Mets and Cubs reportedly engaged in discussions about Kris Bryant

New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant

The New York Mets refuse to call it an offseason after making several additions to their 2021 roster. They brought several crucial free agents – relievers Trevor May and Aaron Loup, catcher James McCann, infielder Jonathan Villar, and outfielder Albert Almora – and were active in the trade market, one that netted them shortstop Francisco Lindor and right-hander Carlos Carrasco.

Yet, the New York Mets know that this is their shot. This is their moment, as they have an amazing offensive core and have managed to put together an impressive rotation, led by Jacob deGrom and with Carlos Carrasco, Marcus Stroman, David Peterson, Noah Syndergaard, and Joey Lucchesi on it.

Now, the Mets are, according to SNY’s Andy Martino, engaged in discussions with the Chicago Cubs about a potential Kris Bryant trade.

The two organizations have already discussed Bryant during the offseason, but talks hit a halt and the clubs spent several weeks without talking about the star third baseman/outfielder.

The Mets have renewed interest in the slugger

NBC Edge explains that there is, apparently, “renewed interest in working out some sort of swap. Of note here is that Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic tweeted earlier this week that the Mets and free agent third baseman Justin Turner were “not matching up on years/dollars.” Bryant is due $19.5 million in 2021, his final year under team control, but Chicago would probably eat some of that money if it were to net them a better return package.”

The Mets don’t have a top-notch farm system, but they do have some pieces that may interest the Cubs. The two teams have been reportedly discussing catcher Francisco Alvarez, and if Bryant lands in Queens, JD Davis would become expendable and sounds like a logical candidate to be included in the return package.

Bryant slumped in 2020, hitting .206/.293/.351 with a .285 and a paltry 77 wRC+, but he suffered some health issues. He is a prime rebound candidate if he is healthy. For his career, he has hit .280/.380/.508 with a 137 wRC+.

New York Mets: What is Next After Bauer Signed With The Dodgers?

New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant

The New York Mets lucked out when Trevor Bauer decided to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They did not overpay for a similar version of Carlos Carrasco and gave them more options before spring training. The Mets roster is already the best in the NL East, but what else could they do to improve it?

Option #1: Rich Hill, Jake Arrieta, or any other starting pitching depth

Bauer would have given the Mets a dream rotation, but the Mets did not need him to win a World Series. The current rotation gives the Mets a top-5 group in baseball, and quality depth would make it better. Rich Hill would be the ideal backup plan if Joey Lucchesi does not bounce back or David Peterson has a sophomore slump. Even at the age of 41, Hill would compete with Lucchesi for the fifth starter spot.

Option #2: Jackie Bradley Jr.

The absence of a designated hitter in the National League leaves the Mets with a tough decision in their outfield. Signing Jackie Bradley Jr. gives the Mets four starting outfielders for three positions. The best move would be to give Bradley 2-3 years to have him on the roster once the DH gets to the NL.

Bradley would serve as the fourth outfielder for the first year but start in center field in 2022. The center field for the next two offseasons is very thin. This deal would be done with an eye for the future, but it will be tough to get Bradley to agree on.

Option #3: Kris Bryant and/or Jackie Bradley Jr.

This option requires the most parts to make it happen. Kris Bryant is heading into the last year of his deal with the Chicago Cubs, who are looking to shed payroll. Coming off a down year and currently on the last year of his deal allows the Mets to buy low on Bryant as they did with Francisco Lindor.

Trading J.D. Davis, Jeurys Familia, and a mid-level prospect like Carlos Cortes or Michel Otanez might be enough to get the deal done.  The riskier but more likely move would trade Davis, Nimmo, and a prospect outside the Mets top 30. It would open up two positions for each player, free up money for the Cubs, and give the Mets a dynamic lineup.

The potential lineup of Francisco Lindor, Jeff McNeil, Kris Bryant, Dominic Smith, Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, James McCann, Jackie Bradley Jr., and the pitcher is very enticing. It gives them the ideal righty/lefty combination they have been searching for.

The trade is a huge ask but a viable option. Acquiring Sonny Gray and Eugenio Suarez would require prospects the Mets cannot afford to trade. The ideal 2021 situation with Bryant equals .275/35/110, a World Series ring, and Bryant receiving a lucrative contract during free agency.


Should the New York Yankees Acquire Kris Bryant?

New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant

The off-season is finally coming to an end, and with baseball back there’s a lot to look forward to in 2020. With the emergence of young teams after a wild offseason, there’s certainly a lot of competition in the league. One of those teams that are presumed to be competing are the Chicago Cubs, who have been in some trade talks. After winning a case against their former MVP winning Kris Bryant that allows them to retain an extra year of control, it seems as if their relationship has been severely damaged. This has led to the Cubs talking to other teams about a deal involving their star third baseman. One of those teams involved? The New York Yankees, but would it make sense for them to land the star 3B?

New York Yankees’ 3B Situation

The New York Yankees are in a peculiar spot at 3B. They have youngster Miguel Andujar and breakout star Giovanni Urshela as their main 3B options. Urshela is 28 and Andujar is going to be 25 in March. These two both have good cases as to why they should start at 3B, but both. raise huge question marks. Urshela has only had one good season and Andujar’s expected stats show he may not be as good as he’s shown alongside his brutal defense. With 3B not being a weak point but not being a strong point either, should the Yankees bring in the star slugger?

