it news.

Sources tell me the Yankees are interested in dealing Domingo German for Noah Syndergaard and may have reached out to the Mets front office about it. In the words of Jay from Big Mouth “Your picturing it, were talking about it…that’s a win.”