New York Giants Upgrade Line And Receivers In Three Round Mock

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

Early mock drafts often aren’t that accurate to the actual results, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the favorite pastimes of the offseason – and the New York Giants so far have been mocked to a number of different players. There’s no consensus pick this year like there was when the Giants selected Saquon Barkley, and this draft more closely resembles last year’s one where the Giants took Daniel Jones to the surprise of many.

Experts so far have been trying to predict which player the Giants could surprise everyone with this time, and has released their latest three round mock draft. 

Like in many mock drafts, the Giants are seen as upgrading an area which has been much maligned during recent seasons despite a number of efforts to improve it by adding players like Nate Solder – the offensive line.

Solder may end up fearing for his job if this prediction is correct, because the mock draft has the Giants taking Louisville offensive tackle Mekhi Becton, one of the top prospects at the position along with Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, another player who has been linked to the Giants.

Perhaps more notably, however, the mock draft has the Giants picking at number six overall rather than number four – the scenario includes a trade with the Chargers, who move up to take Justin Herbert at the spot where the Giants would formerly pick.

PROJECTED TRADE WITH CHARGERS. GM Dave Gettleman moves down two spots to re-gain the third-round pick he sent to the Jets for Leonard Williams, plus a 2021 second-round selection. An additional asset could be included in this deal, as well, like in the Bears- 49ers trade from three years ago, when Chicago gave up two third-rounders and a fourth to move up one spot and select Mitchell Trubisky. The Giants’ choice between Becton, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas will be one of the more interesting storylines in the early part of the draft.

The Giants picking a tackle with their first pick isn’t a ground breaking prediction, however. It’s been predicted by many that the team will go in this direction and it fits their needs based on last season. The later rounds are where things get murkier and where the best selection gets less clear, and the mock has the team make an odd choice here.

Receiver is a spot where the Giants suffered last season due to an early suspension for Golden Tate as well as injuries that included many weeks of concussion trouble from Sterling Shepard, but if these predictions hold true, the Giants will select LSU receiver Justin Jefferson with the 36th pick.

Of course, Jefferson has a stat line from college which is worthy of getting him drafted – maybe even higher than the second round. More than a thousand receiving yards along with eighteen touchdowns aren’t stats to laugh at for a receiver coming out of college as a junior, but one question remains… Do the Giants really need a receiver enough to take one in the second round? With Shepard, Tate, and Darius Slayton among others, there’s options at the position already even if last season has shown that Shepard may not be the most reliable leading receiver.

Other areas such as the secondary are in more dire need of support, but the mock has the Giants selecting a player to help with that area in round number three.

That player is experienced Ohio State cornerback Damon Arnette, who is coming out of the Buckeyes as a fifth year senior and started 11, 12, 13, and 11 games over the most recent four years. From the looks of it, his play style may just help the Giants avoid giving up yards to passes underneath, something that would be a major step in the right direction.

Here’s some of what the Draft Network has to say about the prospect:

Highly physical corner who loves to crowd the kitchen and cancel throwing windows before they develop. Versatile in playing from various leverages and is adept at getting his eyes into the backfield in timing with route breaks to find the ball first and play through the catch point. Grabbiness can draw flags but it’s worthy for his play style.

This draft haul would likely bring in a little bit of controversy, possibly around the Giants taking a receiver in the second round and waiting until round three to address the worse off secondary, but all of the players here could arguably improve the Giants – and combined with free agency additions could help the team avoid ending up in the same draft position next year.

2020 NFL Draft: New York Giants Should Take Mekhi Becton at No. 4

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

Ahead of the NFL Combine this week, former scout and current NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah was asked his thoughts about what the New York Giants should do with the No. 4 overall selection in April’s NFL Draft.

Well, they’ve got a lot of holes. You pick up there for a reason. And I get what you’re saying about finding some playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. But, look, as an organization, your number one priority is ensuring that Daniel Jones is going to grow and develop and be a success.


So if I have to go through another year of watching some vanilla, boring defense lacking in playmakers, I’m going to do that if it means I can go ahead and get my left tackle that will protect this kid for the next 10 years. That would take priority for me. I know there’s depth at the tackle class.


