New York Yankees: Mariners embarrassed by the Yankees, here’s the takeaways

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

Last night the New York Yankees started a three-game set with the Seattle Mariners on the west coast. In the late-night game on the east coast, the Yankees desperately needed a win after losing three straight series and sinking deeper in the AL East standings. They did win, and in a big way, they outscored the Mariners 12-1.

Jameson Taillon brilliant

No one was happier this morning than Jameson Taillon; he pitched an absolute gem last night in Seattle against the Mariners. In an after-game interview this morning, he could hardly contain his joy. Last night he had the start that he and the Yankees have been waiting for all season. He pitched a full seven innings allowing only four hits and one earned run while striking out 9 Mariners.

Last night was a difference-maker for Taillon; he had an excellent command of all of his pitches, and he did what he has had so much trouble doing, he found his put-away pitch. The New York Yankees acquired Taillon in a trade with the Pirates. He was coming off two Tommy John surgeries. The Yankees were taking a high reward risk acquiring him and Cy Young award winner Corey Kluber with the hopes that they could return to their previous form. Kluber already showed that he could with a no-hitter against Texas on May 19th. Meanwhile, Taillon still struggled. But, with last night’s performance, he has shown the type of pitcher he can be.

Bronx Bombers were back for at least one night

Last night was not only a big, much-needed win for the Yankees, but it could signal a turnaround for the team that mostly hasn’t been able to hit. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have been hitting all season, but Luke Voit, who didn’t start the season due to knee surgery, hasn’t been hitting since his return. Voit is important to the lineup because he can be the third home run power hitter. He hit 22 in the short 2020 season. After he gave a harsh assessment of his performance, he exploded last night, going five for six for the first time in his career.

Voit got five hits driving in three of the Yankees runs, and did it without hitting a home run. He Obviously found his stroke again, which is good news for the Yankees going forward. If that wasn’t good enough news for the Yankees, all the players took part in the party as the Yankees hit a season-high 18 hits and scored a season-high 12 runs in the game. Giancarlo Stanton and Rougie Odor both had multi-run home runs. Aaron Judge and Luke Voit both had extra-base hits. Last night, the big difference is that the Yankees hit when it counted driving in that season-high run count. The only player without a hit was Gary Sanchez, who was patient at the plate and walked twice.

Aroldis Chapman takes a step forward

It would be a great misstatement if I said that Aroldis Chapman has a good inning in the ninth last night, but it did show an improvement as he struck out 3 Mariners in the inning and did not allow a run. Chapman has been bad in his last few closes, allowing home runs and walks. In his last three closes, he has given up 8 walks, and 2 home runs with a blown hold and his fourth blown save. After an ERA of 0.00 through his first 18 games, his ERA has risen to 22. That’s not 2.20; it’s twenty-two in just his last nine games.

In the bottom of the ninth inning last night, Ty France singled on the first pitch from Chapman. Jake Fraley struck out on a 95mph fastball. France went to second on a Chapman wild pitch. Luis Torrens walked. Jack Bauers struck out. With last licks on the line, Dylan Moore, with two on and two outs, walked. Shed Long Jr. followed by striking out to end the game. It certainly wasn’t pretty, but Chapman got the job done.



New York Yankees Recap: Bronx Bombers pound the Seattle Mariners with 12 runs

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, jameson taillon

The New York Yankees started their late-night first game against the Seattle Mariners on the east coast with New Yorkers, although sleepy-eyed ready for a win against the west coast team. Ex-Yankee Justus Sheffield pitched for the Mariners and Jameson Taillon for the Yankees. The Yankees pummeled the Mariners 12-1.

DJ LeMahieu started off the game for the Yankees by singling to center field. Aaron Judge few out to right, but LeMahieu showed his running prowess by taking second base. Gary Sanchez walked. Giancarlo Stanton homered with a long one( 434′) into the left-field stands for the three-run lead by the New York Yankees. Luke Voit singled to left. Gio Urshela went down on strikes. Rougie Odor struck out, but the Yankee had a very productive first inning.

At the bottom, Taillon faced JP Crawford, who flew out to Urshela playing at shortstop last night. Mitch Haniger singled to the right-center. Kyle Seager flew out to Locastro in center. Ty France flew out on the first pitch to Aaron Judge in right. New York Yankees 3 Seattle Mariners 0.

Miguel Andujar led off for the Yankees in the second inning and was robbed of extra bases by a catch at the wall in left. Tim Locastro walked. LeMahieu singled to left. Judge ground up the middle on a fielder’s choice. Sanchez with men on the corners and two outs, Judge stole second base removing the double-play ball. Sanchez walked, and a wild pitch allowed Locastro to score. A pitch hit Stanton to load the bases with Yankees. Voit got a two-run single to left, ending the night for Justus Sheffield. Urshela faced the new Seattle pitcher Hector Santiago and, with two on and two outs, flew out to left, but the Yankees picked up another three runs.

