New York Yankees: Could JA Happ be on the move this offseason?

New York Yankees, J.A. Happ

After having a decent year with the New York Yankees and struggling with staying consistent, J.A. Happ is believed to possibly find himself with a new club next season.

Happ is currently signed to a 2-year $34 million dollar contract where he’s heading into his second year this season. Since the Yankees have already made it clear that they are going after Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, they are going to need to pay up if they want a shot at landing one of those guys. Something that could be considered is trading away Happ to get off his contract and give that money to one of those two big free agents.

Brian Cashman has said that teams have made it clear that they are interested in Miguel Andujar, so a package deal of Happ and Andujar is possible as well. I wouldn’t want to see this happen unless we were getting a player like Cole. Trading away Happ could be a good idea since he’s been mediocre with the Yankees, but Andujar has too much potential to just let him go this early – again unless we would be getting a premier player to replace him.

Trading Happ to open up payroll is probably the best idea for the Yankees. After putting up a 4.91 ERA and a 12-8 record, he wasn’t what the New York Yankees needed out of their left-hander. After being put into the bullpen for the postseason, Happ had just 3.2 innings of work.

Letting Happ finish out his contract with the Yankees wouldn’t be the worst thing either. One more year for $17 million isn’t huge for the Yanks, but anything more that could be offered to Cole or Strasburg is huge.

Yankees should tell Texas Rangers to go away in potential Miguel Andujar trade

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The Yankees have a question mark at third base, despite Gio Urshela rising from the ashes like a legendary Pheonix to supplement the injury to Miguel Andujar last season. The former Indian and Blue Jay hit an astounding .314 with 21 homers and 74 RBIs, helping the Bombers reach the ALCS before being knocked out by the cheating-driven Houston Astros.

The rise and establishment of Urshela pose the Yankees with a question — is Miguel Andujar expendable in a potential trade?

Let’s get one thing sorted out:

Can the Yankees trust Urshela as a long-term option? Defensively, he’s far better than the Yankees youth product, but last season was his first as an above-average third baseman. Before coming to the Bronx, Urshela’s career-best batting average was .233, and his highest home run total was six, recorded back in 2015.

However, Andujar hasn’t shown he can be a consistent option either, which has led to teams like the Texas Rangers inquiring about his availability.’s T.R. Sullivan explains.

(The Rangers) are definitely intrigued by the possibility of trading for Yankees third baseman Miguel Andújar. He missed most of last season after undergoing right shoulder surgery and has been replaced by Gio Urshela. The Yankees would expect much in the way of a trade, but acquiring Andújar would allow the Rangers to use their financial resources elsewhere. New York needs starting pitching, but it also has an affinity for hard-throwing relievers and Texas has depth in that area.

The Rangers would inevitably get significant value for Andujar on a great deal, as the Yankees have minimal leverage considering he missed all of last season. I believe the Yankees should shoo them away like a stray-dog, as Andujar has too much potential and value to give up for pennies on the dollar.

Giving him one more season to prove his worth and develop should be a priority for manager Aaron Boone. Best case scenario, Andujar’s bat comes alive during the 2020 regular season, and the Yankees can shop him at the deadline to supplant a deficiency.

With the pieces in place to win a World Series, the Yankees must do whatever it takes to bring the trophy home in 2020. They have the money available to sign premium players in free agency, but they also have the luxury of holding onto players like Andujar.

Should The New York Yankees Trade Gio Urshela?

New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

Gio Urshela was an enormous part of the New York Yankees run into the ALCS in 2019. He came out of nowhere with an improved bat with his already proven defense. However, Miguel Andujar will be healthy by the spring of 2020 and that leads to the question of whether the team should trade Urshela.

They Should Hold Off, At Least For Now

I think that the Yankees should definitely consider trading Urshela, but should hold off until the regular season to make a deal. You just don’t know how both him and Andujar will look come spring.

In 2019, Urshela bat .314 over 442 at-bats, hitting 21 home runs and driving in 74 runs. He had an OPS of almost .900 and a slugging over .500.

Urshela rose to the occasion after Andujar tore his labrum on a slide into third during the team’s opening series against the Baltimore Orioles. He rested for a while, and came back and struggled mightily. Andujar was just 6-for-47 all year, finally shutting it down for the season as he underwent surgery.

Urshela was overall much better in 2019 than Andujar was in 2018. I think that Andujar has more offensive potential, but Urshela has such a good glove.

The drawback about Urshela’s offense last season was that he was really streaky. There were times where he was completely unstoppable, but also had two really bad slumps.

For now, Urshela needs to stay put. They can’t trade him now and regret it later. The team needs to gauge their performances in the spring and the early part of the 2020 season before deciding to pull the trigger on a trade.