To me Mekhi Becton is a freak, from Louisville, an absolute freak. I’m not in the business of trading off freaks at a need position. He’s a left tackle. He’s a better version of Bryant McKinnie. He’s going to be that guy for the next 10 to 12 years to protect your franchise quarterback. He’s so big, so long, so athletic, even when he is not perfect, it doesn’t matter because nobody can get through him. He’s 6’7″, 370 pounds.


You just don’t see guys like that come around very often. I know trade-back options exist. I know you can take a defensive playmaker. To me I’m not trading off that pick. I’m sitting there right there taking Mekhi Becton.

So, there you have it. I’m always down for a road grader, a “hog mollie” with the top pick. Without large bodies you cannot compete. Becton is certainly that and he can play left tackle.

For the Giants follow Jeremiah’s advice, they’d first have to see who falls to them. By some divine intervention, they could still be in play for Chase Young if a run on quarterbacks causes a ‘trading-up’ frenzy that has QB-needy teams leapfrogging the Giants to grab a signal caller.

If the draft order stays intact, and GM Dave Gettleman decides to stick potential deals to trade back in his desk drawer and stand pat, then Becton is one way to go.

He could be the Giants’ starting left tackle on opening day, moving current LT Nate Solder to the right side or even the bench. The Giants are also high on Nick Gates, who played well in a small sample of games and last year’s seventh rounder George Asafo-Adjei, who missed the 2019 season due to injury.

Mike Remmers will be a free agent and the Giants could also bring him back on a one-year deal, but Jeremiah is right. They need to finally address left tackle and with player such as Becton staring them in the face, they may just pull the trigger.

The Real Question for the New York Giants at 4

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants have a very real dilemma if they do not trade back in the 2020 NFL Draft this April.  Of course, any Giant fan will hold on to the dream of Chase Young falling to New York, but the roads to get there are nearly impassable.  

It would take a team willing to outbid the Miami Dolphins, who hold five picks in the first two rounds this year, for Washington’s pick.  Which would also mean the Redskins would be willing to move outside the Top 5.

Possible? Sure. So is me winning a lottery jackpot upwards of one billion dollars?

What options do the Giants realistically have at 4?

Fans of the New York Giants should stick to three options assuming they stay at number 4.  Those options are offensive tackle, a versatile defensive unicorn, and another young cornerback.

Offensive Tackle

Fortunately for the Giants, the offensive tackle class has some very good talent.  There are four options right now that the Giants could consider at the 4th overall. Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, and Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.  

Jedrick Wills seems to be separating himself a bit from the rest, but Mekhi Becton has been gaining quite a bit of steam heading into the pre-draft process.  I wrote in my most recent mock draft that I believe Andrew Thomas would be the best fit for the Giants run game, but Becton Wills and Wirfs all have their arguments as well.  Admittedly, I’m beginning to lean more towards Wills, while not being able to deny the lateral movement of Becton. Regardless, if Dave Gettleman wants to add a hog molly with the 4th pick, there are plenty of options.

The Unicorn

All I really need to say here is the name “Isaiah Simmons” and end this paragraph.  Everyone knows his name and what he can do. He’s versatile, he’s talented and he has very few, if any, weaknesses to his game.  Simmons can play a variety of positions, which is what makes him attractive for the Giants here. He wouldn’t fix all of the defenses issues, but wherever he plays best would be an upgrade for New York.

His best fit for the Giants would likely be linebacker.  Either as an interior LB or as the WILL in a 4-3 front. Regardless, he can cover running backs, tight ends and even wide receivers, as well as be an impact blitzer.  If you’ve been a fan of the Giants for awhile, you likely desire a talented sideline-to-sideline linebacker that can defend the pass against running backs and tightends as much as I have.  Simmons is that answer.


Albeit the least likely of the three options, one can not rule out the Giants potential attraction to Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah.  Okudah’s man coverage skills and athletic ability may result in him evolving into one of, if not the best cornerback in the NFL during his time.  He is physical and can stay on a receivers hip through any route. Okudah’s ball skills are tremendous. He may need to work on his zone presence a little, but the value he adds in the pass game outweighs that.

The Dilemma

To me, the real debate for the Giants if they choose to stay at four is simple.  Linebacker or offensive tackle. Of course, Simmons can play more than just linebacker, but he is best suited for the middle of the defense.  He’s not a true EDGE rusher and putting him at safety takes him away from being a consistent impact on every rep. If the Giants draft Simmons, it is to play him at linebacker.  