At the bottom of the second, with Taillon having a six-run lead, Jake Fraley lined out to shallow left. Luis Torrens put down on three Taillon pitches. Then, Jake Bauers struck out for a 1-2-3 inning for Jameson Taillon. New York Yankees 6 Seattle Mariners 0.

To start the third inning, Odor walked. Andujar singled to left field. Locastro ground out. Lemahieu singled on his third hit of the night, driving in Odor for another Yankee run. Judge with men on the corners, and one out got an RBI double scoring Andujar. Sanchez was retired on strikes. Stanton ground out to end the inning. At the bottom, Dylan Moore struck out swinging. Long singled to left. Crawford ground into a force out. Finally, Crawford ground out to short. New York Yankees 8 Mariners 0.

Luke Voit led off the fourth inning by grounding out. Urshela struck out swinging Odor singled to center. Andujar flew out to far center. At the bottom, Seager struck out swinging. France lined out. Fraley struck out for another 1-2-3 inning for Taillon. Yankees 8 Mariners 0.

In the fifth inning, Tim Locastro got his first New York Yankee hit. LeMahieu flew out to center. Judge got a line drive hit to left. Sanchez popped out to shallow center. Stanton walked to load the bases. Voit got an RBI single to third. Urshela flew out to the right-field foul post to end the half. Torrens led off the bottom by grounding out to Gio at short. Bauers went down swinging for Tiallon’s sixth strikeout of the game. Moore flew out to Odor in shallow right. Yankees 9 Mariners 0.

Rougie Odor led off the sixth inning and struck out swinging. Andujar singled to the left-center. Locastro ground out. LeMahieu lined out directly to first for the final out of the half. At the bottom, Long Jr. struck out looking on a Tiallon changeup. Crawford walked. Haniger was called out on strikes. Seager singled to right. France had a bloop single Andujar missed that for an RBI. Fraley ground out to end the inning. New York Yankees 9 Mariners 1.

Aaron Judge led off the seventh inning, and he stuck out. Sanchez struck out. Stanton lined back to the pitcher for the third out. At the bottom, Torrens struck out for Taillon’s ninth strikeout. Bauers popped back to catcher Sanchez. Moore ground out for another quick inning for Taillon. Yankees 9 Mariners 1.

Luke Voit led off the eighth inning by doubling to right for his fourth hit of the night. Urshela singled off of the pitcher’s foot. Odor homered for a three-run homer left of the right-field foul pole for the Yankee eleven-run lead. Andujar, still with no outs, ground out to third as did Locastro. LeMahieu ground out to short. At the bottom, with new pitcher Wandy Peralta replacing Taillon, Long walked. Crawford popped out to short. Haniger also ground out to Gio Urshela at short. Seager lined out to Voit. Yankees 12 Mariners 1.

The ninth inning saw Aaron Judge at the plate, who ground out to second. Sanchez got his third strikeout of the night. He did walk twice. Stanton a broken-bat single. Voit singled to right for the first five-hit game of his career. Ushela ground into a force out to end the half. At the bottom, the struggling Aroldis Chapman came in to close it out for the Yankees with an eleven-run lead and a 22. ERA over nine games. France singled on the first pitch. Fraley struck out on a 95mph fastball. France went to second on a Chapman wild pitch. Torrens walked. Bauers struck out. With last licks on the line, Moore, with two on and two outs, walked. Long followed by striking out to end the game.

The final score was the New York Yankees 12 and the Seattle Mariners 1. The winner was Jameson Taillon going seven strong innings. The loser was Justus Sheffield.

New York Yankees Recap: Home runs power Yankees to series win over KC

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, jameson taillon

Today in the Bronx at Yankees Stadium, the New York Yankees met up with the Kansas City Royals for the finale of a 3 game series between the two old rivals. The Royals took game one, and the Yankees had a walk-off win against the Royals last night at the bottom of the ninth inning. Today Jameson Taillon was on the mound for the Yankees and Brad Keller for the Royals. It was a beautiful day for a ballgame with bright sunny skies and a game-time temperature in the high 70’s. Ex-manager Joe Torre was in the stands to watch the game.

In the first inning with Taillon on the mound, leadoff hitter Whit Merrifield singled to left field over the head of Tyler Wade, who was playing at short today. Merrifield stole second. Carlos Santana ground out. Salvatore Perez struck out, and Ryan O’Hearn ground to end the half.

At the bottom, LeMahieu ground back to pitcher Keller. Aaron Judge started the day with his 16th homer of the season into the short porch at Yankee Stadium. Gary Sanchez, who has worked himself up to the third spot in the lineup, singled. Giancarlo Stanton got a base hit for two on and one out. Luke Voit, who had the walk-off win last night, flew out to center. Rougie Odor got a base hit to right, and Sanchez scored with Stanton moving to second. Clint Frazier ground into a force to end the inning, but the Yankees got the early lead. New York Yankees 2 Kansas City Royals 0.

