New York Mets: Four Players Ranked in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects

The New York Mets farm system has four players ranked in Major League Baseball’s Top 100 prospect list for the second consecutive year. As the front office looks to improve their farm system’s quality, these four players are certainly a terrific base for the rest of the upcoming talent.

Francisco Alvarez (C, #46)

Francisco Alvarez is the highest-ranked Mets on the top-100 list. He is fourth in the catching class headlined by Adley Rutschman and Joey Bart. Alvarez’s meteoric rise is remarkable, considering he is still a teenager and only has 42 professional games under his belt. In those games, he slashed .312/.407/.510 with seven home runs and 26 RBIs. 2023 is his expected debut year and should garner the same hype Gary Sanchez did as a prospect.

Ronny Mauricio (SS, #67)

Ronny Mauricio is the second Mets teenager to make the Top 100. At 6’3″, he figures to be a power-hitting shortstop once he improves upon his 166-pound frame. A good comparison would be Francisco Lindor with slightly less fielding ability. Unless the Mets do not keep Lindor, it will be unlikely Mauricio plays shortstop during his projected 2022 arrival year.

Matthew Allan (RHP, #75)

Matthew Allan could have been the top high school arm in the 2019 draft, but his commitment to the University of Florida and high asking price scared teams away. Allan fell to the third round, the Mets drafted him and convinced him to sign with the team. Much like Alvarez, he impressed at the 2020 alternate site with his power pitching. Allan projects to join the Mets in 2023 and is a potential ace that replaces Jacob deGrom.

Brett Baty (3B, #96)

Brett Baty already has the potential power to all fields, but his high strikeout rate is what comes with it. During 2019, he batted .234/.368/.452 with 35 walks and 65 strikeouts. Baty seems like a “three true outcomes” type of player now, but more experience in the minors should make him a complete hitter. While still a below-average defender, Baty projects to make his debut during the 2022 season.

New York Mets: Francisco Alvarez Ranked 4th Best Catching Prospect

Francisco Alvarez is the prized catching prospect for the New York Mets, and MLB has noticed the 19-year old. Alvarez is ranked fourth among the top 2021 catching prospects and the lone teenager in the top-10.

Alvarez is in elite company behind former number one-pick Adley Rutschman and two catchers with MLB experience, Joey Bart and Luis Campusano. Each catcher is at least three years older than Alvarez, which shows the high ceiling he possesses.

Offensive Star

Mike Rosenbaum put Alvarez and Rutschman’s hitting ability in the same class. Rutschman is projected to join the Baltimore Orioles during the upcoming season and become an All-Star for years to come. Putting each catcher at the same level with the bat is a great sign for a Mets prospect with only 42 professional games under his belt. Alvarez also impressed the Mets with his production at the alternate site during 2020.

His defense is what separates him from being at the top of the list. Alvarez still needs to improve his blocking and throw-downs, but combining his arm strength with more experience will make him a quality defender behind the plate. His presence behind the plate gives the Mets confidence he will become a leader with key intangibles like James McCann.

Mets fans will likely have to wait until 2023 to see Alvarez, but he will only be 22 at that point. With McCann handling business behind the plate for the next four years, the Mets are set up well in the catching department for years to come. We may even see a McCann-Alvarez partnership towards the end of McCann’s deal.

New York Mets Sign Fireballer Richard Brito

The New York Mets continued the revitalization of their farm system, but this time turned to an international prospect. They signed 21-year old Venezuelan pitcher Richard Brito to add to their growing pitching depth in the minors.

Brito fastball reached speeds of 101-102 mph and was the top international pitching prospect during 2019. His 6’4″, 195-pound frame is on par with Jacob deGrom, which could allow him to pitch with high velocity throughout his career.

Successful Generation K?