As much as I covet a game-changing linebacker for this team, is a linebacker more valuable and more of a dire need for the New York Giants?  It certainly is something they need to address, but let’s not ignore the issues at offensive line.

The problems along the offensive line have been rampant for the Giants for years.  Nate Solder was given a big contract but has not lived up to it. The right tackle has been a carousel of players with no clear answer.  Misfortune and durability have crippled the starting center role. Trying to patch the line up can no longer be an answer.  

OL Nick Gates showed promise last season.  He stepped in when Mike Remmers was injured and looked good.  Whether or not he can be a consistent starter quality talent for New York is still a question.  Free-agent Jack Conklin has been a name linked to the Giants for some time now, but his signing with Big Blue is no certainty either.  Even with the addition of Conklin, do either him or Gates have what it takes to play left tackle? Can Nate Solder drastically improve?  

Finding a talented offensive line is not just a problem that plagues the Giants.  Every team in the NFL values talent on their line every off-season. There are plenty of teams with good lines, but having depth is another thing.  Jack Conklin could command big money in free agency, which the Giants have, but are they willing and able to outbid other suitors? Time will tell. 

The 2020 offensive tackle class this year is pretty talented.  As noted earlier, there are four options for the Giants with the 4th pick.  Usually, if a position of need is deep, I am all for waiting to select a player.  However, is this really something worth risking to wait until taking with the 2nd pick?  Would players like Josh Jones, Lucas Niang and Austin Jackson have the same impact and longevity? They might, but why let another team dictate who you can pick if you have the fortune of being able to choose whoever you want?

Isaiah Simmons is a fantastic athlete and I will not be disappointed to hear his name called to the Giants in April.  I will be the first in line to buy his jersey.  However, when it comes down to it, offensive tackle is a much more important need than a linebacker. The Giants have taken risks in the last two drafts.  A running back with the 2nd overall pick, and then a controversial QB selection in 2019. It is imperative for the success of the team to give both of those players help.  Even if that means sacrificing a unicorn in the process.

Two massive offensive lineman the New York Giants could target in 2020 NFL Draft

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

With the 2020 NFL Draft creeping up on us, the New York Giants have already begun their player evaluations and breakdowns of their most pressing needs. Aside from the defensive holes they must fill this offseason, the offensive line remains a problematic unit, lead by the overpaid Nate Solder at left tackle.

Solder had a lackluster 2019 campaign, and it might have cost him his spot on the line. However, his contract indicates that he will remain with the Giants next season ($19.5 million cap hit, $13 million dead cap hit if cut). Retaining him seems like the only logical decision, but the Giants could elect to swap him over to right tackle, where they can draft a young player to fill the void on the left side.

Here are two offensive tackles the New York Giants should look at:

1.) Mekhi Becton

Coming in at 6-foot-7, 369 pounds is Louisville slugger, Mekhi Becton. The Junior tackle is rated as one of the best options available in the upcoming draft, thanks to his incredible size and mobility.

Becton’s stock has continued to rise, especially after analyst, Daniel Jeremiah, mocked him to the Giants with the 4th overall pick. Most didn’t consider him a 4th overall talent, but his ceiling justifies the logic.

The reality is, the Giants are keen on upgrading their run-game, and it starts with the offensive line. Saquon Barkley is one of the most versatile backs in the NFL, and giving him a solid front-five to block must be a priority. If GM Dave Gettleman is ready to take his own advice, we should expect some significant changes on the line this offseason.

Becton fits the “hog molly” role perfectly, displaying incredible power and mobility for his size. Moving defenders out of his way and pushing them into oblivion is his trademark, but he also has a solid base and anchors well in pass protection.

2.) Trey Adams

While Adams doesn’t have the 369-pound frame Becton possesses, he’s an athletic tackle that excels in run-blocking. While his pass-blocking could use some work, his ability to get to the second level and move linebackers out of the way is a trait that would improve the run-game for the Giants.

Adams’s injury history is his biggest turnoff. Suffering a torn ACL in 2017 and sitting out most of 2018 with a back injury have hurt his development, but he made it through 2019 completely healthy, which is a good sign as he enters the NFL Draft. When healthy, Adams is a top-flight tackle prospect, and one the Giants could probably land in the second round. Keep an eye on him as the draft nears.