The top of the second inning was led off by Hanser Alberto, who doubled. Jarrod Dyson was out on a sac bunt, moving Alberto moved to third. Michael Taylor struck out swinging. Lopez flew out to Gardner to end the half. Brett Gardner led off the bottom by flying out to centerfield. Tyler Wade looking for his first home run of the season, worked a walk-off of Keller. Wade stole second. LeMahieu walked. Judge hit an RBI single, scoring Wade from second. Wade’s speed pays off big for the Yankees time after time. Sanchez with men on the corner and one out ground out. The Yankees ended the inning, gaining another run. Yankees 3 Royals 0.

The third inning was a quick inning for both pitchers, but Luke Voit got another home run in the bottom of the third, a solo one to the left to put the Yankees up another run. In the top of the fourth, with Taillon pitching well, Perez stuck out. O’Hearn flew out. Taylor flew out to end the half. At the bottom, with the Yankees up by four, Wade hit a push bunt a bit too hard and was out at first. LeMahieu ground out to short. Judge walked. Sanchez struck out swinging. New York Yankees 4 Royals 0.

Leading off the fifth was Lopez against Taillon; he singled up the middle. Rivero got an RBI double down the left-field line driving in Lopez (his first major league hit), putting the Royals on the board. Merrifield walked. Santana flew out to Frazier. Perez hit into a double play to end the half. At the bottom, Stanton singled to left. Voit struck out. Odor flew to the left-center wall moving Stanton to third. Frazier walked, loading the base for Brett Gardner with one out. Gardner flew out to left in foul territory. Wade, with two outs and the bases loaded, went down looking. Yankees 4 Royals 1.

To start the sixth inning, O’Hearn ground out. Alberto flew out, and Dyson flew out to Gardner for the quick inning for Taillon. At the bottom, Anthony Swarzak took over the pitching for the Royals. LeMahieu lined into center for a single. Judge doubled to the right-center wall splitting the outfields, LeMahieu went to third. Sanchez got a long three-run homer into the bullpen in left field. Stanton ground out third. Voit hit a fly ball to the warning track in center for the second out. Odor advanced on a hit by pitch. Frazier struck out. New York Yankees 7 Royals 1.

The seventh inning was led off by Taylor, who called out on strikes. Lopez walked on the 96th pitch, and that was the day for Taillon, one of his best outings. The Yankees turned to Nestor Cortes Jr., who faced Rivero, who ground out. Merrifield ended the inning swinging out. At the bottom, Gardner foul-tipped for an out. Wade popped out to third. LeMahieu popped back to Davis, the reliever. Yankees 7 Royals 1.

Dozier, at the top of the eighth against Cortes Jr., walked. Perez struck out. O’Hearn struck out. Alberto hit one just short of Frazier in left, moving up Dozier to second. Dyson foul-tipped into Sanchez’s glove to strand two Royals. At the bottom, it was Ervin Santana facing Aaron Judge, who walked. Judge took second on a wild pitch. Sanchez went down on strikes. Judge moved to third on another wild pitch. Stanton singled to left for his third hit of the day, driving in Judge. Voit went down on strikes for the second out of the inning. Odor flew out to left. New York Yankees 8 Royals 1.

Nestor Cortes Jr., still on the mound for the top of the ninth, Taylor flew out to Judge. Soler struck out. Gutierrez in for Merrifield flew out to end the game. The final score was the New York Yankees 8 and the Kansas City Royals 1. The winning pitcher was Jameson Taillon, and the loser was Brad Keller. The Yankees took the series 2 games to 1.

New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from Yankees walk-off win over the Royals

aroldis chapman, yankees

In the ninth inning last night in the Bronx, and after Aroldis Chapman blew the save for the New York Yankees, it looked like another loss to the Kansas City Royals, but in the bottom, Gary Sanchez hit a home run, and Luke Voit drove in the winning run with a walk-off hit. The Yankees won the game 6-5. A season record of 25,032 fans watched the game at the Stadium.

Michael King give up two

Last night Michael King ate up 4.2 innings for the Yankees, giving up two runs in the process. King wasn’t particularly good or particularly bad. He, like Kansas City starter Danny Duffy, wasn’t involved in the game’s decision. Kansas City took the early lead in the game, with King giving up two runs, but in the fourth inning, the Yankees came back with Torres walking for the second walk in the inning. Frazier hit a two-run double to the center-field wall to knot up the game at two apiece.

Taylor led off the fifth inning by striking out swinging. Lopez walked. Merrifield flew out to Judge in center for the second out. Lopez took second on a wild pitch. Santana was intentionally walked. A pitch hit Sebastian Rivero, and that was the night for Michael King.

Rollercoaster game rollercoaster Yankees

Last night was the mirror image of the New York Yankees season. The game was up and down for the Yankees, with the lead being exchanged several times. The game was tied at two to being the eighth inning. The top of the eighth saw Carlos Santana at the plate against the new Yankee pitcher Zack Britton. Santana hit one into the left-field bleachers for the Royals lead in the game. However, that wouldn’t last as Frazier walked in the bottom, and Odor hit a two-run home run into the bullpen in left field as the New York Yankee took the lead in the game.