Brito is considered a late bloomer with experience pitching in the Dominican Republic but has not seen professional ball yet. Unlike most young fireballers, his age allows him the opportunity to move up the minor league ranks faster than most. Of course, Tommy John Surgery is a worry with pitchers who throw this hard. Hopefully, the Mets build up his strength and incorporate his legs in his motion more to relieve some of the stress the arm undergoes.

He joins the Mets pitching prospects of Matthew Allen, Josh Wolf, Robert Dominguez, and 2020 second-round pick J.T. Ginn. It sets the Mets up very well for the future and possibly allows them to remain competitive without needing to rebuild over the decade.

New York Mets Have Four Prospects in MLB Pipeline’s Top 100

Though not the showing the New York Mets had hoped for, they did have four names among the top 100 prospects in baseball. All four were position players, and none of them were in the top 50, which shows the much-needed work in their farm system. Ronny Mauricio, Francisco Alvarez, Andres Gimenez, and Brett Baty are the four highly touted prospects who made the list.

Ronny Mauricio

Mauricio is a young shortstop who still has not left his teenage years yet. He has the highest ceiling of any prospect in the Mets system and is also a switch hitter. His bat still needs work, only hitting .268/.307/.357 with four home runs in A ball. Mauricio will get better as he continues to mature and grow into his 6’3″ frame. Mets fans should not expect to see him in the big leagues for at least two seasons.

Francisco Alvarez

Alvarez gives hope to an organization that can only claim Todd Hundley as the last homegrown catching prospect to pan out in the big leagues. He is another very young prospect who just turned 18 in November. Alvarez hit .312/.407/.512 with seven home runs at two different levels of rookie ball. He is still more of a hitter, but his solid arm behind the dish gives hope that he can become an all-around catcher as he continues to grow in the minors.

Andres Gimenez

It was a surprise to see Gimenez fall so low on the list. His bat did take a step back in 2019 only hitting .250/.309/.387 in double-A. Gimenez Arizona Fall League numbers showed he had something to prove at .371/.413/.586 with 15 RBIs over 18 games. He is an excellent defender at shortstop, but his bat will either propel him to success like Amed Rosario or flounder like Ruben Tejada. Much like Rosario, he does not walk often, which will force him to hit .275 with some power to have a successful career. 2020 will be a big year to show if Gimenez is ready to take the next step up to Triple-A.

Brett Baty

Baty’s first season of professional ball resulted in him hitting .234/.368/.452 with a very high strikeout rate. He barely makes the list because the expectations were higher, but his power potential keeps him on the list. His defense is still in question, but a full 2020 will give a better evaluation of his future at third base. Baty’s separates himself from other Mets prospects because of his good walk rate and 30+ home run potential.

Fangraphs New York Mets Top 31 Prospects List

Fangraphs dropped their Top 31 Prospects List for the New York Mets. It features familiar names and some that most fans are learning for the first time. Some Mets prospects could make their debuts as soon as 2020.

Prospects 1-5

  1. Ronny Mauricio (SS)

  2. Andres Gimenez (SS)

3. Mark Vientos (3B)

  1. Brett Baty (3B)

  2. Matthew Allen (RHP)

The Mets lack pitching prospects, so it is no surprise to see their top five loaded with position players. Mauricio steals away the top spot from Gimenez and is a very intriguing prospect. He has Carlos Correa’s size potential, but the power does not come as naturally. Baty and Vientos are very similar third basemen, but what they lack on defense they gain in power. Allen is an intriguing pitcher in a system that has not produced a quality starting pitcher in years. His potential is Matt Harvey pre-Tommy John and most likely a mid-rotation pitcher.

Prospects 6-10

  1. Francisco Alvarez (C)

  2. Thomas Szapucki (LHP)

  3. David Peterson (LHP)

  4. Franklyn Kilome (RHP)

  5. Shervyen Newton (SS)

Szapucki saw his velocity increase throughout 2019 as he was coming back from Tommy John Surgery. He is still another year away from getting onto a big league level, but his curveball is top-notch. Peterson will likely make his debut at some point during the 2020 season and projects to be your usual soft-tossing left-hander. Newton is the little known shortstop prospect the Mets have. His frame is already Correa-esk, but his plate discipline is an issue. He is only 20 with enough time to hone in his free-swinging ways.