New York Giants could target massive offensive lineman in 2020 NFL Draft

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

With the 2020 NFL Draft quickly sneaking upon us, it’s time to begin evaluating the talent present for the New York Giants and their numerous holes on both sides of the ball. The offensive line and defense as a whole need an influx in talent, but one tackle stands out from the bunch, figuratively, and literally.

New York Giants grab a MASSIVE lineman in first mock draft:

Daniel Jeremiah of released his first mock draft of the season, and while some might be a bit flustered by this selection, he predicts that Louisville tackle, Mekhi Becton, will make his way to the Giants.

Dave Gettleman loves big, physical football players, and they don’t get any bigger than Becton (listed at 6-foot-7, 369 pounds). He is a mauler in the run game, and he’s shockingly nimble in pass protection.

While this would be a shocking selection considering his draft stock ranks at the top of the second round, Jeremiah knows far more than we do about future grades and where he could be slotted in on draft night. Players drop and fall frequently leading up to the draft, and we should expect the same this year.

However, Becton might be an unusual name to consider early in the first round, but his size justifies the claim. At 6-foot-7, 369 pounds, Becton shouldn’t be able to move well. However, that’s his best trait. With nimble quickness and agility, Becton is a force in the run game and surprisingly adept in pass protection.

Keep an eye out for the Louisville slugger. He could be a great option in a trade back scenario.

New York Giants Full 7 Round Mock Draft

New York Giants, Kaden Smith

The New York Giants once again find themselves picking in the Top 10 in the NFL Draft for the third year in a row.  For Giants fans, the practice of wondering which of the more elite-level talent in this pool of players will suit up for Big Blue.  

With a coaching staff starting to take shape, things begin to get a little more clear on the types of players that could be sought after.  Here is an early look at what the New York Giants could do with their 7 rounds in April’s 2020 NFL Draft.

Round 1 – Pick 4

Isaiah Simmons, LB/S Clemson

Versatility has been a word Giants fans have seen a lot since the hiring of Joe Judge.  Big Blue Nation has been clamoring for a game-changing linebacker for years and may finally get its wish.  

Isaiah Simmons is that answer for the New York Giants.  We have seen how game-changing sideline to sideline defenders can be.  Simmons is built like a linebacker but has the athleticism you’d see in a defensive back.  A guy that can play at nearly any level of the defense, Isaiah Simmons is a true 3-down hybrid that will force opposing offenses to take notice.

Round 2 – Pick 36

Mekhi Becton, OT Louisville

Many believe offensive tackle is where the Giants could and should go in April, but the defensive talent is too good for them to pass up.  Mekhi Becton may not be one of the top tackles in the class, but he has the length, flexibility, and strength to be an immediate NFL starter.  

Round 4 – Pick 100

Bradlee Anae, EDGE Utah

This is where I think the New York Giants will have to have some fortune.  Not having their 3rd round pick that they gave up in the Leonard Williams trade could be missed.  They are scheduled to, and will likely receive a 3rd round compensatory pick due to the departure of Landon Collins, but for now, let’s keep that off the table. 

Bradlee Anae is a name we may begin to see more of as the draft process carries on.  The Giants having the chance to take him with the 100th pick in the draft seems unlikely.  In the very slim chance he is available, they should have that pick at the moment the clock starts.

New York has got to address the pass rush this offseason.  It is absolutely something they could do in free agency, but Anne is a prospect that would be worth taking regardless.  He tied a Utah record with 29.5 career sacks, notching 12.5 in his senior season. He has strength and good footwork off the edge.  What makes him impressive is his evolving skillset of pass rush moves, making him a young artist at the position.

Round 5 – Pick 132

Michael Pittman Jr., WR USC

Considering the lack of experience and injuries at the receiving position, continuing to build weapons for Daniel Jones is important.  One upgrade I think that would be beneficial is a red zone target that could compliment this receiving group. 