Why They Should Trade For Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant is a talent that is rarely seen in the MLB, a 28 year old who’s a 3-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year winner, and MVP winner. His career totals of a .901 OPS, 139 wRC+, .383 wOBA, and 27.8 fWAR in 5 seasons are really good. He’s a certified superstar, and a top 10 3B in baseball. His defense is mediocre, with -1 DRS at 3B, but it’s better than Urshela’s career -4 DRS at 3B. He also runs a 28.2 ft/sec speed, which is good for the 78th percentile. Andujar is close in speed but still slightly slower and Urshela isn’t particularly fast. The New York Yankees would be upgrading a ton at 3B, and would have an answer at 3B who’s the total package.

Why They Shouldn’t Trade For Kris Bryant

The price for such a talent isn’t cheap, and not even just in the monetary aspect. The Chicago Cubs are going to ask for a fortune for the 3B, as they won’t trade a superstar for scraps. They’re looking for players who are either impact-now or soon to be MLB ready prospects. This isn’t a matter of sending a few prospects in A ball, this is going to be trading your prized prospects. Then there’s Bryant’s free agency, which is coming in 2 years. He’s going to ask for a contract most likely of the same value if not greater than Anthony Rendon. He isn’t going to be cheap to resign, and the Yankees would be adding another $30+ million dollar deal to their payroll, with their core pieces having their free agency impending too. This deal could cripple the New York Yankees financially, and is something that is definitely going to be heavily considered.

Trying To Make a Deal?

The deal for Kris Bryant wouldn’t be a small one, you’d have to send over some premium prospects in order to land Bryant. If the New York Yankees were to do it, the deal would look a lot like this:

New York Yankees Receive:

3B/OF Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs Receive:

3B/1B/OF Miguel Andujar
OF Clint Frazier
OF Estevan Florial
RHP Deivi Garcia
RHP Michael King

This type of deal would send shockwaves across the MLB and would deplete the Yankees farm system quite a bit.

Would you make this deal if you were either team or is this a highway robbery?

New York Yankees ghost-linked to Kris Bryant in blockbuster trade

New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant

The midst of offseason baseball is littered with falsified trade rumors and ideas, and the latest is a New York Yankees/Cubs trade for star third-baseman, Kris Bryant.

If GM Brian Cashman has any ounce of monetary respect left, he will walk into the sunset with his $324 million-dollar pitcher and enjoy the 2020 season fro his box-seat. Manager Aaron Boone clawed his way to a 103-win season on the backs of reserve options like Gio Urshela, Brett Gardner, and Cameron Maybin. Adding a healthy Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andujar to the lineup should provide ample offensive production for the Bombers in the season ahead.

However, Bryant is a special player, offering 31 homers and a .282 batting average in 2019. While Urshela hit .314 with 21 homers in his best season to date, he’s a one-year wonder up this point. Boone is confident he can remain the starting option, but there’s no guarantee he can replicate that type of production.

Alternatively, they have Andujar, who’s an offensive threat but lacks the defensive acumen to hold down the fort on the hot corner.

As per, the New York Yankees could be interested in Bryant for several reasons:

-The Yankees don’t have a true, no-doubt-about-it long-term answer at third base. That, in part, is why a possible deal for Colorado Rockies star Nolan Arenado seems so appealing.

-The 2020 season is all about winning it all, not simply sustainability.

Bryant is an upgrade over Gio Urshela at third base. Bryant’s addition would allow Urshela to thrive in a utility bench role. Maybe as part of the package the Cubs take Miguel Andujar and hope he’s more 2018 than 2019. Regardless, the Yankees haven’t done much aside from the monster Gerrit Cole deal and maybe they don’t need to do more, but it never hurts to pile on. There’s a fit here. Why not make it a full go “eff you” offseason, Mr. Cashman?

While Bryant has struggled defensively a bit over the last two seasons, he’s 28-years-old and holds plenty of potential moving forward. The Yankees would be pushing well-beyond the third-tier of the luxury tax threshold, but it would make the probability of winning the World Series in 2020 that much higher.

Should the New York Mets Go for Kris Bryant?

The New York Mets are in on the sweepstakes for Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs. Let’s face it, the New York Mets AND the rest of baseball is in on the Kris Bryant sweepstakes. But should the Mets pull the trigger on a trade for the former World Series champion and former NL MVP?

Space is Already Tight on the Roster

Jed Lowrie is coming back from injury. Then you got JD Davis and Jeff McNeil also duking it out for the spot at third base. Lowrie is expected to get enough reps in Spring Training to be the starting third baseman next year, meaning you have to figure out where to find playing time for McNeil and Davis, both offensive forces in the lineup last season. Davis and McNeil will undoubtedly find time at other positions, as they did last season as well. But will you trade Bryant just to have him, platoon, with the older Lowrie?

The Mets Won’t Make the Trade Based on Marte Trade

The Cubs will make offers similar to what the Pirates asked for Marte. Bryant has better numbers and a better future than Marte does. Marte is on the wrong side of 30, and Bryant is just entering his prime as a player. Trading away key players like McNeil and Davis for Bryant, on top of prospects, just to make room for Bryant, is a terrible gamble for the Mets to make. Bryant is the third baseman by trade, who the Cubs have given starts to in the outfield. The only sensible thing for the Mets to do would be to start the man at third. Should injury befall the Mets at places McNeil and Davis could fill in, and they trade both for Bryant, then the Mets have shot themselves in the foot.

I, honestly, would pass on Bryant for now until next season. And I think Van Wagenen will do the same as well.