Prospects 11-15

  1. Junior Santos (RHP)

  2. Josh Wolf (RHP)

  3. Endy Rodriguez (C)

  4. Kevin Smith (LHP)

  5. Jaylen Palmer (3B)

Santos is a tall drink of water at 6’8″ and is only 18-years old. His frame might still be growing large with giving him time to truly learn how to pitch because his command was an issue throughout 2019. Rodriguez is a rare catcher on the list but can play other positions on the field. His defense projects well, but the Mets have struggled with producing catchers. The best they have to show for themselves this millennium is Travis d’Arnaud. Smith is another soft-tossing lefty who looks to arrive in the bigs within the next two seasons. Nothing he throws will wow you, but he gets outs.

Prospects 16-20

  1. Adrian Hernandez (CF)

  2. Robert Dominguez (RHP)

  3. Jordany Ventura (RHP)

  4. Carlos Cortes (LF)

  5. Joshua Cornielly (RHP)

Hernandez is the first outfielder to make an appearance on the list, he struggled with injuries in 2019 and has good muscle on him being 5’9″ at 210 pounds.  Dominguez shocked many when he started to pitch in the high-90s with his fastball after the Mets signed him in July. 2020 will show if the fireballer is the real deal. Cortes will not be a star, but his unique ability to throw with both hands allows him to play multiple positions.

Prospects 21-25

  1. Jordan Humphreys (RHP)

  2. Alexander Ramirez (CF)

  3. Ali Sanchez (C)

  4. Will Toffey (3B)

  5. Freddy Valdez (RF)

Ramirez has good size for a center fielder but will be a corner guy as he continues to grow. His power could allow him to become a highly touted prospect as he learns how to become a complete hitter. Sanchez has been in the organization for years but projects to be Tomas Nido 2.0. Valdez stands at 6’3″ 215 at only 18-years old and projects to be a significant power threat as he learns how to harness his strength.

Prospects 26-31

  1. Ryler Gilliam (RHP)

  2. Desmond Lindsay (CF)

  3. Walker Lockett (RHP)

  4. Tylor Megill (RHP)

  5. Joinder Suarez (RHP)

  6. Michael Otanez (RHP)

Lindsay spend most of 2019 on the shelf with a hamstring injury and is running out of time to become a contributor. He still is figuring himself out at the plate, but the injury held him back in a progress year. Lockett saw time with the Mets in 2019, but struggled in his handful of starts. He will likely get the first opportunity to make a spot start in 2020. Megill stands at 6’7″ and has good velocity. If he pitches well enough, he could find himself with the Mets in 2020.



New York Mets Young Fireballer Robert Dominguez

Simeon Woods-Richardson

The New York Mets have a depleted farm system, but the 18-year old arm of Robert Dominguez gives the Mets hope in their prospect system. The little known pitcher pushes his fastball close to triple digits and made the Fangraphs Mets Top 31 Prospect List.

The Venezuelan pitcher broke on to the Mets radar relatively quickly. He signed with the Mets in July and promptly saw his velocity increase. After topping out at 99 mph only after a few outings, he has caught the attention of the organization quickly. Most members of the front office have not see him pitch in person.

More Than a Fastball

Scouts have been very impressed with his curveball as well. His change-up still needs work, but the foundation is there for Dominguez to potentially move his way up the prospect ladder. There has been a gap between the Matt Harvey/Jacob deGrom/Noah Syndergaard timeline in dominant prospect pitchers for the Mets. With no other stud pitchers on their way to the big leagues anytime soon, Dominguez could lead the way for the next generation of great Mets pitchers.