The Yankees had the 4-3 lead when Aroldis Chapman stepped onto the mound in the ninth. In an uncustomarily bad inning, Chapman allowed two runners and then intentionally walked Santana to load the bases. Chapman then faced the rookie Rivero who walked the game tied. Then, on a slow roller by O’Hearn, the Royals took the 5-4 lead. In the bottom, Gary Sanchez homered to tie it back up again. Giancarlo Stanton set the stage by singling. But then, with pinch-runner Tyler Wade at second, Luke Voit hit a long one to the left-field wall driving in Wade for the Yankee walk-off win. It was the Yankee’s sixth walk-off of the season.

Yankees still fail to bring runners home

The New York Yankees are still failing to bring runners home as they leave men on base. Last night’s game could have been a bloodbath for the Royals as they issued 11 walks to the Yankees. But as all season, the Yankees, with heavy traffic on the bases, could only muster up 6 runs. The Yankees last night were 2 for 6 leaving 10 men on base. Twice in the game, the Yankees left the bases loaded.



6 walk-offs

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees lose the first game to the Athletics

Tonight the New York Yankees were back at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to face the first-place team in the AL West, the Oakland Athletics. It was the first time since 2019 that the Yankees were allowed a 100% capacity at the Stadium. The Yankees are coming off a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays and hope they can do well against the A’s. Jonathan Taillon faced the A’s, James Kaprielian in game one of the three-game set. The A’s won the game 5-3.

With Taillon on the mound, he faced the A’s leadoff man Mark Canha who leads the A’s in triples; he ground out to short. Ramon Laureano struck out swinging. Matt Olsen homered into the stands in right field. Mitch Moreland struck out to end the half. In the bottom, LeMahieu flew out. Aaron Judge struck out. Gleyber Torres went down on strikes for a 1-2-3 inning for Kaprielian. Oakland 1 New York 0.

At the second, Jed Lowrie led off and flew out to Andujar in left. Matt Chapman ground out to Urshela. Sean Murphy ground out for the second 1-2-3 inning for Taillon. At the bottom, Giancarlo Stanton struck out. Gio Urshela struck out swinging. Rougie Odor ground out for Kaprielian’s second 1-2-3 inning. A’s 1 Yankees 0.

At the top of the third, Tony Kemp popped out to Judge. Elvis Andrus doubled to left center. Canha singled up center to drive in Andrus. Laureano flew out to Judge. Olson flew out to end the half. Miguel Andujar led off the bottom by grounding out. Kyle Higashioka flew out to short. Brett Gardner walked for the first Yankee base runner. LeMahieu got a two-run homer to right to tie up the game. Judge went down on strikes—Yankees 2 A’s 2.

Moreland doubled to lead off the fourth, Lowrie ground out. Chapman flew out to Gardner. Murphy was it by a pitch. Kemp popped out to LeMahieu to end the half. Torres led off the bottom by striking out. Stanton ground out to second. Urshela struck out for another quick inning for both pitchers. The game tied at 2.

Andrus led off the fifth and struck out swinging. Canha walked. Laureano went down on strikes. Wandy Peralta replaced Taillon. Olson flew out to Gardner at the center-field wall to end the half. Rougie Odor led off the bottom of the fifth by slamming a homer to right-center. Andujar flew out to right. Higashioka flew out to left. Gardner ground out to first, but the Yankees took the lead in the game. Yankees 3 A’s 2.

The top of the sixth inning was led off by Chad Pinder pinch-hitting for Moreland; he struck out. Lowrie ground out to short. Chapman got a base hit to left. Murphy singled to left for two on and two outs. Kemp hit a three-run homer for the A’s lead. Andrus flew out to Judge, but Kemp’s three-run shot did the damage. At the bottom, it was the top of the lineup for the Yankees. LeMahieu ground out to first. Judge looped to right for a single. Judge advanced on a wild pitch. Torres flew out to left, and Judge took third. Stanton faced the new A’s pitcher Yusmeiro Petit, and he got a long fly out to left to end the inning. A’s 5 Yankees 3.

Canha led off the seventh singling to center. A pitch hit Laureano. With two on and no outs, Olson popped out. The runners moved up on passed ball by Higgy. Pinder struck out. Lowrie struck out, saving the inning for Luetge. At the bottom, Urshela singled past short. Odor, who homered in the fifth, popped out to third. Andujar flew out to center. Sanchez pinch-hitting for Higashioka popped out to third to end the inning and strand Urshela. A’s 5 Yankees 3.

With Luis Cessa on the mound in the eighth, Chapman popped out to left. Murphy went down on strikes. Kemp hit to Judge at the warning track. Clint Frazier pinch-hitting for Gardner led off the bottom by striking out looking. LeMahieu ground out to second. Judge struck out, taking the game to the ninth inning. A’s 5 Yankees 3.

