Mets have top pitching prospect Matt Allan learning everything he can from Jacob deGrom

New York Mets, Jacob deGrom

The New York Mets’ spring training is underway. Everybody from the team’s biggest stars to the invited rookies just getting their feet wet and having their first direct contact with a major league camp is getting ready for a new, exciting season.

One of those rookies is pitching prospect Matt Allan. He survived the Mets’ flurry of trades and transactions, as they worked hard to improve their roster and, in some cases, that implied getting rid of talented young players.

Since last summer, Allan has been trying to follow Mets’ ace Jacob deGrom and pick his brain. Thanks to a contact made by catcher Patrick Mazeika, Allan was able to watch deGrom pitch and work alongside the two-time Cy Young winner.

Now, the Mets have paired deGrom and Allan as they look for the latter to learn everything he can from the former. It’s not a bad idea at all, as Allan is one of the best, if not the best, pitching prospect in the organization.

“We think it’s a great experience,” manager Luis Rojas said per “Why not? We have a group of kids here — I call them kids, but … out there on the field, when they’re showing their abilities, they don’t look like kids. They’re like sponges. They’re absorbing. And Allan’s one example with Jake.”

Allan is already impressing the Mets

So far, in the early stages of the Mets’ camp, Allan has impressed with his raw arm talent and determination. It’s easy to forget that the organization built their entire 2019 draft strategy around the right-hander.

“His poise, his maturity has been impressive,” Rojas said. “Nineteen? He definitely behaves like an older person.”

Between deGrom and Allan, the ice had been already broken last summer when the two worked together. Now, the latter prepared a long list of questions to ask deGrom.

“One of the big things that he told me was not to overcomplicate things,” Allan said. “He said the game became easier for him when he stopped overcomplicating things. … It started to become easier when he just focused on, ‘How am I going to attack this guy, and how am I going to get him out?’ I think that was a huge conversation.”

“I’ve asked him an array of questions, and he’s always been so good to give me an honest answer and then give me an explanation,” Allan said of deGrom. “Not just say, like, ‘This is what I do.’ He’s been really good about saying, ‘This is what I do, and this is why I do it.’”

New York Mets: Four Players Ranked in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects

The New York Mets farm system has four players ranked in Major League Baseball’s Top 100 prospect list for the second consecutive year. As the front office looks to improve their farm system’s quality, these four players are certainly a terrific base for the rest of the upcoming talent.

Francisco Alvarez (C, #46)

Francisco Alvarez is the highest-ranked Mets on the top-100 list. He is fourth in the catching class headlined by Adley Rutschman and Joey Bart. Alvarez’s meteoric rise is remarkable, considering he is still a teenager and only has 42 professional games under his belt. In those games, he slashed .312/.407/.510 with seven home runs and 26 RBIs. 2023 is his expected debut year and should garner the same hype Gary Sanchez did as a prospect.

Ronny Mauricio (SS, #67)

Ronny Mauricio is the second Mets teenager to make the Top 100. At 6’3″, he figures to be a power-hitting shortstop once he improves upon his 166-pound frame. A good comparison would be Francisco Lindor with slightly less fielding ability. Unless the Mets do not keep Lindor, it will be unlikely Mauricio plays shortstop during his projected 2022 arrival year.

Matthew Allan (RHP, #75)

Matthew Allan could have been the top high school arm in the 2019 draft, but his commitment to the University of Florida and high asking price scared teams away. Allan fell to the third round, the Mets drafted him and convinced him to sign with the team. Much like Alvarez, he impressed at the 2020 alternate site with his power pitching. Allan projects to join the Mets in 2023 and is a potential ace that replaces Jacob deGrom.

Brett Baty (3B, #96)

Brett Baty already has the potential power to all fields, but his high strikeout rate is what comes with it. During 2019, he batted .234/.368/.452 with 35 walks and 65 strikeouts. Baty seems like a “three true outcomes” type of player now, but more experience in the minors should make him a complete hitter. While still a below-average defender, Baty projects to make his debut during the 2022 season.