Michael Pittman Jr. does not have the speed or burst off the line you’d want in a WR, but he makes up for it.  At 6’4” and roughly 220 lbs, Pittman has the size and hands to go up and get the football. He can be physical and isn’t afraid of contact, which shows up in his crossing routes.  Apart from his red-zone presence one area that Pittman could really benefit the New York Giants is in his run blocking ability. Pittman and Sterling Shepard leading the way for Barkley? Yes, please.

Round 6 – Pick 163

Patrick Queen, LB LSU

Still no official word on whether or not Queen has declared for the NFL Draft, but if he does, someone may get a sleeper.  The New York Giants need linebackers that can cover, and Patrick Queen can do just that. This season, he allowed only 165 total yards in 355 coverage snaps, according to PFF.  Queen can not only cover the field, but he rarely misses tackles. Something the G-Men could really benefit from.

Round 7 – Pick 195

Antonio Gibson, WR Memphis

Hear me out.  Gibson is an explosive player that can also generate yards with power and contact.  He’s a weapon that may benefit from a move to running back. This is where that popular New York Giant word comes into play yet again. Versatility.  Antonio can line up at WR, RB and can even return kicks. This is the kind of weapon you take a chance on with these late-round picks.

Round 7 – Pick 215

Jaron Bryant, CB Fresno State

If you’re still with me, thank you.  Your passion to read into the 7th round of a mock draft in January matches mine.  You have a sense of what the New York Giants need to address this offseason, and a lot of that is in the defense.  Jaron Bryant may be able to help and again… he’s versatile! He has a great physical frame but could benefit to add a bit of muscle.  Bryant is a solid tackler but lacks the speed you’d like to see in a true cover corner. This could all mean a transition to safety in the NFL.

New York Jets Mock Draft 1.0 Rounds 1-3

The Jets officially locked down their position for the 2020 draft. They could have a compensatory pick added if the Giants bring back Leonard Williams but for the time being, this is where they’ll pick. Using The Draft Network Mock Draft Simulator and taking the best players at each position based on needs, potential, and more here is an early projection of what the Jets draft could look like.

Round 1 Pick 11: CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma

Robby Anderson seems inclined to look for the best possible destination to play both competitive football and get paid around $10 million a year. It remains to be seen whether or not the Jets will bring him back next year. With or without him on the roster, CeeDee Lamb would be an excellent addition. In this scenario, all three premier offensive line prospects were off the board. Lamb was the most talented player available and he projects to be a Deandre Hopkins Esque wideout at the next level. His route running could be improved but he’s a dynamic number one receiver type who can stretch the field and provide significant YAC potential with every catch. Adding Lamb would be an excellent weapon in Darnold’s arsenal for the future.

Round 2 Pick 48: Mekhi Becton OT Louisville

Adding Becton, especially in the second round would be a STEAL. Becton is a 6’7 369-pound beast who could immediately provide an upgrade at left tackle. Becton has the potential to be a Star left tackle who can produce in a big way at the next level. His size makes him an excellent pass protector and his mauling style of blocking makes him a beast in the run game. Adding Becton would be the type of move that would immediately gain Joe Douglas a lot of fans.

Round 3 Pick 68: Zack Baun EDGE Wisconsin

Zack Baun can be the type of piece that Gregg Williams would have a lot of fun with. He plays with a lot of heart and has a very high football IQ. He’s a smart pass rusher and a damn good one. He had 12.5 sacks last year for Wisconsin and deserves significant Draft attention. Baun is not a perfect player but he’s the kind of player with the potential to be a captain of the defense in the future and play a TJ Watt style role in the defense. Baun would be a great pick for the Jets at 68 and would immediately slot in as a rotational pass rusher.

Round 3 Pick 78: Najee Harris RB Alabama

If Lev Bell is still in the picture come April the Jets may be reluctant to take a half back. However, I don’t foresee Bell being a Jet come April. Najee Harris is the next good running back churned out of a school that’s produced so many talented backs over the past few years. He’s never been a lead back and if Bell is still around he would be a good complementary back. If he is the lead back then he will need to grow into the role over time and develop as a pass-catcher. Overall though he’s a talented running back with good size. He reminds me of Matt Forte and if he can be any bit as good as him then the Jets will have found themselves a nice weapon for Sam Darnold.

Summary of Rounds 1-3

The key point of the first three rounds was getting protection and weaponry for Darnold that will grow with him as well as adding an edge rusher with a lot of potential at the next level.