At the ninth, Andrus ground out to third. Canha went down on strikes. Laureano got a two-out single to left. Olson ground out up the first baseline on a toss from Cessa to LeMahieu to end the half. With last licks on the line, Gleyber Torres ground out to short. Giancarlo Stanton walked. Gio Urshela ground into a double play to end the game.

The final score was the Oakland Athletics 5 and the New York Yankees 3. The winning pitcher was James Kaprielian, the loser Wandy Peralta and the save was by Lou Trivino, his 12th.








New York Yankees: 4 Major takeaways from Yankees 8-7 loss to the Phillies

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman

Yesterday late afternoon, the New York Yankees, after failing to sweep the Minnesota Twins, took the field at Citizen’s Bank Park hope to right the ship and get a two-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies. That was not to be and now will hope to split the series in a Matinee today before moving on to a three-game series in Buffalo against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Starter Taillon failed miserably

Time may be running out for Jameson Taillon as a Yankee starter. The Yankees, can’t have a starter in the rotation that has an ERA hovering around 6.00. So far he has only one win, the Yankees have lost 8 of his 12 starts. Last night was his worst performance of the season. He went 1/3 of an inning, giving up earned runs and putting the Yankees into a hole they couldn’t recover from.

Taillon would get strikes but couldn’t find the pitch to put hitters out. He threw 34 pitches with only one put out as the Phillies continued to foul off his pitches. In an after-game interview, Taillon said that he feels great, better than he has in a long time. He said he knew the pitches to throw; he just couldn’t execute them. Taillon said it was the first time in his five-year career he left a game in the first inning.

Gutsy Yankee comeback falls short

It was the first inning, not a single Yankees had come up to the plate yet, and they were already 4 runs behind in the game. The often silent Yankee lineup took on the challenge and clawed their way back to a 7 run tie in the ninth inning. They immediately answered the Phillies with 2 runs in the bottom of the first. They got another run in the sixth and eighth and exploded for 3 more runs in the top of the ninth to tie it up.  Unfortunately, Aroldis Chapman took his second loss in a row in the bottom of the tenth.

The New York Yankees had their fifth game in a row, hitting double-digit hits. Gary Sanchez, Rougie Odor, and DJ LeMahieu all hit home runs in the game. One thing that has dogged them all season long was again apparent in last night’s game the Yankees went 2 for 12 with runners in scoring position. The Yankees could have fallen victim to the National League park that put Giancarlo Stanton out of the lineup.

Yankees’ challenge going in the wrong direction

So far in this up and down season, the Yankees are failing to make progress; in fact, they are going in the wrong direction. They are now the farthest behind the East-leading Tampa Bay Rays that they have been this season, in their worst start since 1991. After last night’s game, they are 7 1/2 games behind and 5 1/2 behind the Red Sox. They are even with the Toronto Blue Jays, who they play next week in Buffalo.

The fortunes of the Yankees have switched up a bit. In recent games, the Yankee hitting has seemed more alive than it has all season. But on the reverse side, the pitching, both starting and in relief, is starting to show some cracks. The two main problems are that when the Yankees send out Jameson Taillon, they can almost be assured of a loss. More concerning than that is that the bullpen that has nearly carried the Yankees over the first 40 or 50 games is starting to show wear. Cessa, Green, and Chapman have all imploded in games.

Luis Severino leaves a game injured

During last night’s game in Philadelphia, the New York Yankees got bad news from Brooklyn. Luis Severino left the mound in the Renegades game injured. There is no information on the exact injury or how bad it is. But in the video showing him coming off the field helped by two coaches, he appeared to be in extreme pain.

We do know that a ball did not hit him. It appeared he misstepped after making a pitch, and the pain became immediately evident. In his 1 2/3 innings, some of his pitches neared 100 mph. After the game with the Phillies, Aaron Boone said he was aware of the injury but had few details say that he would go for an MRI on Monday. The Yankees were looking forward to his return to the team in a month or so. Now that may be in question, as the Yankees hope the injury is minor.


Zack Britton: After Thursday night’s game in Minnesota, Boone said it was likely the Britton would re reactivated sometime during this road trip. Yesterday, fans were surprised to find that he was activated just hours after that statement and pitched a clean 8 pitch inning last night.

Domingo German takes the mound: In a matinee game today, the Yankees will wrap up their short series with the Phillies. Domingo German will take on the Phillies Aaron Nola. The 1:05 pm game will be televised on the YES Network, NBCSP, and out of market.

New York Yankees Recap: Taillon gives up 4 in the first inning for the Yankees 8-7 loss in the tenth

New York Yankees, Jameson Taillon

Late this afternoon, the New York Yankees took on the Philadelphia Phillies in the city of brotherly love. It was a beautiful day for a baseball game, cloudy with temperatures in the mid-seventies but with no chance of rain. The Yankees’ Jameson Taillon took on the Phillies Vince Valasquez.

In the first inning at Citizen’s Bank Park, Vince Valasquez took to the mound and faced DJ LeMahieu, who ground out to third base. Aaron Judge flew out to foul territory in right. Gleyber Torres skied out to center for the final out of the half.

At the bottom, the Phillies faced Jameson Taillon. Odubal Herrera had a broken-bat single. Jean Segura singles to right field, moving Herrera to second. J.T. Realmuto singled to left, loading the bases with no outs. Bryce Harper singled to center, driving in two runs and still no outs, with Taillon failing to put away any hitter. Rhys Hoskins, with men on the corners, walked to reload the bases. Andy McCutchen had a sac fly to Judge to drive in Realmuto and the 3rd run for the Phillies. Alec Bohm singled to center to drive in the 4th run. Ronald Torreyes faced the new Yankee pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr.; he singled, reloading the bases. Vince Valasquez and Herrera both struck out to end the Yankee bleeding. Phillies 4 Yankees 0.

Hoping to get the Yankees on the board, Gio Urshela struck out. Gary Sanchez hit a long home run into the left-field stands. Rougie Odor flew out to right. Miguel Andujar blooped into left for a single. Brett Gardner singled to right, with Andujar scoring all the way from first as Garder was in with a triple. Pitcher Cortes few out to end the ending the Yankees cut the Phillies lead in half. At the bottom, Segura stuck out. Realmuto walked. Harper singled, moving Realmuto to third. Hoskins popped out, and McCutchen struck out, leaving two on. Phillies 4 Yankees 2.

DJ LeMahieu led off the third inning for the Yankees, and he had a lead-off double to the left-field wall. Aaron Judge struck out. Torres ground out to third base. Urshela went down swinging to strand LeMahieu at second. At the bottom, Bohm hit out to Torres. Torreyes struck out. Pitcher Valasquez made the final out of the inning. Phillies 4 Yankees 2.

To lead off the fourth, Gary Sanchez flew out. Rougie Odor singled to right. Andujar hit into a double play ending the inning. Herrera led off the bottom, and he doubled. With Segura at the plate, Cortes served up a wild pitch moving Herrera to third. Segura singled scoring Herrera. Realmuto at the plate Segura tried to steal and overran the plate. Realmuto ground out to short. Harper struck out to end the inning. Phillies 5 Yankees 2.

Brett Gardner led off the fifth inning, had a push bunt, and beat it out. Chris Gittens pinch hit for Cortes, and he walked. LeMahieu two on and no outs ground out to short. With men on the corners Judge at the plate, he struck out. Torres struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Luis Cessa took over the pitching for the Yankees. Hoskins walked.  McCutchen reached on a bobbled ball by Urshela. Bohm singled up the middle with Hoskins scoring. Torreyes doubled driving in McCutchen, taking the game pretty much out of the reach of the Yankees. Miller pinch hit for Valasquez, who hit sharply to LeMahieu Herrera ground out. Segura ground out, but the Phillies picked up two runs. Phillies 7 Yankees 2.

The top of the six was led off by Urshela, who flew out to Harper, making a sliding catch. Sanchez struck out. Odor hit a homer (418′) into the second deck in right field. Andujar struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Realmuto facing Wandy Peralta, lined out to LeMahieu; Harper hit LeMahieu, who beat him out at first. Hoskins walked on four pitches. McCutchen hit back to Peralta to end the inning. Phillies 7 Yankees 3.

Brett Gardner led off the seventh by walking for all three times on base. Clint Frazier pinch-hitting hit into the 6-4-3 double play. LeMahieu hit directly to first to end the half. At the bottom, Zack Britton, in his first game back from the IL, faced Bohm, who ground out to third. Torreyes popped out to second. Luke Williams stuck out for a strong first inning pitched for Zack Britton. Phillies 7 Yankees 3.

With the new pitcher Saurez on the mound, Aaron Judge got a lead-off single. Torres flew out to left-center. Urshela chopped off of home plate for an out. Sanchez singled to right driving in Judge. Giancarlo Stanton’s pinch-hitting for Odor hit back to the pitcher for the final out. Herrera led off the bottom of the eighth by flying out to right. Segura stuck out, and Realmuto flew out to left for a quick inning for Chad Green, Phillies 7 Yankees 4.

At the top of the ninth, Andujar lined out to second. Gardner walked. Tyler Wade pinch-hitting for Chat Green walked. With two on and one out, LeMahieu came to the plate. He homered for three runs tying up the game at 7 apiece. Aaron Judge went down on strikes for the third time in the game. Torres went down looking, but the Yankee had come all the way back from a 3 run deficit to tie the game. At the bottom, Harper got a lead-off double to Gardner. Hoskins flew out to Judge in in right. McCutchen was intentionally walked. Bohm hit into a force out at second. Torreyes struck out for free baseball in the tenth.  Both teams scored 7 runs.

At the top of the tenth inning, with Torres at second, Gio Urshela hit back to the pitcher. Gary Sanchez struck out. Kyle Higashioka pinch hit for Odor, and he went down looking going to the bottom of the tenth. With Chapman on the mound, Jankowski with Torreyes as the ghost running at second reached a high throw. Herrera flew out to the foul left. Segura had an infield hit to Urshela, but he couldn’t get Torreyes at home, and that was the game.

The final score was the Philadelphia Phillies 8 and the New York Yankees 7. The winning pitcher was Bradley, and the loser was Aroldis Chapman.

New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from the Yankees walk-off loss

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

Last night the New York Yankees met up with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park for the first game of a 3 game set away. The Yankees’ ace Gerrit Cole was pitted against the Tigers’ Casey Mize. Going into tonight’s game, the Yankees were 2 games out of first place in the AL East, and the Tigers were at the bottom of the American League, winning only 19 of 50 games. The final score was the Detroit Tigers 3 and the New York Yankees 2.

Gerrit Cole didn’t have his best stuff

From the first inning last evening, it became clear that Gerrit Cole did not have his best stuff. He allowed a couple of runners with two outs in the first, but he got out of the early jam unscathed. In the third inning, the Tiger hitters strung three consecutive hits together, the latter, an RBI single from Jeimer Candelario. It would be the only run Cole would give up in six innings of work; he was able to get out of the third without any further damage.

When Gerrit Cole takes the mound for the Yankees, fans expect that first inning to be a 1-2-3 inning every time. Last night that type of performance just wasn’t there, but as any top-quality pitcher of the stature of Cole, he found a way to get the job done and keep the Yankees in the game. The Yankees bullpen of Wandy Peralta, Chad Green, and Aroldis Chapman pitched three scoreless innings in relief. But then, after the Yankees took the lead at the top of the tenth, manager Aaron Boone decided that would lose the game for the Yankees. Instead of Chapman, who had only 14 pitches, he choose to go to Justin Wilson, who gave up a two-run homer.

Yankee hitting underperformed yet again

The lack of Yankee hitting that has dogged them the whole season was again apparent in last night’s game. The Yankees, during regulation, were only able to score one run. Last night’s situation was a bit different than the norm, they did get 11 hits in the game, but none of them were timely. The Yankees went 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position. The only run scored was from a solo home run from Rougie Odor. Even the go-ahead run in the top of the tenth didn’t come from a hit. Aaron Judge, the ghost runner, scored on a Tiger’s passed ball.

The New York Yankees should be able to crush the Tigers, they are at the bottom of the AL. They can’t continue to score only two runs in a game and expect to win, even against the worst teams.

One injured player returned

The New York Yankees have had a lot of bad injury news of late. Number two starter Corey Kluber suffered a shoulder injury to keep him away from the rotation for about two months. Also, they have again lost their starting first baseman, Luke Voit, to an oblique strain and is on the 10 day; however, that type of injury can take much longer to heal. The Yankees will also go without their centerfielder Aaron Hicks for the rest of the season after wrist surgery.

But there is good news, after missing 13 games, slugger Giancarlo Stanton has returned to the team. Before having a quad injury, he led the team in home runs and runs driving in. Since his absence, Aaron Judge has overtaken him in both stats. Reliever Zack Britton is getting closer to a return; both he and starter Luis Severino are supposed to have rehab games this week.

New York Yankees Recap: Missing players Yankees step up to get the win over the Rangers

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees entered game two of the four-game series against the Texas Rangers, one game behind in the series. The Yankees Jameson Taillon faced the Rangers Mike Foltynewicz. The New York Yankees won the game 7-4.

In the first inning, DJ LeManieu lined out to the right fielder. Brett Gardner starting in the number two spot tonight got a one-out single. Aaron Judge hit into a double play that has been so prevalent this season, ending the first half. At the bottom against Taillon, Willie Calhoun hit a single to center. Nick Solak went down on strikes. Nate Lowe hit the ball but was out. Nate Lowe stuck out to end the inning to end to the inning.

At the top of the second inning, DJ LeMahieu lined out. Rougned Odor against his old team singled to right. Gary Sanchez struck out. Miguel Andujar flew out to center to end the half. Adolis Garcia led off the bottom of the second by grounding out. David Dahl singled up the center. Isiah Kiner-Falefa hit into a double play by Rougned Odor to end the scoreless inning.

Mike Ford led off the third inning by hitting back to the pitcher. Ryan LaMarre chopped to third for the second out. DJ LeMahieu the half ended scoreless.  The bottom of the third was started by Andy Ibanez, who flew out to center. Johan Heim split the center fielders for a double. Willie Calhoun skied to left. Heim was called safe at second. Solak got an RBI single to give the Rangers the early lead. Nate Lowe, who was robbed of an extra-base hit in the first by Gardner, walked. Gallo, after a prep talk by Yankee pitching coach Harkey, Taillon walked to load the bases with two outs. Garcia singled, driving in two Ranger runs. Garcia stole second without a throw. Dahl, with two on strict out, be the Rangers scored three. Texas Rangers 3 New York Yankees 0.

At the top of the fourth, Gardner struck out. Aaron Judge had a one-out single down the middle. Gio Urshela got an RBI double to score Judge popped out to first. Andujar hit a double to center to drive in Urshela. Andujar, this hit a long single to left driving in Sanchez. Mike Ford hit a bullet single to the right-field wall moving Andujar to third. LaMarre walked to load the bases. DJ LeMahieu faced the new Rangers pitcher Kolby Allard and had a right field double driving in two runs. Brett Gardner popped out to third, but the Yankees picked up five runs in the inning to get the lead in the game. New York Yankees 5 the Rangers 3.

At the bottom of the fourth inning, Kiner-Falafa led off against Taillon and flew out. Ibanez ground out. Heim struck out for the first 1-2-3 inning for Taillon.

The top of the fifth was led off by Aaron Judge, who ground out to third base. Gio Urshela went down on strikes. Rougie Odor ripped one to the right-field wall to double. Sanchez flew out to right to end the half. At the bottom, the top of the lineup led off against Taillon on a short leash and popped out to shallow center. Solak had a solo home run to right. Lowe faced the new Yankee pitcher Wandy Peralta, and he walked. Gallo struck out. Garcia ground out to the force. New York Yankees 5 Rangers 4.

Miguel Andujar led off the sixth with a single to left-center. Mike Ford walked for two on and no outs. LaMarre rode on to right, and Andujar went to third. LeMahieu faced the new pitcher Hunter Wood, and he had a very long sac fly scoring Andujar. Gardner went down looking, but the New York Yankees picked up another run. At the bottom, Dahl popped out. Kiner-Falefa faced Jonathan Loaisgia replacing Peralta. Falefa went down looking. Ibanez popped out to Ford to end the inning. Yankees 6 Rangers 4.

Aaron Judge led off the top of the seventh, and he flew out to the warning track in center. Gio Urshela hit back to the pitcher for the second out. Odor struck out. At the bottom, Johan Heim led off, popping out to short. Calhoun lined out, and Solak ground out to Loaisiga for a 1-2-3 inning. Yankees 6 Rangers 4.

Kyle Higashioka led off the eighth inning with a single to left field. Andujar went down on strikes. Mike Ford singled, moving Higgy to third base. Wade was in to pinch runs for Ford. LaMarre ground out with the Yankees at second and third. LeMahieu ground out to center to end the half. At the bottom, Nate Lowe against Chad Green and flew out to left. Gallo hit out sharpy to Odor for the second out. Garcia flew out to Gardner. New York Yankees 6 Rangers 4.

At the top of the ninth, Brett Gardner walked. Gardner advanced on a wild pitch. Aaron Judge singled to left with Gardner going to third. Urshela, with men on the corners, chopped out, but Gardner scored. Odor against Brett Martin struck out for the second out. Higashioka tapped out to second to end the half, but the Yankees picked up another run. At the bottom with five days rest, Yankee closer Aroldis Chapman took to the mound to face David Dahl with last licks on the line for the Rangers, he struck out. Kiner-Falefa struck out. Ibanez doubled to left. Davis pinch hit for Heim and struck out with a 103 mph fastball to end the game.

The final score was New York Yankees 7 and the Texas Rangers 4. The winner was Wandy Peralta, and the loser was Mike Foltynewicz. The save went to Aroldis Chapman, his 10th of the season.


The Yankees update the status of two injured infielders

New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

The New York Yankees’ series against the Houston Astros last week left a good taste in fans’ mouths, as they took two out of three games against their hated rivals. However, it also left two infielders injured.

One of them was the Yankees’ starting third baseman Gio Urshela, who sustained an injury in his left knee on Thursday while trying to make a play in the field. The team was scared enough to send their player for an MRI, but it ultimately didn’t show anything concerning.

Urshela ended up missing the entire weekend series against the Washington Nationals while recovering from his knee soreness. Fortunately, the Yankees say he is feeling a lot better these days.

In fact, the star third baseman will likely be back in the Yankees’ lineup for Tuesday’s series opener vs. Tampa Bay, according to skipper Aaron Boone.

“That’s the hope. He’s going to go through some baseball activities today (Sunday) to get him going. I know he’s probably started the process. So we’ll see how he responds today — and obviously with the off-day tomorrow — hopefully we’ll see where we’re at then.”

The Yankees say Odor is doing fine but he isn’t close to returning

Another Yankees’ infielder got injured in the Astros series: Rougned Odor. His ailment took place on Wednesday after a play at home plate, in which his left knee bent awkwardly. Thankfully, it was a sprain, which is a much better outcome than other potential knee injuries, like damage to the ligaments or the meniscus.

Boone said that Odor took swings and did infield work prior to Sunday’s game. The infielder is doing well, but he is not yet allowed to ramp up baseball activities. The Yankees want to make sure there are no setbacks with his knee.

With the Yankees getting back Luke Voit this week, DJ LeMahieu will slide back to his natural second base position, leaving Odor without a clear path to playing time. He is a valuable piece to have around, nonetheless.